October 5, 2023: Ezekiel 27 – Gloating Turns Into Grieving

:bible2: Ezekiel 27 – Gloating Turns Into Grieving

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains how gloating can turn into grieving as it did with the city of Tyre who God has the prophet Ezekiel take up a lamentation for, then concludes by celebrating communion.

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Great study. Trying to make a world-wealthy person humble sometimes works only when opulence is knocked from one’s grasp.


Jon -would you go the the post on the 8th and do a prayer for Catfire - you are so good at it - thanks -MARANATHA


Is there only one post on the 8th I hope? lol I’ll check things out.


You were there and you didn’t pray…muahaha. Ralph is right though…the Lord has blessed you brother with a prayerful heart. See ya over there :slight_smile:


Great prayers I see you found the post -thank you for prayer - blessing brother MARANATHA


Any time, Ralph and thanks for thinking of me for the concern and request.


Jon - I had the first demonic dream last night I have ever had -it was terrifying and I woke up and ask God to have the Holy Spirit give me Godly dreams and never again have this type of dream - it was so bad I wondered if I was really saved and filled with the Holy Spirit because I could not believe I would have that kind of dream - please pray for me - I have turned this over to the Lord as I just can’t deal with it- again thank you for your prayers MARANATHA


I know a guy who is saved. I have no doubts in my mind about it and he deals with demonic dreams frequently. It’s one of a few avenues Satan and his minions have to attack us. Nothing more. He’s had a conversation with Satan himself not all unlike the one Jesus had in the wilderness. He’s had dreams where he’s in a crowd of people in close quarters and he’s trying to get out of the building into open air. As soon as he’s in the middle of the people, they all look at him with disgust and rage and attack him. He learned to ask for a bible in the dreams and he would then begin calling on Jesus to save the people attacking him (and himself of course) and he’d wake up.

He’s had dreams so realistic that it’s as if it was another life he was leading in that dream that was just as real as the one he lives but with tragedy so horrific that to this day he continues to feel it happened. He knows it was a dream, but it was so real and it affects him even now.

Remember Jesus talked about letting no one deceive us and let’s face it, in the dream world where nothing is real, we’re convinced otherwise and when we wake up we question it all. Don’t be deceived that you’re not saved, Ralph. Don’t let anything ever make you question that unless it’s God then you should probably sit down with Him and hash it out but this obviously wasn’t Him.

Let this be known to you that I pray for you always. You are brethren and therefore I pray for you always and I pray for things such as this, always. On one side of the coin, consider it a warning that you’re being attacked for the right reasons - that being you’re a child of God and admit it. On the other side of that coin you are being fatigued and weakened in a manner that God will counter should you ask Him to deliver to you a change of fatigue into energy and fear into courage.

I’ve shared on this platform a few times something that seems controversial but has worked for me many times. A lot of press states cartoons are bad and the cartoon I watched when I got this idea is always under fire for the character: Batman. It helped me though to come up with lyrics to the song Frere Jacques and to this day I sing it many times. The tune sticks in your head and you have a hard time getting it out. The lyrics drive the enemy away and just like the light of a lighthouse, every time it comes back around to those demons, it’ll push them away.

I am strongest with my Lord
God is good
Good is good
Jesus is my Savior
Jesus is my Savior
Glory to Him
Glory to Him

You have to make up the rest of your own lyrics after that lol.

I will pray with you, Ralph. I will dare even say, lift that shield a little higher tonight and I’ll be behind you pushing you along with the rest of your brethren as the Lord stands beside you and carries you through the battle.

Loving Heavenly Father

(As short as this may be) We come to you and ask that you surround Ralph with an army of angels tonight as he slumbers and please give him restful sleep and a Godly confidence out of any doubt he may have to overcome the nonsense that demons are trying to place in his head. Same stuff they try to put in all brethren’s heads at one time or another. He is just like the rest of us, Father and we ask that he become the fighting force for Your Word as an LT General perhaps while I am probably a private still. Please lift his worries and concerns out of his soul and spirit and eradicate them like fireworks on the forth of July.

We pray this in Jesus’ name

[UPDATE] I should add the reason I told you about that other guy is to say "He’s turned out okay. Sure he thinks he can hold his breath while outside and breathe underwater, but that’s because of something else.


:pray:Thank you Jon - cried when I read this - God is great and we are royalty I know because He said so - slept well last night thank you brother - blessings to you and prayers that we are out of here soon !!! :latin_cross:Maranatha


Thrilled to hear you’re doing well, Ralph and that you got some great sleep! When this happens again, and at some point, it will happen again - remember “This is a dream”. And start calling on Jesus, sing those songs in your head too.


If you hear that Damascus is destroyed then literally look up…

Rachel Gould


you still doing okay on the sleep, my man?

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