Pastor JD shares the ABCs of Salvation

ABC Of Salvation (English) with subtitle :pleading_face:

ABC Of Salvation (English & Portuguese) with subtitle :pleading_face:

ABC Of Salvation (English & French) with subtitle :pleading_face:

ABC Of Salvation (English & Italian) with subtitle :pleading_face:

ABC Of Salvation (English & Spanish) with subtitle :pleading_face:

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Hello Pastor Farag,

I follow your prophecy updates every week! And I know about the way of salvation in the ABC’s, But lately, I’ve been getting thoughts in my head talking about and I quote “ Many will come in that day, and say, Lord Lord, did we not do this and do that in your name, and he will say depart for me. I never knew you, workers of iniquity?

So lately, I’ve been getting the thought that God‘s gonna say that to me one day! I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior, but this keeps intruding in my mind! I hear this in my mind over and over but maybe I’m not saved and maybe one day God will tell me to depart from him because he never knew me! But have invites Christ into my heart a few times. I keep asking HIM Am I saved or not? I would hate to die one day and go to heaven and have him reject me and I get this thought in my head all the time is Satan trying to destroy my life for Christ I don’t know. I have my devotional time with him, reading the word, praying! But I still feel maybe I’m not saved? And I don’t have any spiritual shepherd around me that would even help me figure this out Could you please talk about this when you ask people to invite Jesus to their hearts, About this part in the Bible, where it says will come in that day say Lord Lord, and he will say depart for me!

It is truly bothering me! All I want is God in my life I know what’s gonna happen, and I don’t wanna go to hell I want to stay in his presence forever and ever!

And I thought that I was saved and now I don’t know so many doubts, but I think that’s of the enemy coming and putting the doubts there! Right?

Could you please address this many will come and say Lord Lord, and he will say depart for me I never knew you! It would give me peace of mind I do pray and ask him am I saved or not but I don’t get an answer, I know it’s not a touchy-feely thing you don’t feel if you’re saved! Thanks, Mary Lynn Khvostov Canada


Personnaly I don’t know.
Watch again the video of Pastor JD and do it really with your heart.
(the people rejected by Jesus were hypocrites and with him for other reasons)
If you are sincere in your heart, it should be OK.
Are you not again in the world ?
Normally something has changed in you (born again) and you should be in the long process of sanctification trying to make less sins…
If someone can help Masha on this @anon28331375 @Susan


Masha, satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Just keep seeking Jesus, giving and surrendering all to Him. He promises that if anyone does this, HE WILL BE FOUND! He cannot break a promise. Keep in His Word, it’s His love letter to us. He loves you so much! Don’t let satan steal one more moment of your peace.