Placing ads on Facebook for ABC’s

I just completed an ad on Facebook asking the question about what takes more faith- atheism or God as Creator. Over 6000 were exposed with 136 watching and many comments. Planning on another one next week centered on those who are hopeless and discouraged.

Here is link to video and feel free to use and/or share.

Ed D
Joshua 1:8 Ministries
Jonesborough, TN


Great idea! I thought about doing the same type of thing. I have a video that I created at abcs-of-salvation dot org that I had planned on using. I have some resources listed in the video, do you mind if I add your video as a link?

Is it difficult to create the ads on facebook?

I was thinking about possibly building a website for the abcs-of-salvation dot org that included the video it now points to along with other resources. I posted the idea a few weeks ago hoping to team up with some folks, but no one responded. I may try to do it on my own as time permits.

I also created some bookmarks with the full abc’s that reference the video. If you’d like any of those resources let me know and I’ll send you the link.

God Bless.

 I a  m glad you replied.  Absolutely you can use the video I posted.  Be prepared for push back.  I received many comments but almost all were at least kind- just tough to respond to them all.  

Doing ads on Facebook is not too tough and you can chose the audience based on interests. So I selected people who had interest in things like Atheism and mysticism, night clubs, bars etc.

You do need a Facebook page and not your personal page. I have a ministry page that I did mine from.

If you have any questions about it let me know. I can do a quick tutorial video.

May God bless your endeavors for His Kingdom.



This is BRILLIANT. I am going to do the same, but also mention repentance, because people need to understand that just admitting and going on with their life as it was is sloppy grace.

Thank you so much for this awesome idea. What a great way to use FB, considering how much they are a part of the world system.

Awesome point. So difficult to make short ads to get the correct points across and keep their attention. FB recommends keeping it under 3 min. This one came in at 5.

Pray your ad is used mightily by the Spirit. I’m working on a new ad now focused on hope for the hopeless.

In Christ,