Please pray for Ali!

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Dear Saints,

I shared the gospel with this family last year (with the mom) as part of my testimony. Her daughter plays hockey with my daughter. Ali, the daughter, had her MCL (I think it is) from her knee torn about a month ago from a very poor sportsman coming after her. She had the surgery. Now she has a staph infection. Doing second wash out surgery now (Sunday was unsuccessful). Please pray God would heal this infection and also draw the whole family to Him. I have shared some scripture today and they know I am praying and sending to many others to pray. They are professing Christians.

Thank you everyone. I believe they still need to be born again. My heart grieves for Alis pain and despair now but also for that which could be if they don’t repent and believe soon.

Bless you all


:pray: for healing


Dear Heavenly Father, hold this hurting child, Ali, close to you, we pray. Bring healing and restoration for body and heart and soul. Comfort her and allow her and her family to see your hand at work in all of this. Let her pain just melt away and all infection be driven out, in the name of Jesus! Let the seeds our sister has planted grow into a beautiful harvest for your kingdom. This, or something even better than we can think to ask, Lord. All glory and honor be your, now and forever. Amen


Oh bless you!!
Good news! Ali came home yesterday ! She is doing much better !!
I’m praying for salvation; that emptiness and futility of the things of this world would lead her to wanting hope!!
And she does have IV meds for next 6 weeks so continuing to pray for full healing :heart_decoration::raised_hands::latin_cross:

Thank you saints! Thank you Jesus!!