Prayers Have Been Answered

We have been praying for a long time about our housing situation since we live in an apartment [regarding moving to a different place but the rent is incredibly high]. No elevator. But God! We have our OWN portable stair lift now! We can be fully accessible! In and out. My daughters are thrilled. We continue to share the sovereignty of God, the love of Christ and the gospel [now that we can go out any time without injuring Hope’s back - which has been suffering]. God is truly our Provider, Sustainer and Protector of those that don’t have a husband, fatherless and disabled.

It has tracks that it goes down the stairs and up. One button - powered with a battery. My daughters do it together as a team since the stairway is so narrow.

Praise God! He is so good. Every day we are in such gratitude for His kindness and love.


Praise The Lord Lya! Our Lord and Savior is truly a blessing to all believers worldwide! All Praise and Glory to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! In The Mighty Name Of Jesus, I pray, Amen!



That is amazing and I am so, sooo happy for you and your girls!!! I understand all too well hurting backs due to lifting a loved one (my daughter), but God!

I’m not on the forum as much as in the past, but I’ve thought of you and I am glad to see you and your family doing well! :two_hearts: :blush: :heartbeat:


Yes I have noticed so much has changed. I think for the better. I have cut so much social media now. I don’t evem have Facebook anymore.

I am so happy to see such a familar face! We are all doing exceptionally well. God is so good. The hospital bed is amazing still. I even put a foam topper on it to help.

How are you doing? I am glad you posted! :heart:


Same here, reading in the forum is pretty much it for social media. For the most part we are doing well. My MIL had surgery for an aggressive cancer the day before our Thanksgiving, then several months of recovery with later blood clot complications but God has brought her through, currently cancer and clot free. Ups and downs with the girls and some hits from the enemy so we started a summer family Bible study on the armor of God.


Wow! Praise God. Yes I definitely agree armor of God [daily]! My girls and I are studying the NT. We just got done Matthew and now Mark. Mark 3 was so awesome yesterday night! We also do TTW [Through the Word] App. My oldest unfortunately took the jab X 3 - because she was in college for PSW [she’s a certified PSW now]. We have been detoxifying her body from that nasty stuff and building her immunity. She takes a supplement that aids in breaking the clots, dealing with the spike proteins etc. So far she is feeling great! She says she feels like she can finally breathe! She also says she doesn’t feel brain fog anymore and more energy. She been taking a probiotic, multi vitamin, supplement and she’s juicing [7 days on and 7 days off].

Hope was getting sick constantly. Now she’s come to a peak where last time she got sick I think it was in November of last year the week of her graduation. God has given us wisdom, guidance and direction as far as her health.