September 10, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- God’s Got All Your What If’s

I understand but the point is the powers that be in Jerusalem do not go by this and the fact is Science can now accomplish this but yes agreed the alternative is like this guy says. Only thing is they have made an appointed time of their own at least until the Temple is in place.

So to say just thinking out loud, you can’t use the technology to know the exact time is in some ways irrelevant yet tech. still does tell us the truth of the matter at least for those watching everything as it may relate to the revealing. Just interesting how we see these things in the details!

Shalom :grinning:


[For humor’s sake]

It’s gonna be on a Tuesday. The reason I know this is because Jesus said He comes at a time we do not expect.

Nobody expects anything on a Tuesday.



yes, on a Tuesday, and only when the “crickets are toe dancing”… :rofl:


I don’t understand something, maybe someone can help me. The regularly accepted dates of 29 or 33, 32 AD whichever just don’t add up! If you start with the historical date of 445 BC of the decree and add 483 years, (to the triumphant entry), you get 38 AD! Many agree that the date of Jesus’s birth is 3 or 4 BC, could it be 5 AD? Is there something i’m missing? Of course I hope for the rapture daily, and i hope there’s not that much time left, so maybe gap years? Idk. I know we’ll never know til it happens, but it’s just exciting, fun and intresting.


It’s really a calculation down to the very DAY. No coincidences with God. :blush:

Here is a fascinating Bible Study by Dr Chuck Missler on the 69 weeks. Missler was highly regarded by & a mentor to Pastor JD.


It all makes sense now, Wimpy from Popeye would say “can I get a hamburger today but kindly pay you next Tuesday.” It was going to pay off for Wimpy….eventually. :joy:


I do not put any stock in what the United Nations (UN) plans or does. As a world body they have not brought peace but endless war. The UN always turns a blind eye to their highest donor (U.S.) and has allowed illegal wars and the pillaging of nations continually. The developing nations have no real voice in this arena thus they look elsewhere.

Saudi Arabia will in no way be the guarantor of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia wants to usurp Jordan from control of the Temple Mount and defender of the Islamic shrines or Mosques. Palestinians want all of Jerusalem and we know that will never happen. We also know that the Land of Israel will remain divided even unto the time of the Battle of Armageddon.

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The claims of “Climate Change” are ridiculous. Overdeveloping and deforestation along with the polluting of our rivers, streams, and oceans has led us to this catastrophe. It is only the Western developed nations that seek their “Green goals” simply because they do not manufacture anything but import everything from developing or poorer nations.

This green technology can not produce enough energy to sustain global energy needs. The BRICS now has 7 out of 11 largest energy producers not to mention food production. The United States was so desperate to maintain their hold on Europe they purposely blew up NordStream 2 to deny Germany cheap Russian gas. Germany is now in a recession as a result of this calculated economic terrorism.

The West is growing desperate as they see their hegemony rapidly decline, Africa is evidence of this in full display. As our leaders in the West become more desperate the danger of miscalculation increases and nuclear war becomes a reality. Sadly there is nothing to halt this spiral as is evidenced in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict with a peaceful resolution not even a thought for Western elites.

Many nations such as India are starting to halt exports of grain to ensure the food security of their own populace. War and famine are definitely on the horizon without a doubt. The more the West pursues their conflict with Russia and China the more destabilized our world will come. Madness rules on the geopolitical stage yet without a doubt God is in control. All these things must come to pass.

@GR maybe even @TCC

Hey Sister,
I found this brother and really enjoyed his finding on this, and especially his adding the Zadok Calendar to give a wider window to watch. He seems to have some insight others have missed.

He runs through the Solarium dates to see just how the different days line up. Amazing to see the technology spell out the story in the heavens for us.

The Gentiles saw the King Star and Now the Gentiles are pointing to the returning King from the stars. And again sadly the Jews are looking at a different date for different reasons.

Also he simplifies his teaching to make it easy to follow. You can’t make up even if you could when you see these things begin to happen Look Up!

May His Blessing Overtake You Maranatha


Lee Brainard

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It seems pretty unanimous here with a majority of the various posts and their accompanied videos that this Fall is the season of the Blessed Hope. That would be so wonderful for reasons I can not disclose other than to say I have a certain persistent health issue.

Unfortunately, regardless of how much I would rejoice to see it, I do not believe the time has yet arrived. Those of you that have read my previous posts know why I have accessed things differently. Once the Feast Days are over and we are all still here do not be discouraged, our gathering together in the clouds with the Lord is surely coming.

It is the Lord’s timing afterall, not ours. We must be patient for the Bridegroom must make sure everthing is in order for His Bride. Rest assured the wedding will be majestic.


I could join you in this exact same sentiment medically… :slight_smile:

As far as timing, I keep an eye on Resurrection day each year, as well as Pentecost.

One thing I like to point out though with Feast Days (Appointed Times - moedim) is that these are God’s appointed times, not Jewish days. Too many couch these days as “Jewish”. Certainly the Jews/Israel were to keep them and remember them, but they are God’s appointed times with men (all men).

With this in mind, and how Christ keeps prophecy to the letter and to the day, perhaps the Blessed Hope will be on a Feast day. :slight_smile:


Just going to need a new body for sure. This creak in my neck for “looking up” is going to be permanent. Got me tripping all over things. Can’t find my shoes. :joy:


i need to book mark…thanks


Wow. Very very nice. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome!

Another “coincidence”. :grinning:


Never realized 93% of Land in Israel is owned by the government only 7% is privately owned. Guess it really is a Socialist State.

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The wealthiest religious organization is Latter Day Saints also known as Mormons sitting on a hefty sum of 100 billion dollars. The Catholic Church sits at about 40 billion. Sounds like the Mormons have a bit more political power than the Vatican. Protestants, you just can’t tell because not everybody is a “Prosperity Gospel Apostate” so it is hard to account for their wealth collectively.

In this world you have to pay to play the big game. Donald Trump as President had quite a few of the “Prosperity Gospel Apostates” as spiritual advisors, that is scary for sure. Paula White was one of these advisors. Can you even imagine? These thieves who promise divine health and wealth to their viewers and congregants for a price, had the ear of the President.

What a world we live in…