September 14, 2023: Ezekiel 24 -- People Watch What We Do

:bible2: Ezekiel 24 – People Watch What We Do

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: about how God will use us, and what happens to us, to get the attention of those who are watching us.

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Pastor JD points out (as a side note from todays teaching) that maybe we will be out of here this week end - so be ready - but he is prepared for next :pray: :latin_cross:weeks teaching if we are still here - come Lord Jesus - MARANATHA :pray: :latin_cross: :pray: :latin_cross:


Aside from the unprecedented number of disasters killing thousands upon thousands, being on the brink of WW3 and or an imminent EMP strike wiping everything electrical out bringing us back to the stone age…it can’t be long now.
I’ve been spending time reading several biblical scholars’ investigative calculations concluding that the rapture is going to take place this Sunday the 17th. Tho I’m attempting to go about my life as usual, I must admit that I’ve been obsessing about the possibility of it. Oh how In yearn to go home and it’s as if I can think of nothing else.
My heart aches to be in Jesus’ presence…see His glorious face and worship at His feet.


Given the title I was of great concern how this teaching would go. Yet I was pleased to see that it encompassed several avenues at the same time. I found most impressive was Ezekiels full and unfettered obedience to the Lord. I especially was pleased to see Pastor JD clear and open terms how our trials are not always geared toward us. As sad as it is to say I too have gone through trials that really had nothing to do with me. I was the mere instrument of demonstration. In hind sight I am now glad that I was used to suffer so that others could see the hand of God as well as the love of God. This very well dove tails into the earlier study on God is not mad at us.

Often times I have been through difficulties that at the time I misstook to be discipline for some un-remembered past sin that I failed to ask forgiveness for. Even before this study I have come to realize that it is not forgiveness I need to be seaking. That was done when I accepted Jesus. No it is that I need to be mindful of when I sin that I bring it to Jesus and admit it and ask to be reminded of it always such that I don’t fall into the same trap again.

As much as I would dearly love to be as obedient as Ezekiel, Abraham, Moses, and most of all Jesus that I would suffer in joy the trials of my life. I realize I am still fully human and stumble often. Perfection is not of this world but, what joy it would be if I could manage it better for my time here. Still the race is long, over a very difficult path strewn with all manner of hurdles, some of my own making others allowed of God for the benefit of others.

It is said only the good die young. Well none are good, not one but, maybe, some of us are left here because we are obedient. Our lives as epistles as Pastor JD puts it are very good teaching tools for those that follow.

Considering the number of times I should have not survived live and troubles, I am still here so there is likely a reason. Maybe I am being watched. I do know that I will try hard to remember that for what ever time I have left to be a good lesson in hope.


Thank you Pastor , this was a great lesson in obedience. Oh my, a great man of God Ezekiel was! I want to carry this over to my life.
Lord, whatever it takes to get people to You…


Let it be our honor to suffer and endure for Jesus.