September 7, 2023: Ezekiel 23 -- Looking to the World for Help

:bible2: Ezekiel 23 – Looking to the World for Help

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: talks about our propensity and proclivity to look to the world for help by allying with and committing spiritual adultery with the world, then celebrates communion at the conclusion.

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This was a goodun’ right here. Hard to get through concerning content for some perhaps, but man, what an important message and how Farag poised the understanding to what we all face or have faced with elections, politicians, celebrities, people of influence (or so they think). I had to share this elsewhere with a deaf and blind crowd (stamp collection on social media) and I know most if not all skip my posts concerning Christianity, but, I hope someone will at least read the chapter and put two and two together (no matter what political sports team…party you root…um you vote for). And not only that, but describing the inability to see the wrong doing of ones actions as a kingdom/nation to lower ones self into accepting temptation to do wrong…I smiled when I was hearing this because it’s exactly as I have felt for awhile now concerning the US and even the world as a whole with getting into bed with Satan through his expert tempting ideas.

Great study.


Pardon me again - I was thinking of where to share this on the board based on the content and it could fit just about anywhere at this point. I’ll share them here; A two part sermon duo based on putting on the Whole Armor of God in the Age of Deceit (Not that there IS an age of deceit, but the times we’re living in). I think it would tie into this because of how people, through kingdom or nation, who especially title themselves Christian may not fully have that armor or, or know how to put it on or how to use it effectively. What grabs ya is the fact this was taught back in 1996 but could have easily been taught in the past few years, even last week or this week. (Sans the name of the First Family at the time). First video is about 58 minutes, the second, about an hour and change. So, they are lengthy.


Not that, not him, not them. nor any other. God said and still says, “I’” AM


I’m with you on the sharing of Pastor JD’s sermons. I have shared several full sermons and his shorts on Facebook among friends receiving only the sound of crickets. Today, I change the status to the world and posted this one. I wonder how quickly the pitchforks and tar buckets will appear? Opportunity for engagement is better than crickets.



That reminds me, I should resurface my driveway. Thank you for the reminder lol.


:grinning: LOL
When you do it, Jon, don’t forget to feather it out along the edges.



As JD was reading Luke 22 for the communion, a thought came to mind…what if?
Biblically speaking, if a day equals 24 hours, a week, a year, or 1000 years, could it equal a combination of time?

I always get giddy around Rosh Hashanahs, Feast of Trumpets. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take Right NOW, but every Feast time I catch myself looking up into the sky, searching for that beginning glimmer of perfect Light.

Jesus said that He would not eat of the Passover until he does so with us in Heaven. How many days are there between September 15, 2023 (Feast of Trumpets) and April 22, 2024 (Passover)? 221 days or 7 months and 8 days. Seven, the number of completion and eight the number for a new beginning. What if? :pray: :roll_eyes: (looking up)

On the lessen, Pastor JD did a great job of bringing to life, but not obscenely, the cultural dynamics of the Jewish Nation. Anticipation is usually worse than the actual thing. God doesn’t have that problem. He already knew what Samariah and Jerusalem would do. Wonder why God didn’t stomp those flames out while they were still fledgling embers? Nothing new under the sun. Look at us today. If the Holy Spirit hadn’t instructed Ezekiel to record what happened, then mankind’s arrogance would probably think they were the ones to invent such debauchery. The song You’re So Vain came to mind.

You know, there was the remnant that held fast their faithfulness toward God. I wonder if they sought out each other.



Thank you, Pastor JD, for this message and allowing me to share communion. It has always been one of the things I miss most about belonging to a local church family. Tonight, as I shared with all of you there, I was so deeply moved. . . And these two songs have been singing themselves in my mind ever since . .

. I remember, Lord Jesus! My heart breaks to think of all that you suffered to save me. . . It causes me to tremble . . . Let me wash once more in the soul saving blood of the Lamb. Thank you Jesus . . . Blessed Jesus . . . Amen


I will def listen in when I can. Maybe tomorrow when I’m canning! Salsa or pear chutney or elderberry syrup in preparation for the next —— fill in the blank! Thanks for sharing.


JD mentioned this man and his show either in this current service or last Sunday. Here is a little snippet of why he probably likes him.


Thank you for posting these @Jon ! So good, so relevant then and how much more so now! Astonishing!
( I have only watched one but assuming the second one is just as good)

Come Lord Jesus!!
( less than two weeks?) :joy:


Yes dear Lord Jesus, Come snatch us outta here
Keeping our Pastor in prayer.


The second one actually delves into the whole topic of wearing the Armour of God. Pretty intense pep talk if you will. I enjoyed it and it makes sense how he presented it. I mean, you think “Well duh” but then you realize “Hey, now that you mention it, I need to really evaluate how I’m putting these pieces on.”