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I have a prayer request. Just got a call from my eldest sister. She informed me that my cousin on my Mom’s side is in the hospital with throat surgery to remove a cancerous tumor which sadly has quickly spread to his liver and stomach. He also has skin cancer. So I am asking for prayers for his pain and suffering but also for his older brother who is taking it pretty hard as well as my sister who called me. She is the oldest on both sides of the family both Mom and Dad’s side. We have already seen 6 cousins total pass away, some from cancer, one from sucide after he lost his mother who was also mother to this cousin with cancer now. Please pray for strength for my siblings and cousins to have strength to deal with the losses as they are mounting at a much faster speed now that we are officially in the senior ages with me the youngs and pushing the 70s. Emotional strain for several of my siblings and cousins will have a detrimental affect on their overall health. They need all the strength and comfort God can provide to see them through and my ill cousin needs comfort as he reaches the end of his life.

I am not sure of his salvation status as he never talked much about it. His wife is a Catholic and I suspect from conversations my sister has had with her she may well be one of those hidden Christians in the Catholic church. So there is last minute hope if she is talking to him about salvation. Pray she reaches him and God opens his eyes before it is too late. Better he be a thief on the cross than lost forever.


Praying for your cousin, you, and all of your family. :pray: :pray: :heart: :heart: :dove:


Starting tonight on prayers list


Praying for all those mentioned and for you dear brother that God will give you the opportunity to share the gospel with your family. Gods grace and mercy are fresh and new everyday and He wills that ALL should come to a saving knowledge of Him. This is a precious and most dire time for them in that they will most surely reflect more ernestly on possibly meeting their Maker sooner than later. My heart aches for you and family.


Better a thief than lost forever— amen.

Father God,
We praise You for Your people! You have put them in every place so that the lost might hear Your Word. We thank You for it!

Please wrap Your everlasting arms around this family, Abba, and bless them with the peace and comfort that can only come from You. Please allow them the privilege of knowing You are in their midst, walking before and behind them, sheltering them on every side so they will have confidence that though they are in the valley, Your Light will bring them safely to the other side.

Please bless the healthcare team treating Jack’s cousin, Lord; give them Your wisdom and Your compassion. May they have integrity and success in their ministrations. Please use this situation to call those who are lost to the foot of the cross, Lord— and pour out Your grace, that they might have faith and be saved. We praise You for this!

May the Name of Jesus, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer, be lifted high upon this earth and in the heavens! In His Name we praise You and pray. Amen.


Hi, Jack. 3 days since you posted this prayer request. I don’t come on here much, just to check in & see what’s happening. So sorry to hear of your family’s losses & heartache. Length of our days is not promised for any of us, & death is never easy for us mortals to deal with. I will pray that you are well & for strength & courage to do whatever it is the Lord has for you. You are strong in Him & I know how much you love Jesus. My daily prayer is that God will send His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to take His church home. It would be so great if our loved ones, especially family members, could meet us in the air. Maranatha, brother. God bless you.


I’m so very sorry for all that you are having to hear/ go through with your family,these are very trying times for you and the family for sure.
Prayers are so vital and I have no doubt that God knows all that you need. I have just prayed for your prayer request. here’s an article that may encourage you .Greetings from The Netherlands.


When there just aren’t words to speak in the face of all of the hardship and loss and pain . . . Oh dear, precious Jesus, give us more of you! When our hearts are so burdened for all those we know and love who don’t seem to have a relationship with you, help us to remember that you love them even more. . . Open eyes and hearts to receive you at last. . . To BELIEVE THAT THEY MIGHT SEE! Comfort and care for those who are sick and in pain; heal in all the ways which you know are best. We place our hope and trust in you, Lord, for YOU are the Lord who heals us! Amen.

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Bowing my heart with yours in this beautiful prayer, Brenda.
Thank you.


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JACK- I have added you and your family to our church prayer list - as Job found out GOD does not show us why He does or allows things to happen in this fallen world - GOD loves you and brother my prayers are with you as we await our BLESSED HOPE - MARANATHA