Unable to watch videos from website? Please Read

We are receiving limited reports of phone, tablet, and Apple desktop/laptop viewers not being able to view video on our jdfarag.org website at present.

This issue appears to mostly impact older Apple mobile devices and Apple desktop/laptop devices which have older/dated software.

If you are encountering this issue, and have not already contacted us, please submit a support ticket and provide us with the following supporting information;

  • Make and model of the device you’re using

  • Which internet browser you’re using

  • What type of internet service you’re using

Any additional supporting information that you are able to provide, including software/operating system version information, would be helpful as well.

The video viewing options below appear to be working and available;

  • the JD Farag mobile app on phones or tablets - this app can be can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (or via our mobile app web page)

  • the JD Farag app for ROKU and Apple TV

  • Viewing via web browser on Windows desktop or laptop computers

  • Viewing via Apple desktop/laptop computers having the Google Chrome browser, or having macOS Sonoma and Safari version 17.3 or greater

You can also listen to services via the audio podcast page on our website, located via RESOURCES, PODCASTS in the top-menu.

We will continue to update this support article until this issue has been resolved.

Thank you very much for your patience with us, and prayers for us.


I sent links to the sermons to a friend with a current Samsung Galaxy S22 plus - He too was unable to open/watch videos from the site.

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I use this browser when i go to JDFARAG.ORG and watch his livestream, i have never had an issue. I don’t trust Google anymore.


I was able to play today’s BPU from the main page today whereas I haven’t in recent weeks. Perhaps the technical issue has been resolved.

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JD Forum Support said resolved, please test from your site.


Hello! I haven’t been able to view the older sermons on Revelation that Pastor JD did years ago. I was able to listen up until this past week. I know that he has recently started a new study on Revelation, but I would love to be able to have the older version to study with also - it is incredibly wonderful! Can someone please please help me with this? I actually called the church in Hawaii and asked them to be put back on the site but still have not been able to view. I am using an Iphone 8 through Consumer Cellular and have never had issues and can see everything except the older Revelation study. Please help someone. Stay blessed!


Blessed Resurrection Sunday, Church! I haven’t submitted a ticket, because sometimes I am able to view things decently in the live casts, when others are having challenges. This is in spite of the fact that I have a first edition iPad Pro. I use Brave browser to access.

Well, today, I think we have a packed house, worldwide, because no matter where I try to view the livestream of the BPU, I get interruptions throughout. This is happening in both Brave and Safari, via the website, via Facebook, and via Youtube.

I’ll catch everything in the archives, but just wanted to share.


Thank you.