Voice of angels

I managed to listen to the worship tonight, rare for me as it’s bedtime for small people here, and I don’t know the names of the singers tonight but their voices together are a joy, the words came to life. What a way to share the gospel! I am quite introverted and get very tongue-tied speaking when nervous but will happily sing songs of worship in my garden or the kitchen with the door open in summertime, I hadn’t thought of that as a way of sharing God’s word before, it has only ever been worship, not diminishing worship in any way here, I just had never considered it as having a second purpose other than worship, but perhaps it is a way my neighbours will indeed hear of God’s grace and mercy.


Beautiful share Donna. When i was younger i visted an orphanage in Baja Ca. It was under Focus on the Family ministries and some local churches. For its area it was like Beverly Hills (compared to the sourrounding makeshift neighorhoods–turn left at the cactus kind of country). It would have been really neat, i thought, way back then…since this orphanage is soo plush and clean and desireable…something else came to mind.

Orphanages are often thought of as kind of ward of the state soulless places. But not when real ministries are involved. How cool it would be to perhaps have part of some curriculum, where there coud be periods throughout the day where kids could be directing to helping out in the kitchen, yard, farm, or swimming, or recess at play or in line for grub too have some of those pockets of time burst out into song…i mean with all the kids and instructors involved together while tasks they would do (like a reality TV version of a musical). Like songs chosen prior for various occassion…so parts of the day could be filled with song for their memory…and perhaps for the surrounding neighborhoods to hear. I never got that far into ministry to help make something like that real…but at least some orphanages do have great care.

Thanks for your wondeful expression of how song beyond worship can be…and sparked a memory in me. Very precious thought. And that you sing with the door open in summer. Awesome. I did not stay at a Holiday in Express last night, but there was an occasion or two where our church would get a group and sing Christmas Carrols during the season to homes in the neighborhood and shopping centers. It would be great sometime to look into the history of song and the church and what we might find. Thanks so much for your great share and inpiration of His glory so worthy of song and adoration. Amen. Blessings.


I too went to many orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico as a child. I would spend the whole time there in the nursery with all the babies. My parents took food, blankets given to them by Bekins Movers, and lots of toys for the kids. What a memory that is for me and am so thankful my parents showed me what poor and “the least of these” looks like. We were very poor ourselves, but I was rich compared to these children.


Yes, i remember hearing a lady’s voice iin the background and i was thinking of her angelic voice is beautiful :white_heart: