Want to meet forMissions trip!?

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Ok so I shared in the “how did you share Jesus today” thread and the idea came to me- how about we meet up , have fellowship, worship and go out and share the Gospel?!

Anyone in?!! We could meet anywhere in USA and quickly.

Just came to me that it would be so wonderful to meet you all and do this!!! Bucket list! Ha, truly tho for His glory. I would have to talk to hubby but I believe he would be for me to do this.


yes, only issue is how far spread out we all mostly are. I see you’re in Minnesota. I’m in IL. I don’t have a very reliable car, so I can’t go far from here at the moment. but I am totally down for anything I can join. <3 love your idea!


So great to hear from you sister! That would be so great! Well let’s see if any others take us up on it :purple_heart:
@stephmerm, you have talked about wanting to go out more. Want to join?
Any others?

I would love to meet before we are in the air! :purple_heart::raised_hands:
And what a great army to go out! We know what time it is and we are all on the same page.


And fyi many people
who may not be ready to speak yet in outreach can come, be with and pray next to their partner as the partner speaks.


I’m in Idaho but would be up for trying to make this happen.


Great idea! I’m east coast with family obligations though. However, if it does happen, I’d love to be on a virtual prayer team during your trip.


Hi Paula, where are you at on the east coast?

Alison and Stephmerm are you guys able to fly somewhere? Just wondering as Paula needs to remain…
Just looking at options .

This would be a fun adventure for the Lord! :purple_heart:


@Blessed great to see you as always :] I agree this is a strong army we have here! with many different ways to reach different people!

I do not fly because of the post-9/11 invasion of privacy that occurs at airports. I imagine there are jab rules now too, but don’t know? and whatever other nonsense?

I’m right across the river from St Louis MO so that is my radius point.

east coast for me could be as far as 15 hours or more sadly. but hopefully we will have a better ride soon and enable me to take trips without worry. I won’t rent a vehicle but would be willing to spend the gas if our ride improves. and I know my husband would be down for the trip as well! wouldn’t let me go without him!

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i could join you but i live in Oklahoma. i try to hand out the abc of salvation cards each day and tell others that Jesus is coming very soon! :yellow_heart:


Ok looking back at Paula’s note she said she could virtually join in prayer which would be great. So then we have :

Alison in IL
Stephanie in Idaho
Stacey in Oklahoma
Me (Merritt) in MN

Alison, do you have any idea on when you may have a car to get you safely somewhere? And how far you would drive (I am maybe misunderstanding above)? And would your hubby want to come with if there are no other men?

Stephanie and Stacey can you fly or prefer to drive?


I certainly would be willing. My problem would be explaining to my husband what I’d be doing and why.
I can already here the “ you’re crazy, you don’t know such and such ……”.

It’d also be a little difficult as I’m getting ready fur my trip to Israel in May so to add another travel expenditure could be problematic at least at the present time.
But I’m not shy ( probably not a new or surprising revelation :joy:)
so I’d still be willing to broach the subject and see if it could come to fruition anyway.


yeah, I just went ahead and let husband know about it, and he confirmed he’d want to be with me, whatever the circumstances are.

no idea on a car. we’ve been going through an arduous ordeal when it comes to cars lately. what we thought was our “good” car, died 2 weeks ago for good. we “fixed” the other car as a result, which had been a sitting duck for like 2 years. we don’t make much money at one time. we are also trying to get an heirloom truck towed over here that needs extensive work to just get running. if we don’t do that now, we never will. that’s been sitting motionless for years as well. so if we get those 2 vehicles in better shape, THEN wed look into getting a 2nd daily-use car… that could be a while down the road, as we won’t get a loan. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news than that. in its current condition, we’d go as far as one hour away.

it has high mileage also, over 200k. I thought that would be a concern for the engine, but husband says he hears engines for this car are pretty solid ('06 cobalt). he will look at the car this week to determine what is needed most still- something with suspension and wheelbearings and potential oil leak- and then ill be able to update you. it’s really hard to say then how soon all that will be fixed and then how long it would take to have enough gas money etc, but if we get it all fixed enough and the body looks good, we’d possibly be willing to go like 6 hours out. so, sorry for the long message, just giving a clearish picture of our situation where we don’t have much to work with, but very much want to go on such a trip. we also have a good career prospect in our faces right now, but that’s IF the contract looks good to the business partner’s lawyer, so we don’t know for sure but will prob find out more tomorrow. perhaps keep us in your prayers on that. <3 if that goes through, we could get work done/better car a lot sooner than currently projected. it’s been a rough 5 years married financially but things might be looking up, and we are so grateful to finally just have a running car again. will love to go wherever we can for a mission trip <3

oh worth mentioning as well… since I am almost 9 weeks pregnant… don’t know how I’ll be feeling about a long travel if it doesn’t happen soon. the one really good thing is the flexibility in our schedules even if the contract goes through and gets husband busy.


Oh that’s right, you’re pregnant! How exciting!!!

Well perhaps we are to pray for your financial situation , car and baby along with Stephanie’s upcoming trip to Israel.

Why don’t you keep us updated Alison?
With these things going on it might be a tight squeeze between now
and Stephanie’s trip. I don’t know about you both but time seems to be supernaturally fast now.


On a USA map, it would be more verbose.

Probably you have to make 2 groups, one for east and west coast. The sooner is better.

Rem: @Blessed, the title “formissions” wasn’t attractive. Maybe update the title to: want to meet each others?

He can come with you and maybe be converted lol.

If we are raptured before the baby birth of @alllllz, will his baby be adult once in Heaven?!?!? Or maybe she will give birth there with doctor Jesus and angels around, WOW! WOWWWW!