ABC’s of Salvation Bookmark, bumper sticker, magnets and online video

About a year or so ago I sent a large canvas of the ABC’s of Salvation that I put together to Pastor Farag and the Church.

Recently, I took the same concept and created bookmarks that have all of the information about the Gospel, the ABC’s, and a prayer of Salvation. I also created a bumper sticker and magnet that list the ABC’s. All of these refer them to JDFarag .org and also tell the person reading them that they can get a video explanation of the ABC’s of Salvation at Http:// or Http://

I made the video based on the canvas concept and included excerpts of Pastor Farag explaining the Gospel and ABC’s.

I’m willing to share the designs with anyone and feel free to share the video.

I believe the Holy Spirit led me to create the canvas. And, I have felt led to create these other witnessing tools as well, especially the video.

You guys are so creative and with everything that is being done to get the ABC’s out there!!! I know the Holy Spirit is working in each of you!

I would love the designs!!

Try this link April. If you like them, contact me on Facebook and I’ll send you higher resolution images. I have bookmarks already printed to and would be willing to send some to you.

please can you advise where to purchase some stickers/bookmarks thank you Malcolm jeffs

I have a bunch of bookmarks based on the design that I would be happy to send you. I had a lot of them made. I may have some stickers as well, but I did not make as many of those.

Would you like me to send you bookmarks and any stickers I have?

I’m also making a web site that will present the videos I’ve made and provide links to resources for the ABCs. I started it tonight and hope to have a first draft of it up soon.

Yes please would love them Malcolm Jeffs
12 Park View Terrace

Hi! I will do so as soon as I can. I’m glad you like them!

I’m at my parents home looking after them. Mom broke her hip and dad has had health issues. If I can’t get home to get them (4 hour round trip), I will get my brother to bring them to me to mail or ask him to mail them.

God Bless!!!

Many thanks God Bless hope your Mum gets better soon Malcolm

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