ABC’s of Salvation T-Shirts

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! My name is Amela and I have an online store called Amela’s Chamber. I started the store in 2018 after I quit the corporate world to focus on being a caregiver for my youngest daughter who has autism. I was not very committed to the business in the very beginning and changed my niche and store name a couple of times. Got to a point where I prayed to the Lord for guidance on whether I should just close it down, until I began to watch Pastor JD’s sermons in 2020.

Since then, I’ve tightened up my niche to focus solely on products with Scripture-inspired messaging designed and printed in the USA. I believe the Lord is giving me an assignment to use my online store as a platform to help spread the good news of salvation through Jesus.

If you’re interested in T-shirts that have the ABC’s of salvation and many other designs, for yourself or for others, please check out my store. I have a variety of products that may be used for evangelizing. I collaborated with another online member, Chris O’Gorman, who designed the messages incorporating Pastor JD’s teachings. Most of the other designs are my own original creations.

I’ve not earned a single dime in profits yet for this store and am still operating at a loss but I have faith that God will use it as a way to spread the Gospel. If it helps to save one lost soul, then my time and efforts would have been well spent.

In case anyone is interested in purchasing, please use discount code FARAG30 for a 30% discount. Below is a link to my store. Thanks for reading this post and God bless us all as we strive to live in faith and obedience during these last days!


That’s awesome!
I’ll be checking your store out and likely ordering some things.
Thank you for the information

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Very much appreciated, Stephanie! My store phone number and email address are on the site in case you have any questions. God bless!

I just ordered the rapture t shirt and abc of salvation tote bag kit. I’ll take that everywhere I go. Maybe it’ll start some conversations :woman_shrugging:t4::pray:
Love it :heart:

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Thanks for your order, Stephanie! I’d like to clarify that the tote bag is a single product and doesn’t include the contents shown in the photo. It’s a spacious tote and the photo is meant to show what you can carry in it. I’ve added info in the product description to make that clear.

I pray that you will kick off some very meaningful conversations with the products! God bless!

I’d have bought it anyway!
I love it :grin:

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So glad that you do! :grinning:

Beautiful Amela! I have my eye on the green shirt with the sunflower that says Focus on the good.

I just might have to buy it! It’s important to support small businesses these days, especially ones run by Believers.

God bless your business with prosperity!

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Oh no! Only one left in medium. I’m a husky XL girl! I’ll keep a look out for my size. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi Jen!

The “Focus on the Good” tee was one of our bestsellers but unfortunately the maker is now selling exclusively to brick & mortar stores. My store only sells online. Though not one of our original designs, it’s a really super cozy tee.

I have lots of other tees with XL sizes. Most of our original designs are available in XS - 4XL.

I really appreciate your encouraging words! Thanks so much for your support and let me know if you have any questions. God bless!

Very cool online store! May the Lord bless you!

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Thank you for the positive feedback, Shari! I’m so blessed with all your responses. The Lord knows how much I appreciate the encouragement.

Glory to God for how He meets all
our needs in these most perilous times! Even when we sometimes don’t see or feel it, but that’s what faith is all about!

I’m so grateful to be a part of Pastor JD’s online membership. My husband and I were blessed to meet him face to face in Kaneohe when we visited a friend in Oahu last April. His ministry has truly inspired me to keep pressing on and seek to obey Jesus for our assignments in these last days.

BUT GOD is always still fully in control over all of our circumstances! :latin_cross::pray:

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I received my order a couple days ago. Absolutely love the rapture T shirt and the abc’s of salvation tote. They’ve already started some conversations :grin:

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So glad you love the T-shirt and tote bag, Stephanie!

Will be praying that you’ll have never-ending anointed conversations sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus through the messages on them.


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Hi Jen,

Greetings in Jesus! I’ve recently finished designing some new shirts that I was very blessed to know actually ties to some of Pastor JD’s latest sermons. Truly the Hoy Spirit speaks to us in unison!

Sending you the links in case you’d like to take a look.

Jesus is Lord T-shirt

Stand Firm T-shirt

Live for Jesus T-shirt

The 30% discount for Paator JD’s members and followers is still active, use code FARAG30.

Hope you like these! Great for evangelizing.

God bless,

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