Anyone interested in collaborating on a web site?

I own

Right now it points to a video I created on the ABCs. I was thinking it might be neat to expand it to include not only the video, but links to resources to create bookmarks, keychains, billboards, etc. Perhaps even setup a GoFundMe to sponsor billboards in various places.



Hi @Redraidrob I have a ton of info in a database that I don’t know enough about website design to upload it to. I would love to collaborate and can send you a link for it all if you’d like to pick through it to use. There are videos, audio, PDFs, word docs, for a whole range of topics.


Hello Chase -
I apologize for not replying sooner. I haven’t been on the forum in a long time. I have created a web site at:

I would love to add resources to it and would be very interested in any materials you are willing to share. Any suggestions about improving the web site would be appreciated as well.


Greetings in Jesus @Redraidrob,

Would you be interested in collaborating with me and linking to my online Christian store? I sell Christian products that include designs by @fluidicice and my own. Please check out Thank you in advance for looking into it.

God bless,


@Redraidrob Hi,
if you want to suggest some Bible apps on your web site, feel free to share my free apps for different configurations. All the URLs are in first topic, I earn no money on earth for that but later… :smiley:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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