🥰 Bible Multi Free Offline Apps

Hi, I’m a Christian programmer and I made these Bible apps with my heart to serve the Lord.

The apps are not the most beautiful apps (if you have another it’s fine for me), but I think they are useful.

My apps are offline, without ads, for KJV lovers in English, but also in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. It’s totally free :slight_smile:

=> My web site

  1. “The Light” (Android)

Contains Bible Audio and widgets.
Works also on Android TV*, Chromebooks.
*How to install the app on Android TV, if not in App Store,

  1. “The Life” (Android, iPhone, iPad, Big Sur, Mac, Linux)

Simple app to read the Bible.
Contains also a German Bible.

  1. “The Son Of Man”

** All The Glory to God.



Reserved… up

Today I published version 3.41

Version 3.41 of “The Light” has been published :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

• Several fix: Android TV
• Contact: Telegram
• Support for Android 12.0 (S): Test
• Support latest librairies

Hey I downloaded your app from Google play thank you , but unfortunately can’t get parables or articles , will they be added at later date ?
Thanks :pray::pray:

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Let the installation finished.
After that, just switch tab to activate the disabled options of the installation.

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I’m not very technical savvy will try :thinking::rofl:

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It’s OK :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :+1::+1:
Long click a verse to get the context menu.


Up :fire::comet:

Jesus is knocking the door…
Time is really short now.


Work in progress on version 3.42 of “The Light”:

  • Search several expressions in one time:
    E.g.: Jonas fish,boat
    E.g.: Revelation satan,dragon,beast

  • Highlight the searched expressions in verse


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Version 3.42 of “The Light” has been published :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Search several expressions (see Help):
    E.G: Matthew 12 Jesus,son of man
    E.G: Jonah Jonah,fish, water,belly
    E.G: Esau%jacob,abraham%sarah,isaac
  • Search several expressions in Fav filter
  • Settings: Search style

Work in progress on version 3.43 of “The Light”:

  • Sort tabs
  • Close tabs options

Version 3.43 of “The Light” has been published :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

• Tools: Close tab options
• Tools: Sort tabs
The tabs are grouped by plans, articles, parables and the rest.
Each group is sorted by book number, chapter number, verse number.

(It’s very useful to reorganize your tabs and clear your interface. For info I had 73 tabs opened :sweat_smile:)

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Work in progress on version 3.44 of “The Light”:

I’m looking to include the English Bible called KJV2000. After my tests, it’s a very good Bible, it’s the KJV in modern language.

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Version 3.46 of “The Light” has been published

• English Bible: KJV 2000 (KJV in modern language) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Version 1.11.0 of “The Life” has been published :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

• English Bible: KJV 2000 (modern English)
• Contact: Telegram
• Fix: Share, URL…
• Fonts added
• Settings: Search style

Note: “The Life” is currently on Android/IOS/IPAD and Mac Big Sur.
I will try to publish it on MACOS too :grin:

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Some screens of “The Life”:


Yeshua Jesus loves you so much :heart: