April 13, 2023: Ezekiel 2:1 -- Speak Truth No Matter What

:bible2: Ezekiel 2:1 – Speak Truth No Matter What

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains how like with Ezekiel, God prepares us for that which He prepares for us in speaking the truth of a hard message, with a soft heart, no matter what.

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I was very relieved when jd explained about blood on the watchmans hands. Like many of you i want to tell people about Jesus but i either lose my nerve or the person thinks i am nuts. If its the lost my nerve i agonised about what if i am tge last or only Christain …and they end up in hell. Such a telief tgat their response is on them…and i just wont get rewarded. Thank you jd


It is so helpful to hear these messages as you say Margaret. And to have other Christians we can talk to about how challenging it can all be.
Yes we are often looked at as nuts . Can you imagine how Jesus must have stood out and His disciples? What a stark contrast! His own family wanting to meet with Him as He was teaching … the inference is they were embarrassed… Jesus didnt acknowledge them at that time as His brothers and mother….
What an example we have in Jesus.
I often wonder what the situations were with the apostles and their families. Were the families believers? We know from Paul that the ones married had their believing wives with them. 1 Corinth I think that may be. Interesting that he pointed that out. Believing wives were with.
Did some have to leave any unbelieving home?
Things I want to ask in heaven!

I believe the Lord really blesses us when we step out and aren’t afraid to be nuts. If we are ashamed of Him He will be of us. ( I wish I could search that verse but can’t on the phone here).
A sobering thought . Be encouraged dear sister to join other nuts!


Yes, mark 3v21 his family thought he was insane no wonder he said"whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother" the next time they they tried to see him in v 35. The bit that shocks me is Mary …who of all people knew he was born by the Holy Spirit wS with his brothers.
I just feel so hopeless witnessing comes so easily to some people
I think lk 9 26 / mark 8 38 the vetse you wanted
Thank you blessed


Oh indeed I’m called ‘crazy’ by my family.
I don’t know if this will help but I ask the Lord to help me keep my ego out of it and so I separate myself from my understanding & justification of my thoughts and opinions. Afterall, its not about me I’m just a messenger. If I just say what the Lord would want me to say, I’ve done my part and the Lord will do the rest of the work.


We are SO blessed beyond our comprehension that we are the CHOSEN Generation by GOD fully awake and seeing everything fall into place with our very eyes… God placed us here in these exciting times and He is allowing US to watch bible prophecy play out… We are Protected and comforted by God from these events. It’s truly remarkable how GOOD God is to us! I Thank the Lord daily!!!

Excellent discussion from Tom Hughes and Andy Woods.


You are very wise Susan. They reject us because they reject the one who sent us…God help them .


I love your response here Susan. Yes, we just get ourselves out of the way and give the message knowing the Holy Spirit does the convicting. Apart from
Him we can do nothing and I am nothing without Him.


May I ask as the Spirit leads you, to pray for me as I return home shortly. That I would do exactly what @Susan has noted – speak the truth again in His love and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Thank you!


Praying for you SusanS :pray:t2: :heart:



Billy Crone : spiritual warfare and how to battle.

He discusses what being filled with the Spirit actually means, useless unbiblical gimmicks and deliverance ministries.

At the end is The Pineapple Story….
If you’ve never hear it , check it out. Worth it :grin:


Too funny. He hates chicken with a passion.


i have the greatest of resolve after i get a firm nudge but then other things get in the way, person isn’t available or i cant imagine myself walking down a long lane way to talk to someone i really don’t know or putting a card in a mailbox. i am a coward. no doubt about it. there are two women i must make the opportunity to see. please pray that i have the courage, the strength and the ability to see first one, then the other. once i am face to face with them, my resistance will disappear. i already broke the ice with one and i have a hymn i want to share with her, along with an abc s of salvation card. i feel so strong and ready one minute and unsure of myself the next.


Hi Debra, :pray: may the Holy Spirit lead guide and direct you to speak to these 2 ladies. I pray he will strengthen your and my resolve to speak the truth in love to those he places in our hearts. Lord you desire the salvation of these ladird even more than Debra does, and you know Debra longs to be used by you please through your Holy Spirit guide her give her the right words use her mightily in Jesus name Amen

I was out with an unsaved girl ive been praying for for months yesterday. She has listened in the past , lots of questions and deep hurts. Abusive spouse, daughter lesbian but such a lovely hurting person.
No great light but at least a friendship is developing and i sent her jds sermon on 1 john as it had touched me deeply.
God bless x


Some have a true gift of evangelizing and I am not one of those. While I get so burdened for souls especially for Mormons ( because of where I live ) and those in Eastern Orthodoxy ( my husband’s and his family’s belief system) I struggle with that same motivation then trepidation.

I don’t do well “ cold turkey” approach ( talking to whoever out of the blue ) , but I’m fine when a person broaches a topic that opens up a door to witness, so I look for those opportunities.

I do leave gospel tracts and even tracts specific to Mormonism in local parks.


That’s wonderful @Margaret .

Sometimes just doing whatever we can to “ get our foot in the door” and giving the aftermath to God is just what we should focus on doing.
Easier said than done!
but if we remember we are not battling the person but the spiritual side of it all , it’s doable.

It’s not always best to initially smack them over the head with doctrine, but in developing a rapport first and some type of positive relationship, there will likely open up those opportunities to go biblically deeper.


Thanks for the encouragement Stephanie i have invited her to a church bbq and shes thinking about it!
I encountered 2 mormons yesterday and though neither they nor i changed the others viewpoint i was really surprised that the “elder” said the Holy Spirit spoke to him when i was speakjng about Jesus. Prayed for them when i got home .

this message is for you too @margaret thank both of you for your replies. i don’t have that gift either. i have not been able to see the lady at the farm. i think she is very busy. soon outdoor market in our area will be open. i am debating putting a note in an envelope with ABC card and a note and if I dont see her in the next week, i will do that. she is very interested in what is going on in our country and the world. the last time we spoke, she said she was very concerned about the trans agenda in her children’s school. she was thinking of home schooling her children. i offered to help her if she needed me. i could help children with their homework in English. French. i worked as a child and youth worker for a few years while i was continuing my education. i noticed the school bus slowed down in the morning by her house but did not stop. i will leave note on Friday if I dont see her before that. i walked to the flower lady’s store with a few of my paintings for her to see, as she paints and it was something we talked about easily. i regretted my decision to bring them because instead of breaking the ice, they became our sole focus. i got distracted by my desire to get her feedback. soon vanity and pride clouded things and it was not a good thing at all. Next time, i will just go to talk to her. i am looking for a segway to the cards. i am not in my comfort zone.


Thats so wonderful that you were able to offer practical help to the farm lady…
I forget which pastor said it…you cant lead a horse to water but you can salt the oats. Offer someone something they need and they will be gulping the water down. As for the flower lady , you were building a relationship with her. Remember one of jd recent sermons on first John, Jesus called the disciples to be with him. Yes he taught them and commissioned them , but first he built a relationship with them. You bonded over the paintings . Sister you love the Lord and i think he sees you as a good and faithful servant so the enemy is attempting to discourage you.
I sent jd sermon of 1 john 2 to Adrianne this morning i am praying she will listen as i think its an excellent explanation of Grace. But tomorrow i am going for tea with another friend i have known longer who i love dearly but is not a believer…and has laughed at me many times i will probably be totally pathetic and fail again. Please Lord you know we love you give us the right words and loving attitude to witness for you in our words and deeds, we k ow you love the 2 ladies you brought into my sisters orbit and you love Adrianne and Bobby grant that they will come to saving faith that the angels in heaven will rejoice and Jesus name be glorified. Amen