April 28, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Why Bible Prophecy Is So Controversial

The AI has been running since the internet came online.
Its been planning this 100+ years easy.

Things people are notcing more:

Suspicious “stock” internet - youtube searches - narrative - google mostly useless out of regular searches.

Weird vibe and energy in daily life - emotions and feelings leaning into negative end of spectrum.

“truman” type events in daily life - synchronicities -

People noticing immense bot presence in comments - unable to have a conversation of real substance without swarms of bots hijacking threads.

people noticing changes to reality - AI/lucifer/mandela effect etc

Real life conversations are difficult once mentioning anything not on the CNN/BBC

Dream like state - people appear to just want to get through the day -

feeling of reality just not been real.

These are the things i’m seeing and hearing.


Thanks for the explanation. It was needed.

I believe the auroras were a sign of the coming trumpet! A warning to the world and specifically those who are directly against Israel in its fight for life. We havent discussed Psalm 83 lately.

We have had too many signs to ignore…even though x eclipses happen all over the globe, the one in April hit the spot!

Lets see what the coming months bring. Im keeping my hands inside and seat belt fastened.


There is no reason to not think of recent events as not being signs. Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon, and heavens. He also said that the signs would come like labor pains in an woman, that is they would over time come more frequently and happen with more intensity. Lets look at the recent run of tornadic activity int he plains states. There was some 20 tornadoes over the period of a few days. That was followed by the solar flares and CME that struck the earth giving us the amazing auroras of last Friday night. Prior to that and only by a little bit was the eclipse. Then their is the current cicada hatch of not one but two groups.

Now none of the events are brand new as in they have happened in the past and are natural events. What makes them significant this time is that they are happening so close together like labor pains. And while a lot of people want desperately to have one or the other point to a definite time frame of the Rapture none of them will. But combined at the speed at which all the varying different signs like these are happening they are pointing to the nearness of the Rapture.

The problem I see is still too many people in the US are still caught up in the left vs right paradigm that was made way to popular in the Trump days with the QAnon folks who attributed everything happening to political maneuvering between the two. They never allowed for natural events to just be natural events. Every storm was man produced. Every quake is the fault of somebody playing with some kind of technology. In short we were, are giving credit to man what God is doing or is allowing Satan to do. It is a level of human pride that is so much on the rise in our present time. As man finds ways to advance technology we are still pushing God out by attributing events to the hands of man and not to the power of God. Jesus warned us that to would happen in that men would have the form of Godliness but deny the power thereof.

One of the sure signs to us now of mans arrogance is in the number of people who sell fear porn with fake news that man is responsible for things like the auroras, the severity of recent storms and so on turn around and have ads selling emergency preparation items, sell gold and silver, and so on. Sadly with things like NAR and replacement theology growing stronger each and every day too many believe they can survive future events. They don’t realize that will only happen if God allows it not because of anything they do.

You mention the eclipse of April. Now those have happened over time over and over. But this time it happened where certain towns with certain names were along the line where it was best seen at its maximum. Was that just a coincidence? Not hardly. Some of those towns are well into close to 200 years old and were named long before now. What few fail to realize God was at work even back when these towns started and were named what they were. If not then they would not be in that line as they were. Yes the eclipse was a sign of the times pointing us to Biblical history to go back and read and learn what happened back then. In some cases judgement was stayed for a time, in others it happened right on schedule as predicted. But in all cases judgment came because of the behavior of man and his failure to change and turn to God. We are still doing that to this day. We see these things and yet we still attempt to give credit to men unseen with nefarious purposes what is actually in the hands of God.

I wonder at times if all the signs suddenly stopped. Wars all ended in peace, all conflict suddenly stopped, economies reversed and every country in the world suddenly became prosperous, the medical field actual spent time and money on finding real cures, weather patterns settled into just rains for crops never causing massive destructive flooding winds never arising above just balmy breezes. I can almost guarantee that if that happened man would take credit for it in a heart beat. There would be people in politics say, see look what I have done, in science and medicine accepting their Nobel prize with puffed chest and beaming smiles.

Humanity sadly in its severely fallen state still fails on a global scale to give glory to God and instead is all to ready to receive glory for itself. As much as it pains me to say this unfortunately it will only get worse. As God is kicked out of government, out of the public square, out of homes and replaced with every form of idolatry, gay pride, insane thoughts that people can choose a gender, greed, pride, and extreme arrogance it is no wonder that judgment is coming on the world. We deserve it. Yet for many that have embraced the Gospel and accept the substitutionary work of Jesus on the cross will not see it but, not nearly enough to stave off the coming Tribulation period. Not nearly enough people are resisting Satan but instead giving him free reign by believing in the ability of man through technology to do only what God allows to happen. We have had strong auroras reaching much lower and lower latitudes in the past, the Carrington event. There have been eclipse seen in the past of the exact same paths as now when towns named Nineveh or little Egypt ever even existed. That is a function of how the solar system was designed to which no man can lay claim to but if it were possible one or more would try.

Yes, all this is happening, no not all of it is from the hand of man as there are things we are seeing that man does not have the ability to accomplish. Man did no predict the April eclipse and purpose line up towns named Nineveh to have it pass over them all. Man did not create the extra ordinary auroras of last week. These are things that we can find in historical records long before technology existed where man could even think of claiming the ability to do so. So why now take credit for what has always happen, why give credit to man for what has been a part of the worlds history since man was created? Yet so many are so quick to attribute to man what only God can do. Is it any wonder that the end of the age is coming the way it is? Where is the discernment between the lies of Satan and the power of God? It surely does not appear to be as strong as many would like to think they have it.

The course is set and it will not change as God told it to the prophets of old and Jesus warned through the Apostles and left for us a record. Do we all have to face it? No but we will see bits and pieces of it in our lives and in the world the closer we get. So why do we give credit to man for such things that were long ago foretold will happen? Yet we do and more often than not never realize in our arrogance we are still turning away from God and denying Him the glory He is due.


Yes, also called murmuring, and it is a natural and beautiful thing to see! :smiley:


Amen Brother!

That was beautifully written and I can sense His presence in your words.

Not sure what else to express there but you are spot on!

I have had the same sentiment with everything you have written.


17 May 2024

Tonight is about food dietary laws in Leviticus… Thou shalt not eat pork LOL

@SkyTheSheepdog , Ps Brandon explained meaning of “wine and oil” in Rev at 40 mins plus:

I am attaching info on who can afford to plant them based on our current time, the verse refers to the Tribulation period.


That analysis makes sense to me. Thank you for posting that Dennis.

Btw folks; Grits (a staple of The South) was one of the cheaper dry goods items you could put in your grocery buggy just a couple years ago. It was somewhere around $1.29. This morning I saw it for almost $5.00. Crisco sticks which my wife uses to bake her chocolate chip cookies used to be $2.79 for a 3 pack. This morning…$9.00. If I was a contestant on The Price is Right today I wouldn’t win a thing ! :neutral_face:


I have used Crisco for 45 years but not anymore. The vegetable oil has been replaced with soy oil and is worse than vegy oil for your health. I found a store brand at Wally World and it is good. My pie crust recipe is saved, yea!


Believers will be forced underground for sure in the Trib, but I believe we as the Church will see the beginnings of that and worse. Now is the time to cram for the exam kids. Study (2 Tim 2:15), memorize (Psalm 119:11, 105).


That 3 pack usually lasts us about a year so it’s not a frequent consumption but I’ll tell her about that alternative. Those cookies are the :goat::grin:


I prefer lard or tallow. Lard comes from pig fat and tallow from beef or sheep fat. It is what Crisco was designed to replace. Crisco on the other hand is made from seed oils which are not good for humans as it causes a variety of health issues over time.

The nice thing about lard or tallow you can render it yourself at home from fat gotten off of boiling pork or beef or the oil left in the pan from frying it. Once you have gathered up a decent quantity you can simply heat it to a liquid state and then pour it through a filter like a coffee filter or some clean white cotton cloth. Then just let it cool to room temperature and you get a nice batch of soft lard or tallow. It is not all that different from bacon drippings that were always collected in days gone by and usually stored in an empty coffee can.

It works as well as Crisco but is better for your health. My usual rule is what ever the medical industry tells me is bad is the things I tend to use. Seed oil are what they push and that is what I stay away from. The only vegetable oil I am fond of is olive oil. Even the cheaper stuff I get because the cost is going up so bad is better for you than any seed oil or vegetable oil and seed oil mix which is many of them. Besides olive oil does work as a lantern fuel as well. It is very close in nature to kerosene in that respect.

Anyway stopped using shortening long ago and have never looked back. It is good for meals where I use it mainly for pan frying things and making roux for gumbo or other roux based Cajun and Creole dishes. I use it a lot for just sauteing my veggies when I am making soups and stews. So as prices rise, I like to look up the old ways and find out how people in the 1800s used to do things such as render their own lard and tarrow as well as foraging for wild plants. It does help a little with food cost since it only takes my time to go foraging. And while I prefer grass fed beef it still has enough fat with it that I can save that in oil form and let it set to a semi solid state. Once I have a large enough quantity I then heat it back to oil and filter it and it works just fine maybe even better.

Yeah the old ways do take a bit of effort but it is worth the time to not have to go to the doctor or pay the cost of store bought alternatives. God still provides for our needs if we are just willing to take the time.


i have good news concerning this. lately ive noticed a different reaction! i get bold enough to be honest about what i see, and the other person (different ppl) responds with a relieved laugh! then they flow with telling me their true feelings. despite sounding PC just moments before. (one example is when someone asked what sex my infant daughter is, when shes obviously a girl. “ya gotta ask these days!” and i said something like, “no, im not in on that crazy talk.” he looked suddenly so glad, and laughed.)

shows me after these several alienating years that lots of people are just afraid of being hated for their views, and its like they need permission to be real! i hope that my casual encouragement is helping them to do the same. no need for them to wait for someone else to say “it” first. be yourself, i hope is a message they get from me.


Signs the THIRD TEMPLE is About to be rebuilt!
Britt Gillette


:ok_hand::+1: - now that’s funny - the rapture is REAL. ……………. REAL SOON :smile:MARANATHA

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Bayou - changing the subject - my wife just showed me a post on instagram - all the porta potties on the border at the migrant camps all have posted sign that says - vote for BIDEN - you owe him as he is the one who got you here - this is just evil in action


What Does It Take To Be Saved

I am not going to bother listing all the passages in the Bible, but there are 143 times that the Bible uses the word believe. There are many other times is uses statements that mean the same thing like “by grace you are saved”. So apparently God wants us to know that “belief” is what is needed for salvation. The most clear verse to what it takes to me is Romans 10:9 below.

Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

So let me break that verse down as what is required. I will however go in order of the steps that need to be taken.

  1. You must know who Jesus is and that he is the Lord (God).
  2. You must must believed that God raised Jesus from the dead.
  3. You must confess with your mouth your belief or acceptance of Jesus.

Item 3 above I believe is somewhat misunderstood. One might think that if you can’t speak, you can’t be saved. Of course that is not the case. What that really means is that you have to make a decision, not just be considering it. When you confess with your mouth or some other way if you can’t speak, you are acknowledging that you have made a conscious decision. You know like if you are a witness in court they don’t just say “You do know that we need the truth.”, but make you either repeat or acknowledge with what they ask you regarding telling the truth. This confirms that you both understand and agree. Same thing when you get married.

So what is my point? We need to stop adding to this free gift of salvation with what we think is right. Would I like to tell someone that they need to give their life to Jesus? Sure, but that’s not what the Bible says. Would I like to tell someone that if they do some really bad sins (in my opinion by the way) that they either will lose their salvation or were never saved in the first place? Sure, by again that’s is not what the Bible says.

If you see any passage that states or implies that just belief is not enough, you have just stated that the Bible cannot be trusted as it contradicts itself. Salvation is either a completely free gift, or it is not. If it is a completely free gift which it is, stop adding anything that even implies that it is not. Look, Satan has already convinced most people that there is no such thing as a totally free gift. One of the hardest things to do when sharing the Gospel with someone is convincing them that salvation is a totally FREE GIFT! Do we really need to help Satan?

Goodboy! :blush:


I would not be surprised but then I would not trust that is the case till I see it.

When Ameria is too sharp to vote for you…just replace America. Stay president. Simple but diabolical logic. If America won’t have you…make a new one that will. :frowning:


Metaphorically, someone could have a lot of fun with this info :joy: