August 22, 2021 – Hebrews 10:23-25 - Last Days Christians

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about the characteristics we as Christians must possess if we’re to survive, even thrive, in these perilous last days.

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Quite a blessing to hear this one today.


Watching right now and I cannot get rid of the chicken-skin/goose-bumps.

At one point I had this silly idea of the forum regarding assembly. The assemble instructions are from IKEA. Not always easy to interpret, but things DO fit together… miraculously, considering the bits and pieces we start out as.


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More paraclete-led paramedics please!


Just as in those days ignorance prevails and the ignorant are well pleased. My heart is breaking for the many who refuse to accept God’s truths…how can they if their ears and minds are shut to it.

People who were my friends are now so dark I have no desire to even communicate with them and any family that’s left no longer wish to communicate with me. Sadly they choose to be lost and will all be left behind.

Praise God for bringing me to you…my brothers and sisters who are more than my friends sharing love in Christ.


Morning from Northern Ireland , things are getting really bad here listening to radio station and the topic is covid , they are stating public services only for the double vax , saying taking aspirin is worse for you than getting vax, also stating employers should mandate vax , no vax no job , wanting all children vax , everyone who comes on from public who doesn’t want vax to explain not given the chance , now have a pregnant social worker on stating she had been in hospital in ICU for 3 weeks with covid now is ok but said ten others in ICU with her with covid people dying it was horrific…I believe this is real don’t doubt , but why why do I feel guilty now ? This is getting too real scary too soon , I’m not afraid just feel nervous disturbed sleep uneasy as I reckon this is going to get extremely horrific for us …
Praying for us all constantly now even waking in the middle of the night :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Waking up in the middle of the night here too in the US. Working in a hospital, I am dreading starting this all over again today, this Monday morning…the talk here is similar to what you’ve just related.
I truly believe that most of the hospitalized are the vaxed. I think the illnesses from those vaccines are starting to manifest. When a patient relates a story of a hospitalized friend or loved one with Covid…I usually ask if it might be due to not being vaccinated? Almost every single one has replied with a confused… “no, they were fully vaccinated”…followed by a ‘raking over the coals’ of the unvaccinated.
Yes, this is getting real. I’m praying more and more that we are given strength and peace for what is coming.
I know it’s happening faster where you are living. Praying for you dear sister :heart::pray::pray::pray:


@1jewel Thank you for your reply it has been of great comfort :two_hearts:
Yes I agree it’s illnesses side effects etc from the vaccine spreading to others vax or not vax , I read somewhere on a thread here how the vaccine can spread more dangerous viruses …
I’m praying for you too , that’s all we can do share our feelings with each other in a safe loving Godly place like this forum because it helps enormously , powerful pray support each other ,our Lord is our rock He is protecting us , in His Glory, we have each other children of God :pray::pray::pray::pray:

From one prayer warrior to another much love and hugs x


Cara and 1jewel,
While the world darkens praise God for the light of this forum and each other.

Our Loving Father isn’t in heaven shaking His head in disbelief for He knows exactly what’s happening in each of our lives. We must all call upon our gentle Holy Spirit to bring us His peace and calm our souls. When we least expect it Jesus will come for us then we will be rewarded with crowns for our patience and faith. So fear not…fear not…FEAR NOT!


On another post recently I wondered aloud about leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. where are they now? Seems the difference in this season is that we, like remnant believers, are scattered all around the globe and our voices are muffled by censorship and vilification in the media. . . But God!! Christ himself is OUR leader! The Lion of Judah! And our courageous pastor, JD, has drawn us together here to strengthen and encourage us . . . To speak TRUTH from God’s Word to all of us . . . Praise God, we shall NOT be moved. . . At least not until the trumpet sounds!!! :pray:t3::blue_heart::eagle:


Amen! Over this past year I got off fb and all my so called friends fell to the way side. I was broken hearted for months but slowly my desire for this world is fading. I pray for all who do not know Jesus as their savior. Time is short and worrying about social media or how many friends I have doesn’t mean as much to me…I only want to see people come to Christ including my 20 yr old daughter who is lost in this world and the LGBTQ lifestyle. Finding this forum has been a blessing as well. Soon we will all meet in the air :raised_hands:


I watched a podcast with Dr Robert Malone on Real America’s Voice and the one Dr he had on was fully vaccinated in March…he checked himself for antibodies in May and he had them…he checked again a few weeks ago and he had none! They are saying the vaccine may only protect up to 5 months…I believe this is why people are getting covid after being vaccinated especially if they got the jab early in the year :pensive: Dr Malone also said this vaccine will cause more unnecessary adverse reactions/disease and his recommendation for those that are not elderly or immune compromised is not to get vaccinated and if you come down with covid to request therapeutics. Why is this government not listening to these Dr’s speaking out? This man was the inventor of the mRNA vaccine and he is trying to warn the medical community. He’s been censored left and right…the vaccine companies do not want people finding this stuff out…Jesus help us :pray:


Thank you for sharing this! This makes so much sense now! No antibodies after 5months?! So crazy how the spirit of the enemy is working OT in pushing for the vaccine mandate and there are medical professionals who are trying to speak out, but are getting censored. How can I listen to that podcast please? Thank you & God bless! @Natalie_cocco


Thank you and God bless you JD


So unfortunately the podcast I watched on YouTube was removed(not surprised :pensive::roll_eyes:) but you can look up Real America’s Voice online they have an app for the phone as well. I just downloaded it myself but if you look up Dr Malone on that app the podcast should come up. I’m actually going to look on there now if I find it I will let you know. :relaxed:


I have looked for an opportunity to ask about immersion baptism, but didn’t see a good place. I have played a few sermons of JD’s for my 94 year old father. Dad is saved. At first Dad would comment that JD speaks/teaches correctly, except he doesn’t include baptism in explaining the whole “process”. For this reason my father dismisses all of what JD says now. He is attending a Church of Christ (recent move)…that is the type of church that I was raised in. I have attended all of the CofCs within 30 miles of me, and every one of them are tainted in some “deal breaker” way. His new church serves up bread for Christ’s body that is made of wheat, vegetable shortening, and salt. Vegetable shortening is the WASTE (offal) material of rapeseed extraction. There is not anything “vegetable” about it. It is not Biblical. Jesus’s body was pure. I talked to an elder there, that morning, and he made the statement that he felt the waste-filled bread was made “in good faith”. My father’s youngest brother (lives in the same town) was sort of forced by my Dad to get baptized. Dad has told him to ignore me even as I read directly from God’s word. It’s bad.
It would be helpful if all of the parts were included in the A, B, Cs, …a D added?


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Cara, don’t be discouraged. Hold onto Philipians 4 v 6 to 8. Our father loves us, he will never leave or forsake us. Right now you are seated in the heavenlies with Christ. I am in bangor not far from you. Just hold on sister, the world wide missionary conference is on in Bangor this week the teaching in Bible Studies is from Habbukuk…its excellent. TRUSTING GOD IN TURBULENT TIMES. if you can listen in online it’s worth it. Today’s was spot on, regards Margaret


@23617k8g Thank you so so much for replying with such loving encouragement I will look up online the world wide missionary conference , again thank you :pray::pray:

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Thank you for sharing. I can’t help but ask, why aren’t you asking them if the person was vaccinated who has fallen ill (rather than unvaccinated)? That helps lend them a clue (from your professional work and observances among other things) that there may be another reality here…I know there are some unvaccinated getting ill but by far we know it is the vaccinated getting ill now bc their immune systems have been altered


Cara here is the link , God bless and comfort you,