August 27, 2023: 1 John 4 -- Do I Believe Every Spirit?

The sooner we realize trafficking children is a hype and our wisdom to realize that as a con job is “the takeaway” the closer to God we will be.

CRT - Critical Race Theory (so called) is clearly part of Last Days “signs”. (Racism)

Matthew 24:7

For nation will rise against nation, (ethnos against ethnos) and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.

Mark 13:8 adds “These are the beginnings of sorrows.”

Sodom and “Gamera”?

Well, here are the latest stats on satan’s attack on Male & Female … but "where is “Gamera”??? :rofl:

Picture of “Gamera”

‘U Can’t Touch This?’
SBC church Pastored by David Uth “Church by the Glades” in Coral Springs, FL. plays M.C. Hammer, Beyoncé, AC/DC medley during service, because why the heck not?

Church of the Rock in Winnipeg, led by pastor Mark Hughes, is known for its unique Easter sermons, interpreting the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord of glory as Hollywood blockbusters, ranging from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, to Toy Story, Star Wars, Tombstone, Indiana Jones, Robin Hood, Back to the Future, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In fact, we last covered them after they crucified Iron Man on stage.

jesus false teachers clowns goats

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So, in no particular order, here are 20 things that come to mind that are in various stages of being regulated, restricted or outright banned that the government has no business even being involved in.

  • Wood stoves (strictly regulated, some models already banned)
  • Gas stoves (federal government openly says it wants to ban)
  • Gas generators (federal government wants to ban)
  • Gas cars and independent vehicle travel (taxed, phased out, banned and replaced by 2035 with autonomous electric vehicles with a remote kill switch.)
  • Air travel (taxed, regulated, soon to be restricted and rationed)
  • Gas lawn equipment (government wants to ban)
  • Supplements (regulated, government plans to ban)
  • Over-the-counter cold meds (banned)
  • Berkey carbon filters for clean drinking water (EPA trying to ban)
  • Physical cash and coinage (wants to ban, started phasing out during Covid, will gradually be replaced by digital, programmable money with an “on-off switch.” This transition is already happening in some countries and will launch soon in America.)
  • Physical ID cards (plastic or paper being replaced by digital and biometric such as facial ID, palm scans or eyeball scans)
  • Borders and boundaries between nations (already banned by most Western nations except when convenient to harass and persecute law-abiding citizens).
  • National citizenship and national sovereignty (plan is to have global citizens under global governance)
  • Genders (it’s all fluid, right?).
  • Rainwater capture (already **regulated **in at least 13 states including California, Oregon, Nevada, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, Washington, Rhode Island, Utah and Virginia)
  • Private well water (already **regulated **in some states, California plans to meterize private wells and sell your own water back you, the homeowner)
  • Removal of water from creeks or streams (regulated, restricted, plan to ban)
  • Backyard gardening (registration “encouraged” for future regulation?)
  • Firearms (ultra-regulated and restricted, plan is to ban them outright)
  • The ability to pro-create and reproduce (Already severely discouraged, the plan is to ban and replace with artificial insemination; designer babies will be grown in labs with DNA features for sale, under government registration, regulation, fees, taxes, etc.)

These are all things that, to one extent or another, in at least some states, are under attack by governments in partnership with big and powerful corporations. And more than half of them are under attack nationwide by the federal government and its corporate partners.

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