December 31, 2023: Topical Study -- How Minds Are Renewed (with Worship)

:bible2: Topical Study – How Minds Are Renewed

Pastor Mac provides an expositional topical teaching on Romans 12:2 regarding the renewing of the mind.

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Thank you Pastor Mac for reminding us how to renew our minds. This year will be a lot of squeezing and conformity expected… proof coming soon


Excellent sermon Pastor Mac.
The daily renewing of our minds; growing in the Holy Spirit.
Insightful teaching on the difference between being a Christian
and being a Disciple.
I’m all in, and my prayer for anyone reading this is that they are all in too.
Happy New Years


2 Jan 2024

And be not conformed to this world…means

to fashion alike, that is, conform to the same pattern (figuratively): - conform to, fashion self according to.

Hmm, in 2 weeks time the globalists will plan conformity on us:

One of the Open Forum topic is how to get eternal life without Jesus, yes?

Meanwhile Biden provoked Hooties into war recently:

Few important things to know:

Climate change:

WHO is manifesting doctrines of demons:

The Legal/Judiciary are now pro-vaccine, taken over…

Another predictive programming:

Bro Britt gave his take today:

Say hi to @FoxMan!


Wow just wow. Never forget Ivanka Trump is part of the WEF. Sounds like an eventful year ahead. Thanks for sharing.


They never will get it, and they never will GET IT.

Eternal Life in the Flesh is not the goal. But… Without the Spirit, they can never understand anyway.

Hey there @dlcv (Dennis)! :slight_smile: Thanks! :fox_face: :heart:


Is that taken from your porch? :grin:


Hah hah … no… :slight_smile:



A word from Ty Green

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I have removed all of the adds because they are mostly evil anyway.

14 Things To Know About The Great American Eclipse Of 2024:

Originally published at the Economic Collapse Blog - reposted with permission.


We are just a little bit more than three months away from what many believe will be the most dramatic total solar eclipse in U.S. history. It is being called “the Great American Eclipse of 2024”, and millions of Americans will take time off in order to travel so that they can personally see it.

Between now and April, the mainstream news will be filled with stories about this eclipse, and so it is going to be difficult for anyone to ignore what is going on.

In this article, I am going to share 14 things that everyone needs to know about the Great American Eclipse of 2024…

#1 It is a total solar eclipse that will occur on April 8th, 2024.

#2 The path of the eclipse will travel through portions of the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

#3 The path of the eclipse will also travel through parts of Mexico and Canada.

#4 It is being projected that this eclipse will be the most viewed astronomical event in the entire history of our country.

#5 According to the Washington Post, more than 30 million Americans will simply be able to walk outside of their homes and experience this eclipse…

“This is going to be the most populated eclipse in the U.S. with 31.5 million people able to just walk outside of their homes and experience this event,” Kelly Korreck, NASA program manager for the 2024 total solar eclipse, said in a news conference at the American Geophysical Union conference.

#6 We are being told that this eclipse may be “the single-biggest mass travel event” of 2024…

The event may also be the single-biggest mass travel event in the United States, according to the Great American Eclipse website. Several large cities very close to the path of totality are St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Toronto and Quebec. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., are also within 200 miles of the direct path.

#7 Those that are in the direct path of the eclipse will discover that the air temperature suddenly becomes approximately 10 degrees cooler once the moon is fully blocking the sun.

#8 The path of the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will cross the United States on the very first day of the year on the Hebrew calendar.

#9 If you put the path of the Great American Eclipse of 2024, the path of the “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse of October 14th, 2023 and the path of the Great American Eclipse of 2017 all on a map, they combine to form a giant paleo-Hebrew “Aleph” over America…

#10 If you just put the path of the Great American Eclipse of 2024 and the path of the Great American Eclipse of 2017 on a map, they combine to form a giant paleo-Hebrew “Tav” over America…

#11 The heart of the paleo-Hebrew “Tav” forms a giant “X” that falls directly over the New Madrid fault zone.

#12 One of my readers pointed out to me that we have seen a giant “X” like this before. The path of a solar eclipse that occurred on June 16th, 1806 combined with the path of a solar eclipse that occurred on September 17th, 1811 to also form a giant “X” over the New Madrid fault zone.

#13 Three months after the solar eclipse that happened on September 17th, 1811, a series of absolutely enormous earthquakes began to happen on the New Madrid fault…

The New Madrid earthquakes were the biggest earthquakes in American history. They occurred in the central Mississippi Valley, but were felt as far away as New York City, Boston, Montreal, and Washington D.C. President James Madison and his wife Dolly felt them in the White House. Church bells rang in Boston. From December 16, 1811 through March of 1812 there were over 2,000 earthquakes in the central Midwest, and between 6,000-10,000 earthquakes in the Bootheel of Missouri where New Madrid is located near the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

In the known history of the world, no other earthquakes have lasted so long or produced so much evidence of damage as the New Madrid earthquakes. Three of the earthquakes are on the list of America’s top earthquakes: the first one on December 16, 1811, a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale; the second on January 23, 1812, at 7.8; and the third on February 7, 1812, at as much as 8.8 magnitude.

#14 The next total solar eclipse visible from the United States will not happen until 2044, and the path of that total solar eclipse will only touch three states.

End of article.

1-4-24 …… I stumbled on a Brain Buster.

Now for some observations.

We know that the Heavens pour forth speech.

Psalm 19:1-4 (old NIV)

1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

2 Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

3 They have no speech; they use no words; no sound is heard from them.

4 Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun.

The “Aleph” over America appears to be upside down, so would that not make it similar to “Anarchy”, Lawlessness.

Symbol for Anarchy.

If the circle is the outline is the USA boundary,

paleo-Hebrew “Aleph” over America…

The opposite of God is evil. And we know that our world is evil and is getting worse by the moment.

2024 is the presidential election year again in the USA, and we all know what happened four years ago.

Could God be telling us something?

For your discernment.

God Bless you.


5 Jan 2024

In this excellent informative video presentation, Dr Ana Maria Oliva shares her vision about what is happening in the world today with regards to transhumanism. She connects the dots that link geoengineering chemtrails, cyborgs, stem cells, haarp, graphene oxide, 5G, A.I, vaccines, etc, to transhumanism and how they affect the future of humanity on this planet.



Happy new year and God Bless.

Thank you for posting this, so I did not have to. I am responding to this because I made the same observations in 2022. While many/most focus on the X, I am more focused on the A for Anarchy.


If we rotate the direction of image above we get the anarchy with the same exact top of the A in the same direction and manner:


Therefore, because there is nothing primarily “Biblical” or directly prophetic about this, this must be treated with caution. One can’t help but to be observant about what looks to be so blatantly obvious.

Does this indicate “something” will happen in April this year? Considering how the year has started off with highly escalated activity, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to keep this on radar.

Now as to WHAT this points to, I can offer some reasonable plausible explanations:

  1. It points to absolutely nothing and is coincidental.
  2. It may point to something related to the financial sector and the stock market, since banks have been continuing closing down banks. A massive cyber attack on the financial / banking system could induce the type of the anarchy related to this. I watched a financial interview (if I can find it again I will post the link) where the expert being interviewed seemed to have pointed to the March / April timeline this year for a serious problem.
    For those who do not remember the housing crash was somewhere near March/ April of 2007.
  3. It is related to a political/ geopolitical / military type event.

And while I generally distance myself from reading too much into these types of signs (such as the Revelation 12 “sign”), this isn’t based on astrology.

There is a belief circulating that solar eclipses are “omens” for those who set their calendar to the solar year (USA) and that lunar eclipses are an “omen” for those who set their calendar to the lunar year (Israel). I believe this is where the “blood moon” tetrad omens became famous from.
It’s nothing Biblical so we take that with a grain of salt. I did begin a study to determine if there was any of substance related to above, but was inconclusive. Perhaps at some point I will circle back around to it. Just putting it out there in case someone else decides to throw this out there with hype.

I hope this provides any insight to your post.

God Bless.

Edit: Found this related to point 2.


Greetings everyone. We’re already four days into 2024. This time of year the hours seem long yet the days seem short. Winter. I’m not a fan. Anyway, so glad to “see” those here at the forum. My heart, after almost three years here of checking in, is what I would call instinctively in prayer for you all. And so…Happy New Year. May it be an encouraging one, though the times may most likely be increasingly precarious. The world is spiritually toxic. But God.

This study (above) is so perfect to start off the year. When I think about not being conformed (I think about it quite a bit) in the context of the pressure from the world to change us ;to cancel the truth and accept the multitude of lies as truth, I see how cautionary the scripture (Romans12:2) is and how, like the living Word is, is tailored specifically for today. Cling to it. Since we know what’s on the horizon, it’s a spiritual survival tool.

Father, give us a covering of wisdom and make our faith steadfast and unshakable for the days ahead, that we may not fall under clouds of doubt. Let us not become bitter through attitudes of cynicism. Keep our eyes fresh and focused on your promises that we may not become blinded to the truth. Ever.
In the name of our soon coming King,
Jesus :sheep: :dove: :dagger: :lion:



Thank you Tony. What a prayer ! So needed.
I have resolved to remember the Lord’s faithfulness and anticipate His grace each day.

I am so thankful for you all on this forum! Let’s finish this race with our eyes on the prize-Jesus.


EVIL. Finding a cure for the very same cancers you are creating. God has special plans for this evil Company CEO. Yikes.


Tony, that was good. It is all in the renewing of our mind, daily. We must look into God’s Word for new and refreshing revelation of understanding by the Holy Spirit. I am ashamed to say that I have only read thru the Bible 3 times in my life and now working on my 4th. Every time, scripture jumps out to me as I ask the Lord to show me more about His word and how to apply it to my life. I don’t work anymore, stay home mostly, so it is not the active rambunctious life of my youth, but I know He is faithful to fill me with understanding and to be useful even in my slow-paced life. Don’t ever forget that He can use us in any state we are in, amen?


Oh he got his first reward last year:

Albert Bourla is the Most Crooked BioPharma CEO…EVER

If you tabulate the fraud, FDA violations, and just flat-out unethical, horrible behaviors of all BioPharma CEOs, COMBINED they would pale in comparison to Bourla’s past 3 years as CEO of Pfizer.

December 21, 2023: STAT+ News is an authoritative media platform for professionals in the health, medicine, life sciences, and biotechnology industries. Each year, STAT+ annually publishes their best and worst CEOs of the year.

He also prophesied that in future a miniature chip will be inserted into medicines we take to monitor us. Be a good boy or good girl consume pharmakeia, lol. This is called medicine-credit-score system, yes?


There is that yoke again between US and Israel.

I’m not seeing that. It looks right side up though, no?

Thanks for posting Ken. Interesting observations :slight_smile: Blessings.