Feb 14 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Pastor JD talks about the prophetic significance of the satanic strategy of “Divide and Conquer” as it relates to the church of Jesus Christ in these last days.Watch Prophecy Update Here:

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Please see it. We do not want to be called an apostate church in the JD forum in these last days. We want to be the church of Philadelphia. The church of AGAPE LOVE!



I am going to use excerpts in my classes to warn the youth about these dangerous movements!


France may step in to come up with better Middle east deal…


I will surely avoid Trump/Biden politics stuff. The article I posted is Macron may be confirming the Dan 9:27 covenant if he is the AntiChrist.


Thank you Pastor JD for your teaching on the need to be civil. You really amaze me. If ever there was a time, this is it. So true!
Opinions are like tongues, everyone has one. They can be powerful, boastful, and very opinionated. But as I have found to be the case, not everyone agrees all the time. That is OK. A forum is supposed to be a free exchange of ideas. Might even learn something! I for one will be sensitive to others and accountable to God. Especially around those who I might call brothers and sisters someday.


Purify our hearts God.

Thank you Pastor JD for your sermons.

May God refine us by out church body moving as one, we can’t do without any of you! You are wanted, and needed. Keep talking to one another at Church–please reach out where you can.

We need each other. Be one as Christ is one with the Father. We are known by our LOVE.

That means forgiving each other when we fail.

Blessings to all my online church family. Finish strong.


I understand and fully agree that we must stay focused on Christ and loving one another. I guess it was confusing to me on the face of it in using the term “the church” repeatedly? I just haven’t been able to go to church at all, just watching resources online. So, initially I was thinking, how is anyone even seeing other people at church to be fighting amongst themselves lol?? So, yes, I understand the Church is made up of us, of course, followers of Jesus, I just haven’t witnessed the hatred of other Christians this way. I mean, I barely see anyone to experience…ANYthing these days! :woman_shrugging:t3: I don’t watch mainstream media, I’m not on social media…so, I have not experienced fighting amongst fellow believers. I don’t dispute it’s happening, but I am not pulling up any kind of seat to watch it personally. I’m doing all I can to stay focused on Jesus and His word with what little of a world I have to function in at this point while waiting for my savior to return. I just don’t have much contact with anyone at this point. And no, not because I am fearful for my life or health - but because there’s very little availability for me to even interact with people outside my own family at this point. There’s just not much that is available to do outside my home any longer. So, who is anyone seeing in person long enough to start any argument? It all appears to be coming via the conduit of the internet: social media, mainstream media and news outlets…I just shun most of that, so it sure cuts down on what you’re exposed to or might be tempted to engage with. I’m just trying to keep focused on Jesus and His word. No thanks to engaging in opinions and arguments that most likely just pave the way to hell. :raised_hand:t3: Time is way too short to get caught up in those types of petty, hurtful, hateful, arrogant and fruitless distractions.

Agape from NC :two_hearts:

“The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His face on you and give you peace.” ( Numbers 6:24-26)

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@ADaughteroftheKing , welcome to this forum. I noticed mainly fights are over doctrine like pretrib vs posttrib/pre wrath, vaccines, us elections etc. Discussions mainly focused on USA events which I am not well versed since I am not in USA.

Some of course are troublemakers provoking and insulting others to scare us or make us fight them back.

That’s why the burden on us is can we love others just as Jesus loves us?

Only by the grace of God we can do it. Blessings.


I have listened to you for several years and have considered you my pastor for a good long time now. I am thrilled about the new website with the forum.
Good for all concerned.


Macron’ is a very suspicious looking character. He was on Time Magazine front page. He wants to be the Emperor or something.


Beautiful thank you for posting♥️

Breakthrough mRNA vaccine developed for cancer immunotherapy by Chinese scientists | Science & Tech News | Sky News << This is an important development that I hope JD gets a chance to look at. There are some important statements about mRNA in this article.

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Yes! And to the rest you said. Oh, my yes! THAT is when we needed real moderation. And politics in general.
I look towards a moment when we no longer need discuss anything like that and only how elated we are with where we are (Heaven).

May sound dismal to some, but it’s the end goal for all of us.


Especially during the winter. THIS winter! I hear ya. I have no ability to just galavant around the city to try to talk to people, no one around here wants to talk about anything. Family is at each other’s throats…I’m dealing with house problems and need an escape of a Godly nature and this was it for me. Also, I have enjoyed having the Holy Spirit work through me on writing prayers for people who ask for prayer.

While you are isolated, know you’re not alone, @ADaughteroftheKing. People are still here to talk to. Let’s pray we can get back to spreading the word and not jumping through hurdles and climbing walls.


Has anyone been forced to take the vaccine if it depends on keeping your job?

That is a semantics question for some in power. While they claim “no one is forcing you” it’s a condescending way of saying you have a choice to keep your job or look for a new one. Just as it is a condescending way for grocers to say, you can shop in our store, or not. You’re not forced to.

That’s the Satanic methodology of choice and options. As of now, from what I have observed, people have the option to take the shot, or not. But, in some instances it will mean if you keep your job or not. To me, we are being forced, as a critical thinker, to take the shot to continue your existence even a small percentage of it.

For people who can work from home, this is a different option and far better in my opinion. Eventually. You will face the problem for acquiring food when it gets to that point.

Keep praying for discernment from the Lord. Keep looking up and believing in whom Jesus is. Don’t be given into worry and fear.


Saw this video last night and it kinda made me feel uneasy… The News is trying to call this vaccine information conspiracy theory (which is nothing new) and linking it to well intended Christians who believe that it may be the mark of the beast. Hopefully ppl will believe truth.



Watched, A lot misinformation by non Christian Washington Post reporter. Won’t bother watching.

The world system MSM don’t have eyes to see or hears to hear, so, they ridicule believers, won’t expect anything else, their blind. But thank you for sharing this. Persecution coming soon for believers, very soon. Warmly Doc


This was a good sermon.

What’s interesting is I watched Captain America The Winter Soldier after this, this week.

If you take that movie and replace Hydra with satan this movie lays out perfectly what is going on in our society today. People are oblivious to the danger they are in because the gov’t has been given too much control and now they have the power to wipe us (Christians) out. The proof has been there all along.