February 1, 2024: Ezekiel 39 – Bible Prophecy That’s Now Happening, Part 2

:bible2: Ezekiel 39 – Bible Prophecy That’s Now Happening, Part 2

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: teaches part-2 of the well-known prophecy found in Ezekiel 38-39 and explains how this specific Bible prophecy is now happening in real time and at break-neck speed, then concludes by celebrating Communion.

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I am sharing this late Chuck Missler sermon:

As Pastor JD spoke, I thought about how in the Gog-Magog war, the ability to burn weapons or the fuel from them, along with the seven months of burial doesn’t represent the tribulation period. I hadn’t considered that time to equal the tribulation.

Here are my wild ideas, backed by nothing but imagination.

  1. This war is not a worldwide war, so every country’s people except those in the region will not be directly affected. This does not include any weaponry other countries provided for the attack. A pretty good way for much of the world’s arsenals to go up in smoke.
    I am wondering if something has happened to Israel’s ability to produce or refine fuel for themselves and Jesus supplies their need through the fuselages? Did a guy without the lower half of his hair leave in one wild hair that surprises Gog? Is somebody like that the hook?

  2. Adonay Yahweh, as it is written, so, great God, Jesus, is the one doing the extermination. Makes perfect sense to me. He does not allow Gog and the many other peoples to get into the area west of the Dead Sea. Hamongog is an area beginning on the east side of the Dead Sea, about at the middle of the Sea, then continues Eastward and Northward. They are killed in the open area of the mountains. This would make the removal of bodies much easier. The stench will be atrocious. I looked at the wind pattern in Israel and the wind blows from the Mediterranean Sea North along the coast and Eastward in the Hamongog area. When the Israel people set the coast on fire per Jesus’s command, the smoke will blow away from them. The stench will blow Eastward into Syria’s land. Imagine that.

  3. A one-sixth of the Magog people remain…maybe. Jesus sends fire to that area to burn it up. They are no longer a threat. The other countries that conspired with Gog are dinner for the birds and beasts.
    I get the feeling that Jesus’s sacrifice meal provided for the birds and beasts (beasts = all living via Strong’s) is His care and justice for His Creation.

  4. No more two-state solution. The World knows that Jesus is back! The leaders regroup, assigning technology, science, financial business leaders over ten regions. They decide to give Israel everything they want including a third temple.
    They present the new - improved - deal of the century good for seven years. Israel’s leaders agree with the hope that finally peace and security has come at last.
    I know I’m outta here before the agreement; however, there could be a period of time between Gog and Go-time.

  5. Where are we at the Magog-Gog war? I cannot see where we would be necessarily raptured. Either way, here or there, Jesus has our backs too.
    I don’t try to guess God’s Day planner.



Eze 39:9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:

Pastor J.D. states, that after going into the original, he discovered that it doesn’t technically read this way. He explains:

In the original it doesn’t actually say “They will make fires” it reads “The fuel could provide fire for seven years.” That’s how voluminous it is.

He goes on to state: What do we do with the 7 years. We just leave it alone. We don’t need it - it’s not like a ‘proof text’.

He calls it an ‘obscure and ambiguous mention’ of this one verse. He claims we cannot extract 3 words out of one verse and build a case for it being the 7-year tribulation. He says he tried. He said it wouldn’t work and it doesn’t need to. Just let it go.

I have to disagree with his summation ‘we should just leave it alone, that it doesn’t matter and that we should just let it go’.

In all the various version of the Bible I checked, the ‘seven year burning’ was mentioned as well as in the Concordance.

It is also my opinion that Pastor J.D. is trying to make the Ezek War fit into HIS preconceived idea of WHEN the war takes place, rather than letting the scriptures speak for themselves.

He tried to fit the burning of the weapons INTO the seven years, and he could not do it, no matter how hard he tried. Thus, he is willing to ignore that scripture and say it doesn’t matter - just leave it alone.

In my opinion, those words were put there by the Holy Spirit as a TIME Marker to let us know WHEN the Ezekiel war would be taking place.

In my opinion, that must mean the Ezekiel war can be up to 7 or less years BEFORE the beginning of the Tribulation or it has to be for at least 7 years DURING the millennium.

My personal opinion is that it is DURING the Millennium, and I believe there are a number of other TIME markers in Ez. 39 that show that.

I have nothing against Pastor J.D. I believe he has a heart for God and that God has called him to the ministry. But we all fall short and we all tend to bring our own viewpoints into Scripture. I am not trying to blast him or anything. Just saying I don’t agree with his summation of the Ezekiel War.

I just don’t think we should pick and choose which words or verses in the bible are o.k. to ignore just so we can make things fit our own ideas or presumptions.

That’s just my opinion.


I’m going to weigh into the burning of the weapons debacle.

JD is entitled to his view on it.
The individual above is entitled to theirs as well.
But what does the scripture say?

There are only 3 translations that translate burning weapons into using them for fuel. (some of the worse Bible translations and ones I would personally never read, condone or own)

15 translations translate as burning the weapons with fire
19 translations translate as making fires with the weapons.

So which one is it? Because depending on the translation, it can seriously alter the understanding of the prophecy and timing.

This is not a war that occurs anywhere inside the 7 year tribulation period as that would extend
the feat into the millennium kingdom. I’m not going to argue this - because its preposterous to believe that Jesus Christ after throwing the antichrist and false prophet into the lake of fire, judging the nations and setting up his millennial reign is going to minimize this by continuing to burn weapons for an additional couple years, that is also after the geographical arrangement of the earth has been changed and all the trumpet and bowl judgments during the tribulation.

On to the timing:
Anyone (generalized) can argue what they “think” the timing is, but since the timing is strictly encrypted into the prophecy - and yes it has been recently decrypted, I’m going to leave that right there.

JD did better than most on this, but its not a prophecy that can be summarized in an hour or two.
(I was asked to view the video by someone I know)

There are major details that are overlooked that are essential for accurate interpretation.



Wow. That’s crazy. I never knew that. The King James reads that they will burn the weapons. The NIV seems to suggest that they will burn them for fuel. That’s a big difference.
I’ve always thought they used them for fuel.
Huh. Interesting.


Nor did I. So much has been revealed to me recently.


I am not a Prophecy guy, but reading Ezekiel 39:10 in the King James seems to imply that the weapons are burned for fuel, which is why they don’t need to take wood out of the field or forest.

Ezekiel 39:9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:
Ezekiel 39:10 So that they shall take no wood out of the field, neither cut down any out of the forests; for they shall burn the weapons with fire: and they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and rob those that robbed them, saith the Lord GOD.


Considering the seven year weapon burn i just found this to be an interesting take :slight_smile:

Burning Weapons For Seven Years? HOW!? Ezekiel 39 - with Bro Chooch (youtube.com)


I believe the primary issue here especially related to this prophecy in particular, Ezekiel 38,39
having the correct translation is an absolute because one detail can throw everything off.

This is a verse I would consider a verse of contention - because depending on the knowledge of the individual reading it, it could mean something entirely different.

The one thing that is clear is the dismissal of anything nuclear - and depleted uranium as well.
There are additional contentions - such as - are the weapons described modern or are they as literal as the translation. I would caution anyone who would challenge the literal translation that there is evidence that exists for either - and the evidence is so good, only the LORD knows for sure.

The reason given in scripture that they will not need to cut wood down from the forests is to indicate that they would not need wood to make fires, because the weapons would be burned in place of wood. Or perhaps the weapons are made of wood and this is why the wood from the forest isn’t needed. (another can of worms to open).

With respect to your view, burning weapons vs. using them for fuel (some type of conversion process) are two different processes - or are we just making fires? (as other translations state).

Another example of prophetical translation issue is the daily sacrifice (KJV / NKJV) vs. grain offering (ESV) in Daniel 8. Grain offering translation really throws a monkey wrench into understanding and placing the events on the prophetic timeline. Now perhaps this is just an oversight - or perhaps it’s really not. Perhaps the translators did not really believe there would be a re-institution of the daily sacrifice during the Tribulation and opted for the safer “grain offering” translation.

And another:
Did Nebuchadnezzar actually see the SON OF GOD (KJV / NKJV) or a son of the gods (NIV) walking in the fire?

Those who know, know I am not a KJV “purist” or part of the KJV only club. But these are some serious issues. Why would the translators remove SON OF GOD and replace it with sons of the gods? If you believe that Nebuchadnezzar saw THE SON OF GOD walking in the furnace then perhaps consider an “alternate” location for your NIV on the shelf somewhere. There are plenty of serious “gotchas” in modern translations - that topic for another time.



I am interested in reading the other Bible translations that say “they are just making fires”?

@DallasT posted this…
Eze 39:9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:

But she did not post what Ezekiel 39:10 says in what ever Bible version that was. To me Ezekiel 39:10 is the key to why the weapons are burned.

@Uturn9319 posted this…
"15 translations translate as burning the weapons with fire
19 translations translate as making fires with the weapons.

So which one is it? Because depending on the translation, it can seriously alter the understanding of the prophecy and timing."

To me those two statements can mean the same thing. Take coal for instance.
You can say someone was burning the coal they had left with fire.
You can say someone was making a big fire with coal.

The question becomes why were they burning the weapons which is explained in Ezekiel 39:10.

That is just my take. I’m sure I could be missing something. :grinning:


I actually agree with half of Bro Chooch’s point. The part I agree with is most likely there will not be horses and swards in the war in my opinion. However to me what the weapons are made of makes no difference. I mean we all know just how fast technology changes, so I don’t really care if the weapons are metal. In the future they may discover a way to burn that for all we know.

Look there are things we understand now regarding a cashless society and how no one can by or sell without the mark, which really made no sense when the Bible was written. Or even how everyone can watch the two witnesses being resurrected. So it is not strange if we do not currently know how the weapons will be burned. We also do not currently know how to translate the number of the beast (666). I think some things will not be understood until the Tribulation starts.

Those are my thoughts, whatever they are worth. :grinning:


Considering we don’t get 48 hours in a day, could you tell me what his take is on the subject, rather than expect me to watch a 27-minute video :sweat_smile:???

With much Love,
channah :wink:


Surprise, surprise @goodboy :slight_smile:
Read the following from discussions on the subject we had back in December (2023):

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  4. https://defence-blog.com/russia-sends-troops-into-battle-on-the-backs-of-horses/

I hope you like LITERAL surprises :grinning: :wink:

With much Love,


Hi Anca. Well there is nuance. The best I can do is shorten it. Try from 10 min marker to 21 minute marker. That is 11 minutes. The whole thing is developmental nuance.

So in that he develops a theory about weapon burning that is interesting. However, there is some who consider this might be a radioactive or nuclear war because of the bodies being contanimated. But if we think about it, it does not make sense if you want plunder and things from the land like technology or oil, gas etc, you don’t want nuclear polutants. There is one theory that Chooch has about burning that might be closer to “a sense of considering” i had not thought about before. But as far as the body markers…it woud seem, since Israel hires out workers, Israel won’t be touching the bodies…especially after such a holy and somber act by God. It would seem the markers imply Israel hiring workers and not touching dead bodies. And there are tons of them so it takes 7 months of hard work.

So this is more of an exercise of different thoughts upon possible alternative ways to look at the burning of the weapons. But it also takes into consideration the handling of the bodies. So its a worthy 11 minutes :slight_smile: i hope that helps. Blessings.


Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It doesn’t make sense. How will people live in an area affected by nuclear radiation?

The little town I grew up in was affected by the Chernobyl nuclear explosion back in 1986. Where we lived is 588 miles from Reactor 4 where the disaster occurred in Ukraine.
Many people were affected in our area, and only the LORD knows to what extent we were affected. I was less than 10 years old, “lucky” child.

Outsourcing the job of cleaning up the dead body is a great idea :grinning:. (I wouldn’t be willing to do that job either)…

Yes, that was helpful and I appreciate the succinct summary you did for me, here’s a warm hug from all of my heart :hugs:!

God Bless!


I just want to thank you all for contributing to this careful discussion of the burning of the weapons.

Thanks for bringing it up Dallas, and thank you all for your rational responses, questions and resources you shared.

I am personally blessed and consider it a privilege to have this opportunity to learn essential details about the subject. This is not an easy topic.

Praise be to the LORD for bringing all of us into his Royal Family :crown::prince::person_with_crown:.

God Bless You All!


@TCC and @channah - I’ll reply to both of you at once because it ties into discussion.

The nuclear exchange theory - and radioactive weapons (made popular by a “popular” teacher who has since passed) misses the mark regarding the dead bodies and the war in general. The bodies are buried the way they are due to customary burial practices of the Jews regarding non-Jews (gentiles). Tack on the manner in which the LORD defeats the armies - the clue is in the scripture.
[There is more information regarding the burial procedure omitted from the this reply.]

The explanation that @channah gave about the nuclear activity is correct.
The example of horses @channah gave about the literal translation is also correct. (My information consists of additional sources).

Additionally, there are explanations that require paragraphs of writing - which I’m refraining from (for now).


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I just watched JD and the funeral of
Teresa Cachuela. God bless her. Did anyone watch it?
I have sent it to all my family telling them that I want this service at my funeral.
They already think im suicidal and crazy.
Because i talk about Jesus and the rapture…
Im hoping that they watch it for clues on how to save me…
Its the most powerful Gospel of Jesus
Ive ever watched…
Thankyou Jesus for answering my prayer.


Yes. Your right. It does sound like that. Like instead of getting firewood you’ll be able to burn the weapons. Hmmmm. I guess a thousand years ago that would make sense. But, how many in Israel go to the bush to get firewood to make a fire to heat their homes? And if they did how could they burn todays weapons? I mean grabbing some arrows and throwing them in the wood stove makes sense.