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:scroll: Terms of Service and Code of Conduct

Yes, legalese is boring, however we cannot have a healthy forum unless we all agree to a few things. We have a Terms of Service and Code of Conduct describing your (and our) behavior and rights related to content, privacy, and laws. By using this forum you agree to abide by these terms and conditions, which are also known as the TOS and CoC.

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:bust_in_silhouette: User Trust Levels

Trust levels are automatically built into this forum software and are a way of granting experienced members more forum features and access as they spend time contributing to the community.

Every member starts at Trust Level 0 and will generally not be able to post on the forum until they reach Level 1.

Trust Level promotion is based on activity, as per the following overview:

User Activity

Level 1
- basic
Level 2
- member
Level 3
- regular
topics entered 3 20 350 (all time) / 80% (per 100 days)
topics replied to 0 5 50 (per 100 days)
posts read 20 100 500 (all time) / 25% (per 100 days)
minutes reading posts 10 60 N/A
days visited 0 15 50 (per 100 days)
likes given 0 10 50 (per 100 days)
likes received 0 5 40 (per 100 days)
Click here to learn how to find your User Trust Level!

imageYour User Trust Level can be viewed in your profile ‘Summary’ section, as per the screen shot below:

For more info: Discourse User Trust Levels Guide *please note some of the ‘Activity’ requirements and numbers may differ as they are customised for this forum.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Flags

Flags are a forum feature that allows members to alert moderators to posts which may be of concern or potentially breach the forum Code of Conduct.

Flags are also used by moderators to let members know that their post may require attention.

The Flag feature is accessible to all members Trust Level 1 and above by clicking the three dots underneath a post to reveal the Flag icon.


Depending on the nature of the Flag (more on that below) a post may be hidden from public view whilst it is being addressed. This does not automatically mean that the Flag is valid; the post may be restored following moderator assessment.

If you consider a post to be legitimately offensive, inappropriate or in breach of the Code of Conduct then please do not reply or engage with the post/member and simply use the Flag feature.

If a post receives enough Flags, action will be taken, either automatically or via moderator intervention.

When you Flag a post a number of options are presented, the first option being to discuss the matter privately, via a Direct Message, with the member being flagged.

  • Send ‘Member’ a message
    In the spirit of Matthew 18:15, I want to talk to this person privately about their post.

Using this option will open a direct, private message between yourself and the other member.

As members of the body of Christ in the first instance we should seek to resolve matters between each other amicably, and with love.

Beyond this there are 4 reasons available when Flagging a post:

  • Off-Topic
    This post may not be relevant to the current discussion as defined by the Forum category or Topic title.

  • Personal Conduct
    This post may contain content that goes against our Code of Conduct .

  • Spam
    This post appears to be an advertisement, vandalism, or possibly written by a cat.

  • Something Else
    I’m not sure about this post. I would just like moderators to take a look, please.

The primary function of the Flag feature is to encourage an element of community-orientated moderation.

It is not a tool to be (ab)used frivolously or for personal gratification.

3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?

Matthew 7:3

For more info: Discourse Flag Guide

:memo: Church Contact

To send a message to Pastor JD or to contact Calvary Chapel Kaneohe visit


If you need assistance not found here, please contact a moderator.