Garden/House Flags That Speak

This past fall I began a project and came up with a rough concept design for a set of interpretive garden or house flags that glorify Jesus. I found a company that will make them but missed the deadline for Christmas 2022 so I’ll have to try for Christmas 2023. In the meantime, other categories; The Names of God, The Resurrection, The Tree of Life and other visually appealing flags that can be used as garden art and carry the message of The Gospel are in the works. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Below are some concept designs (not final artwork) :wink:

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As an example:

Here’s a Jesus centric flag that we put out this past Christmas. I did not create this one but I think it’s quite effective and heart provoking. :heart_eyes:


Those could be final mock-ups, Brother. Love the lettering and message! They’re AWESOME!

Me want!
Where can I get them?


Thanks @GR ! That’s super sweet of you to say especially from a talented person such as yourself :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’ve been given the directive to make these and the vision has been in my head for awhile now. Just have to fight the enemy’s discouragement. It really hinders the creative flow as you know.
And I did not mean to rhyme that.:grimacing:


Is it too late to design some for Easter? (not so sure I want to be here for Christmas 2023…)


Working on at least one for that too :wink:

No…let’s not be here for Christmas 2023. :+1:t4:
Rapture 2023!!! :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:


Morning Paula and Tony,
@SkyTheSheepdog @pbandj

Makes me wonder what art will be like in Heaven. When I think of celebrating Jesus’ birthday there, the red and green ‘earth version’ leaves my thoughts. I see streets decked out with vibrant spring colors and pendant flags flying from ?buildings?— then I think of all the colors we don’t know yet. Your flags fit my vision, Tony. And since Jesus is Life, maybe there will be streamers, that resemble DNA, strands lining the streets. It’s gonna be sooo awesome to finally get home! To be where He is …in the flesh… see Him smile, hear His laughter and teaching— touch the hem of His garment.

And I think of walking and talking in the cool of the day with God, as Adam and Eve did. Will it be with our Father? With Jesus? Both? And what about God’s Holy Spirit— how will or will He manifest? Will we speak Hebrew? Or is there a heavenly language we will know? So many questions!


love you guys, can hardly wait to see you too!



Awwww!!! :blush: Made my day already :heart:

I’ve always said you can tell a lot about a person’s heart by what they day dream about. We can see yours in living colors :heart_eyes:

Your brother in Christ,


Maranatha Lord, maranatha.


Jehovah Nissi…”The Lord is my banner”

A statement made by Moses after he, along with Joshua’s army successfully defeated the Amelekites; a Holy supernatural event as the tables turned against the enemy each time Moses raised his hands holding that anointed staff. When his hands weren’t raised, the enemy gained ground.

Unfurl your banner if it’s furled. I mean that figuratively but I chose to make it literal as well in my best ability to follow a directive to create my own flags to glorify Him. Most of our neighbors don’t say a thing but they’re seeing it and that’s what matters. The rest is in the special leadings of the Holy Spirit working on them to encourage or even lead them to The Light.



I love these Tony :revolving_hearts:


Blessings Sherry!:slightly_smiling_face:

I used
if anyone would like to try it. As long as it’s your original artwork they’ll print it. Looking for better pricing in order to print more.


A very late response but yes :slightly_smiling_face: I did get the Easter ones made! :grin:

Hoping this inspires some ideas to share Jesus :thinking::+1:t4::blush:


After producing about a dozen different ones, my family convinced me to go public and set
up for a few hours at a local outdoor market. It was in a very small grassy courtyard. If only one person was called to fly one of the banners to glorify The Lord I would be content. As it turned out, it was two people. Yay!!! Others …interested…simply asked for contact information. I wanted to do this, because in the midst of an upside down world where colorful banners glorify (G)godless nations and unholy themes manifested through united reprobate minds, those who are called according to His purpose can show His “colors” as well as their colors as an act of love and adoration.

I simultaneously began flying my latest flag …Yahweh Nissi which means “The Lord is my banner” high off of our front deck. These two actions brought on a brief but quite intense spiritual attack. I was shaken and like so many before me questioned “why Lord have you forsaken me!” :grimacing: Yikes.

But, just as Moses (along with Joshua and Aaron) did in the battle with the Amalekites, I kept that banner (symbolic of The Lord lifted) flying, though I knew it was infuriating the enemy. Scary :butgod:

Keep your banner (literally or figuratively but always genuinely) lifted HIGH for The Lord! :heart:


Your art is beautiful and your message, divine!

I’m proud of you, Tony! Will send you an email soon. Now that you have some stock….
Much love to you and yours,


Appreciate that encouragement GR :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!




Oh, Tony! You have done wonderfully designed flags. I checked out the site. You have encouraged me to try my hand at the small sized flag. Thank you for including the website that you used.
This is a really cool way to use your god-given imagination. :+1::smiling_face::+1: