Jan 10 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video Here: JD Farag Bible Prophecy

Pastor JD answers questions concerning what seems to be “decision time” as it relates to the vaccine with the encouragement of how close we are to the rapture.

Prophecy Update Links Question #1 -
Will the vaccine become the mark of the beast foretold of in the book of Revelation? - Palisade Microneedle, News Break https://www.newsbreak.com/news/209061…

NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information - “Creating Self-Illuminating Quantum Dot Conjugates” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17406…

Scientific American - Luciferase Quantum Dot Tattoo https://www.scientificamerican.com/ar…

Georgia Tech YouTube video - Quantum Dot Microneedle Patches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msS04…

Question #2

Will the vaccine change your human DNA? - December 13th, 2020 Prophecy Update https://youtu.be/izdm0zw3m-k

Bill Gates – RNA and DNA vaccines https://www.gatesnotes.com/Health/Wha…

Science News - CRISPR/Cas9 technology https://www.sciencenews.org/article/c…

Bill and Melinda Gates Brussels Belgium, January 22nd, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XZ…​ - Catherine Austin Fitts, Transhumanism Operating System https://www.planetlockdownfilm.com/

Moderna – “Our Operating System - The ‘Software of Life” https://www.modernatx.com/mrna-techno…

Question #3

Will the vaccine be mandated? - New York Legislation – Mandated Vaccine and Detention Facilities [https://legislation.nysenate.gov/pdf/…] (YouTube)​

Question #4

Will the vaccine have fetal tissue from aborted babies?

Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University - Cells Used and Vaccines Produced Using Aborted Fetuses https://bioethics.georgetown.edu/2017…

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca - ChAdOx1-S [recombinant]. https://vcdn-english.vnecdn.net/2021/…

AstraZeneca Global Policy https://www.astrazeneca.com/content/d…

Additional AstraZeneca Global Policy https://www.astrazeneca.com/content/d…

NBC News – How cells taken from decades-old fetal tissue are used in Covid-19 drug research https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health…

The National Review - The Facts about the COVID Vaccines and Fetal Cell Lines https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/1…

Science Mag - Abortion opponents protest COVID-19 vaccines’ use of fetal cells https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/…

Question #5

Will I personally take the vaccine? - Spiro Skouras, YouTube Channel Interview with Dr. Paul Thomas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCkOv…

Bitchute Video - “Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!” https://www.bitchute.com/video/pWdZYW…

Fox News, Laura Ingraham Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi https://www.mediamatters.org/laura-in…

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JD couldn´t be more clear.

Extraordinary Prophecy Update.

God Bless JD


Amazing update JD! Thanks again so much for spending all this time in doing research. I do read along Revelation and couldn’t agree more. I’m going to print out all the sources and bombard my network with it.

“BELIEVE ME NOW?”, as the majority waived me off like a mad person, last year March.

It couldn’t add up any better. God is at work. The curtains are slowly opening to the theatre show!

Buckle up everyone… with the belt of TRUTH (referencing to 2nd sermon “Corrupt Minds”).


I know a nurse who was required to get the vaccine. She took it without knowing these things and is a christian. It’s scary to think about. I would assume this is NOT the mark of the beast since he is not on the scene yet. She may suffer ill effects but I would think her status with the Lord is intact. Thoughts on that?


Well, a bit of misinfo on what a GMO is.
a GMO doesn’t modify YOUR genetics, they’ve had THEIR genetics modified. Like, making corn with a modification to have bigger kernels and require less water or something along those lines. If they’re not careful about it the GMOs produce proteins our bodies are not used to and our immune system reacts to them.
a practical example is most of our wheat today is genetically different from the wheat of 100 years ago or eaten in Jesus’ time, it codes for a variation of gluten that is different from what our bodies are used to, and some people’s immune systems react to it (hence they’re gluten intolerant or maybe even have celiac disease)
Eating bread isn’t changing your DNA, but the wheat that made that bread is a GMO.

The Astrazeneca vaccine won’t change your DNA, but it uses a GMO adenovirus (a type of cold virus) isolated from chimpanzee feces as a vector. Instead of changing your “operating system” it’s more like running an app, you delete the app and your phone still works, but that app can do bad things while it’s temporarily installed. Because it uses a Live DNA virus as a vector it WILL be able to enter your nucleus. It shouldn’t be able to insert itself into your chromosomes but it will leave extra DNA of a viral origin in your nucleus and I don’t know how long it will stay there. This is the worst of the vaccines.
The Astrazeneca vaccine is going to be the most stable of the nucleic acid based vaccines so far because it’s virus vector is more stable than the lipid envelopes used for the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), because you know, you can contract colds at room temperature.
The Astrazeneca vaccine is also, probably the most likely to cause side effects, because of the virus vector on top of the increased allergic reaction and inflammation side effects from mRNA vaccines in general.
Finally I wouldn’t take the Astrazeneca Vaccine because as Pastor JD shows, it IS made with at least some of the development involving cell lines derived from an aborted fetus. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine (also a viral vector) also uses such cell lines.
The Pfizer and Moderna did not use fetal cells, because they didn’t use cells to make a protein or make a viral culture (the Johnson and Johnson and Astrazeneca vaccines have to grow their viral vectors in living cells, viruses require living cells to reproduce in), they used a machine to basically “print” mRNA from the nucleotide bases and enzymes. No living cells required.
Novavax produces the spike protein in insect cells.
So the “ethical” vaccines (ethical meaning no aborted fetal cells) are Pfizer, Novavax, and Sanofi/Glaxosmithkline vaccines (which last I heard had a setback that sent them back to the drawing board)… and the unethical, the ones that used aborted fetal cells for their viral cultures, are Johnson and Johnson, Astrazeneca, and Vaxart (don’t have much info on that last vaccine). Apparently the Moderna vaccine doesn’t use it in production but they did use a cell line derived from fetal tissue in testing. Sorry about that.

The only one I, as an autoimmune person on immunosuppressant drugs (making me more vulnerable to the virus) with a history of drug and food allergies would consider taking, is Novavax, because it’s protein based (not mRNA), and is ethically produced.
We’ll see what kind of data we get from the phase 3 trials on it. I’m not set on it yet but it’s the only one I’d even consider.

I’m editing this post because I have more information as the Astrazeneca Vaccine is being approved for EUA and I had something wrong about its components. Earlier information had treated it like it was mRNA being carried by a virus vector like a container. Now I can see it’s a live (weakened) DNA based virus.
The Astrazeneca vaccine is the worst of the 3 we currently have available, it has more risk of long term effects and utilizes aborted fetal tissue in its manufacture.


He (Jesus) is able to keep us from falling. (Jude 24) It can’t be the Mark - it’s not put into the hand or forehead, though Pastor JD did cover after talking about “on the hand/forehead” how the KJV’s “in the hand/forehead” also fits because of that patch that will be able to insert it.

So, it can’t be the mark, but it’s easy to see how it could evolve.

The part about fetal tissues, I wouldn’t be as concerned about that because if I needed an organ donation, I wouldn’t ask questions if my donor was a murder victim. (Though it’s nice to know there are some which don’t use them.)

However, the rest of that stuff is scary enough.


If she believes in who Christ is, He died on the cross for us and his blood shed as a remission or payment for all our sins, believes He was buried and three days later God rose Him from the dead; yeah, she’s good.


Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I do agree with you. It surely couldn’t be “the” mark for the reasons you stated. I think all this is getting people accustomed to things being mandatory. I pray for friends and relatives who will be left behind after the rapture. I have a “Rapture Box” in my closet ready for any relatives left here to look at and read and hopefully help them. Things are definitely heating up and it appears the Rapture will be VERY soon. China is at our borders even now trying to take the United States down.


She does that. Thanks so much for your reply, Jon. I agree. The Lord is definitely able to save those who believe. Praise God! The Mark of the Beast will entail agreeing to worship the Beast and I do believe it won’t be an option until after the church is taken out in the Rapture. It’s good to think these things through. I don’t know what people do without the Lord. How scary to go through these crazy times without Him and His wonderful promises to hold onto.


Pastor JD , thankyou for staying strong in the Lord and speaking against the vaccines backed up with Gods word .

Some Pastors are caving . God bless you and Gods ministry thru you . I have met you at your church in Hawaii . God bless Mamabear (Debra Slomp Alberta Canada❄️



When I connect all of the prophectic dots, it tells me this is setting the stage absolutely!!:100:%…

:syringe::stethoscope:Doctor Carrie Madej studied DNA and vaccines for the past twenty years and made an urgent video in which she warns that there is a plan to inject humanity with very dangerous vaccines for Covid-19. The purpose of these new vaccines will be twofold:

  1. Reprogram our DNA and make us hybrids that are easier to control.
  2. Connect us to artificial intelligence through a digital vaccine ID, which will also open a whole new realm of control.

Remote control biology
This contact lens-like nanotechnology material requires a special injector to be introduced under the skin where it can transmit light-based digital signals through a wireless network like 5G will more than likely deploy a coronavirus vaccine with the capacity to literally change our DNA!!

The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuData.Trust Stamp’s biometric identity system, largely funded by Mastercard’s massive investment in the company in February, utilizes a technology it calls Evergreen Hash that creates an AI-generated “3D mask” based on a single photo of a person’s face, palm or fingerprint.

These headlines say it all!!!..
:syringe:The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Intellectual Ventures are spending millions in creating a human implantable quantum dot microneedle vaccine mark with data storage that will work through an Enzyme Called Luciferase.
:rotating_light:DOD and HHS being Awarded a $138 Million contract to ApiJect systems to provide prefilled COVID-19 vaccine syringes with RFID microchip tracking system!
:calling:Thanks to COVID, Any Smartphone Can Now Be Tracked by Government Via Automatic Update!
:electric_plug:Rockefeller Foundation Paper Urges Testing and Tracing Entire US Population!
:computer:The H.R. 6666 a devil of a COVID-19 government surveillance plot to conduct activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes!
:vibration_mode:The GLOBAL ID2020 Covid-19 ‘IMMUNITY PASSPORT’ that combines digital identity with vaccinations, blockchain and nanotechnogy , has announced that work is completed on first ever certification mark for ‘Kiva protocal’ implementing a global digital ID for buying and selling!
:credit_card:Mastercard joins blockchain digital identity alliance ID2020!
The World’s most secure Digital Health Passport, built on patented technology, awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the European Commission and being used by various United Nations Projects!!
• Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip Will Soon Allow Users to Take Charge of Moods and Emotions!
• Amazon Rolls Out Hand Scanner, and It’s Already Being Compared to Revelation’s Mark of the Beast!
• Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins to Materialize as Airlines Call for Digital ID Tracking Systems!
• Vatican permits use of COVID-19 vaccines made using aborted fetal tissue!
• Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine, health officials say!
• GLOBAL depopulation tag-team!:Anthony Fauci joins Bill Gates in calling for"Digital certificates"of coronavirus immunity!
• Pope says coronavirus vaccine must be shared worldwide!
• The WHO-backed program named “Covax” is led by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the vaccine alliance Gavi!
• ‘You still need to wear a mask even after you get vaccinated’!
• Andrew Yang raises eyebrows with call for proof-of-vaccination barcodes!
• Spain ‘To Register’ Those Who Refuse Covid Vaccine; Share Registry With Other EU Counties!
• COVID-19 Pandemic is Just a Wakeup Call and Will Not be the Last, Warns WHO!
• Pandemic severe, but ‘not necessarily the big one’: WHO!

Microsoft has patented a system that uses human biometrics such as body heat and brain-wave activity to mine cryptocurrency. The patent was filed under international patent number WO-2020-060606 and leverages human body activity as proof-of-work.The real technology, with a sensor specifically made for detecting and keeping track of human biometrics, is a microchip implant being developed by a Danish Microsoft partner called BEZH International which is not only capable of storing and transmitting biometrics – including medical and genetic data, but it also compliments the entire cryptocurrency mining aspect of Microsoft’s patent as it comes with its own cryptocurrency!

UN Digital Solutions Center is a solution combining biometrics, blockchain and mobile technology. The UN Digital ID is a digital wallet that agency personnel can use for data related to human resources, medical status, travel, payroll and pensions, which can also be used for onboarding new employees, leaving or retiring from the organization.

“The Commons Project Foundation is founded with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and based in Switzerland which along with the World Economic Forum announced the launching of international trials for CommonPass, a digital health pass for travelers to securely verify their COVID-19 test status.”

CommonPass, developed initially to track COVID testing and vaccinations, is setting the stage for biometric surveillance which will eventually be tied in with all your other medical records, digital ID, digital banking and a social credit system.

Vaccine passports, hastily ushered in as a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, are expected to become “widely available” during the first half of 2021. “Rest assured, the nerds are on it,” Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Linux Foundation, told CNN Business. The passports will be attached to cell phone apps that track and trace your COVID-19 test results and vaccination status. The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created the Common Trust Network, which developed the CommonPass app that’s intended to act as a health passport.

Denmark Introducing COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Passport’!:

The app allows users to upload medical data such as a COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination, which then generates a Quick Response (QR) code that you will show to authorities as your health passport in order to travel or attend certain events. Getting health passports to become a new normal has been part of the plan all along for the Commons Project, which began developing software that tracks medical data well before the COVID-19 pandemic! Now partnered with the World Economic Forum, CommonPass represents the beginning stage of mass tracking and tracing, under the guise of keeping everyone safe from infectious disease; it is part and parcel of the Great Reset and the fourth industrial revolution!

EU Commission President: Vaccination Certificate Is a Medical Requirement!:

The Linux Foundation has partnered with IBM, the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative and CommonPass, a digital “health passport,” in order to develop vaccine credential apps that will be applicable globally. You’ll will be required to pull up a vaccine certificate on your phone showing when and where you were vaccinated, along with which type of vaccine, in order to get on a plane or attend an indoor event!

The notion of having to present proof of a voluntary medical procedure in order to travel or attend public events is unprecedented in the U.S., but is being presented as a measure to protect public health. In reality, your freedom to go about your normal, daily life is being threatened, unless you consent to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The groundwork for CommonPass was laid out in an April 21, 2020, white paper by The Rockefeller Foundation, and is part of the rollout of global surveillance and social control known as “the Great Reset.”

According to CNN, “Airlines including Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, as well as hundreds of health systems across the U.S. and the government of Aruba,” have already partnered with the Common Trust Network and their CommonPass app.

Aug. 28, 2020, Ireland was among the first to begin a national trial of their new Health Passport Ireland initiative to track and display results of COVID-19 testing — and facilitate increased COVID-19 testing for businesses and the public, plus display COVID-19 vaccination status.

The initiative has since been renamed Health Passport Europe, and states the system will soon be used worldwide for international travels. Aside from travel and tourism, Health Passports will be used for health care purposes, events, factories and offices, and even in schools and child care centers.

So, in order to achieve the “freedom” you need to go about your normal, daily life, you only need to get tested or vaccinated for COVID-19, have a health administrator create a Health Passport account in your name, download the app on your phone, receive your COVID-19 test results on your phone (and get retested as required), then display your COVID-19 status and vaccination history whenever it’s requested.

One year ago, it would have been hard to imagine widespread acceptance for cellphone apps that collect your vaccination status and convert it into a health passport you may soon need to present in order to travel or attend recreational events like concerts, or even attend school or go to work. But under the context of a pandemic, it’s suddenly perceived as necessary for public health.

“Vaccinated? Show Us Your App,” reads a New York Times headline from Dec.13, 2020, which states that United, JetBlue and Lufthansa airlines plan to introduce CommonPass in the coming weeks. “It is just the start of a push for digital COVID-19 credentials that could soon be embraced by employers, schools, summer camps and entertainment venues,” the Times added.

Indeed, Dr. Brad Perkins, Commons Project Foundation’s chief medical officer, added, “This is likely to be a new normal need that we’re going to have to deal with to control and contain this pandemic.”

Now partnered with the World Economic Forum, CommonPass represents the beginning stage of mass tracking and tracing, under the guise of keeping everyone safe from infectious disease!

It is part and parcel of the Great Reset and the fourth industrial revolution, the nuts and bolts of which boil down to transhumanism. In years past, this plan was referred to as a “New World Order” or “One World Order.” All of these terms, however, refer to an agenda that has the same ultimate goal.

As explained by journalist James Corbett, for those who forgot about what the New World Order was/is all about, it’s “centralization of control into fewer hands, globalization [and] transformation of society through Orwellian surveillance technologies.”

In other words, it’s technocracy, where we the people know nothing about the ruling elite while every aspect of our lives is surveilled, tracked and manipulated for their gain. The tracking and tracing of COVID-19 test results and vaccination are setting the stage for biometric surveillance, tracking and tracing, which will eventually be tied in with all your other medical records, digital ID, digital banking and a social credit system.


The experimental injections being rolled out by Moderna and Pfizer are nothing similar to traditional vaccines. These mRNA platforms are an “operating system” designed to program human beings and turn their cells into efficient drug delivery systems. The real intentions behind the mRNA platform. The mRNA technology platform is similar to a computer operating system, the company admits.

Scientists prepare a unique mRNA sequence that codes for a specific protein. Once injected into humans, this program is carried out in the individual’s body, at the cellular level. The mRNA platform is where Big Pharma merges with Big Tech, enslaving human beings to a controlling system designed to profit from their cellular and biological functions into the unforeseeable future.

These scientists are attempting to “hack” humans with bio-information and make populations dependent on the technology. Moderna has even dubbed their mRNA platform the ‘Software of Life.’

Moderna was founded on the success of using modified RNA to reprogram the function of a human stem cell, therefore genetically modifying it. As these RNA “operating systems” are installed in human bodies, it becomes even more clear that drug companies are looking to genetically modify and own human proteins while controlling biological processes!

This system is not medicine, nor is it vaccination. This system is complete cellular manipulation, using foreign biological molecules to code, decode, regulate, change the expression of, and alter the physiological instructions within human beings!

These headlines say it all!!..
• Spain ‘To Register’ Those Who Refuse Covid Vaccine; Share Registry With Other EU Counties!
• Denmark developing digital COVID-19 “Vaccine Passport”!
• Pandemic severe, but ‘not necessarily the big one’: WHO!

These innovations are creating the environment that the Antichrist and False Prophet will need to wire this world together for their evil purposes!


I urge you my dear brothers and sisters to share with simplicity (Not Religion) the gospel of our salvation (1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-4, ROMANS 10:9-10)!

We are on the cusp of the Rapture!!

God bless you
Watchman in the wilderness🙏
Mywebsite : www.rapturecountdown.com


Slam Dunk.!. Awesome job…!


Thank you so much for all your encouragement! All glory to our Lord!


You remind me of my late friend Andrea Hendricks. He’s with The Lord now but he used to put together such awesome grafts and articles. Us watchers love your compilations.


Thank you so much Watchman. Yes, very comforting. Trusting the Lord. :heart:


Are those who are not of the pretribulation rapture persuasion welcome in the community? Just to clarify, not refuting a rapture, only that timing of it. I have studied it all and there is nothing that proves a pre trib exit. Every angle can be side stepped. “Not appointed to wrath…” Right, but neither was Noah, and he was not removed from the earth either… etc. “Kept from the hour of temptation…” can also be done in various ways. Etc. etc. Question: What if WE are the tribulation saints? Would you be okay with that? Or would you get angry and disappointed? Sometimes what looks bad is the best thing for us. Like fresh spinach!
: D Anyway, just want to shake up the apple cart and wake the church up from slumber. It’s good to be awake before we are sifted like wheat from chaff and the church is tested and sheep separated from the goats. Are YOU prepared to lay it all down for Jesus? What if that knock came on your door tomorrow and if you confessed Jesus as Lord, you would be detained? We ALL need to be prepared to say yes and make that sacrifice, no matter what time the rapture comes. Be ready! God bless you.

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Jesus said that the only sin that would not be forgiven is the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, so whatever the mark turns out to be it will involve that. Remember it is the name of the Beast or the number of his name also that he has a name of blasphemy.


I would say that once a person is saved, God has His hand on them. I personally don’t believe vaccines are going against God, so getting one isn’t a sin. And even IF it was, our sins are forgiven past, present, and future. The Bible says God is sovereign and takes care of His people, so I wouldn’t let fear creep in about that.


Thank you for that information! Especially the autoimmune part because I’m in the same boat.

Please review the terms of usage under all categories and scroll down to Forum Guidelines. This is a Pre-tribulation forum as is stated openly by JD Farag and his ministry. Anyone who does not agree with that doctrinal position can feel free to not participate. Statements like, “nothing proves a pre-trib exit,” are a refutation of the sound doctrine that this forum and it’s members have already established from all of our own years of study and various avenues of education. I think you will find either propagating or trying to establish other views on the timing of the rapture to be very unfruitful and a totally futile effort for anyone.