Janaury 28, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- An Urgent Last Days Warning ⚠

I appreciate what you pointed out here, Jack.
I think people SHOULD have sufficient guts to admit their mistakes, in spite of the uncomfortable embarrassment. I personally self-train myself in doing that because it is a very powerful tool to use in relationships.

As soon as I mention to someone that I made a ridiculous mistake, they get much relief and are encouraged to correct themselves. I have many relationships with people who truly respect me as a person; many relationships. The fact that I am not perfect, I admit my ridiculous mistakes and share how I learned important lessons is impacting people in a very powerful way; they have hope. They are encouraged to admit their own mistakes, correct them and move on. I get an immense measure of fulfillment whenever that happens, it is ever so satisfying to see people being encouraged to mature; and it happens very often in my relationships with all kinds of people, women, men various ages.

It is embarrassing for me to share ridiculous mistakes I’ve made, but I resolve to swallow my silly pride, admit the truth and chose to encourage others in this manner.

And just for clarification and context, I DO NOT make ridiculous mistakes every month, not even every year, I’m not that immature of a person.
People who know me personally have a good measure of respect for me, however, embarrassing accidents happen, once in a while, I make ridiculous mistakes. They are also a good way to keep me humble, understand others when they make mistakes and they open a door to very meaningful relationships.

P.S. A funny note about the Q rubbish, my favorite to this day is still the claim that JFK Jr. and his wife are both still alive, and he will rise from the shadows one day to SAVE America, and the whole world!
We will see how this one will age. :slight_smile: Most probably the same way as Gitmo, Hilary going to prison and the draining of the swamp in D.C.


Interesting discussion @BayouBushi and @channah. In 2017 I thought Trump was the Antichirst (666 building in New York, Appollos g o d on his ceiling, 6x6x6 rowes in the Trump tower hanging garden). Around 2018 the notion of a 1st seal being different than our cultural moment would see it as, came to be a consideration. It was at that time I shared that with a lady (lets call her Sam) friend I knew from my former reformed church experience of 2.5 decades.

She believed via pastor Macarthur that the AC willl be the 12th Imam, Madhi. I tried to share with her some different ways to consider lookinig at the 1st seal. She was open but of course skeptical. A mutual friend of ours from the same church (lets call her Luv) had a Christian facebook page she never invited her unbelieving coworkers to before, but one day did. Within hours Sam ran one of Luv’s unbellieving coworkers down hard. Blowing up from learning this coworker believed in Islam and a young BLM supporter. When that occured, it kind of shut down all the sharing that was going on in an otherwise friendly “getting to know people” environment and hope for Luv inviting her unbelieving coworkers to her christian facebook page for a meet and greet.

Within weeks from that time, Sam was slamming everyone who didn’t believe Qanon logic of gitmo. It was kind of freaky to witness. I never shared Qanon stuff with her, as I would have seen Q differently even back then. It seemed that same gullible kind of trust muscles she believed the AC to be about from her pastor also exercised itself in Qanon. Ironically stepping right over my whole Trump as the 1st seal thing…lol, I felt left for dead :crazy_face: (as though i was not even in the room)…lol.

To me it was clear from the start that if Q was anything, it was not how people were looking at it. Because in the first month Q was posting he predicted Hillary arrest on Oct 31st. That never happened. So from there, to believe other dates and times seemed to not be something anyone should consider to do.

. . . . .

@BayouBushi I wanted to ask you on this sort of thing (because the way i would view Q is psychological warfare potentially…maybe China? Like Tik Tok version of warfare?). Since you have experience and connections in the military, do you know peeps from the army psyop division? I have seen some of their lengthy interview videos. The whole field is rather fascinating. Just thought to pick your brain there Jack, because you nailed it when i asked about a short video of aircraft manuever using flares as deflecting heat seeking missiles while most would just see it as an air show kind of thing.


As for the quote, its funny it is also stated in like the third comment to this recruitment trailer. I believe Mark Twain said similar things but not that exact quote:

It’s Easier To Fool People Than To Convince Them That They’ve Been Fooled – Quote Investigator®

What Mark Twain stated about Palestine in the 1800s is well known. But he did have some interesting views beyond that on the Jews i was not so aware of (almost like he thought deeply upon such weighty prophecy to unfold…yet not being a believer)…

. . . . .

@channah there is actually a way to see Q affirming JFK is alive from posts (whereas most of the interpretations of Q’s response was understood to be “no” he was not). I would admit to being intriqued. As I have little trouble dissociating my views from America ends, the beast system rules type mentality in the watcher world (views i used to hold), I would have no trouble seeing the whole JFK thing going a bit too far. But i do admit to believing its potential espcially with their bodies not being discovered from the crash and John’s affiliation to George Magazine. Some fascinating corollaries. After 2020, i didn’t really care. It was all getting a bit much to gain traction on what things might be about.

In general just for the record since in general i would sense to a degree we (in general) have as much bias affirming what Q is not as those might who affirm it as something to take their focus off the word of God, very sad, I would see it as 2 things:

(a) a form of psyop warfare – I believe going from Q to Hagelian Dialectic is just repeating the same mistake…on either front…we outsource our sense making. I don’t believe either extreme to be healthy, in my humble estimation.

(b) Camaflouge for the 1st seal :grin: Because meanwhile while many of us are appalled at the level of Trump worship on the rise, if sociopolitical movements (general revelation) play into Ez 38 falling into place agendas…it would make more sense to me to take a heads up from all the “Trump” noise more so than rushing on either side to have opinions about it.

I just think that to believe America would have absolutely 0 resolve to fight against globalism and 0 reality beyond it being theater, is (1) a bit niave that there would be no real or solid interest to protect the greatest constitution the world has ever known (outside of Israel’s theocracy), and (2) how could we so easily with such confidence rule out psychological warfare rather than the church turning it into a whole theater itself of false light? To me, those are the same extremes (or perhaps the church’s inside scoop version of its own Q clearance sensibilities): Trump Saves the World vs False Light trust the church more than general revelation. I see them as either extremes on how to outsource our own sense making. I just find it odd, that the thought that God might use good in His last days of grace is forbidden by the church. To me, that is far more suspect than nationalism vs globalism playing naturally out in general revelation upon the world stage thematically. I just state in this way because it blows my mind that it would appear the thinking church to favor tribal conquer and divdie sides approach (if America wan’ts to protect herself its vain glory of the temporal vs. how the church alternatively sees it) rather than reasoning together approaches. That would be a vary hard place to come to admit being dupped in if true (that the church is capable of running game on its own Q clearance sense to the public…I.e. watcher views vs. general revelation unfolding views). And if not, i am very much present as the Lord may have me to confess heartily there is no such thing as people of a country wanting safer neighborhoods for their kids and it not be a church taboo thing. :cry: Blessings

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I agree, it is human nature to resist admitting mistakes or being wrong about something. It has taken me many years to get where I can do it with any amount of ease. Even now there are times I would rather not and have to force myself.

On the other side of the coin it took me just as long to understand we learn more from our mistakes and failures than we do from our successes. I know for me learning from my goofs has actually really taught me more than from my successes. I still don’t like being told I goofed but, at the end of the day if I take my military training to do after action reviews and I work through the ups and downs of the mistake I do actually learn something of value, either in what I did wrong or in how I viewed the situation.

And yes pride is always strongly at play when we goof and we realize it. As the saying says, “it is hard to be humble,” especially when you goof.

Yeah the Q stuff has really messed with so many and created a greater than ever cognitive dissonance in so many. But then that goes to Pastor JD’s constant warnings of recent about end time deception. Pride comes in as well because people do get embarrassed when they realize they got suckered. Mark Twain said it best, it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.


It may be an interesting discussion, but at the same time it may not be worth spending time on it.
I say that because the only thing we need today is to be solidly grounded in the Word. It is very clear to me that whatever happens, God is in more than perfect control, and that gives me perfect peace, regardless of the dire things coming up on the horizon. Things will get worse in the world, that is guaranteed, but when things get worse, God’s grace and power are compensating the evil surrounding us.

Things are not falling apart, they are falling into place. God is in charge of everything, more than we realize. Daniel 2:21 guarantees God’s sovereignty, and we’d better take notice of that:

That’s pretty much all I had to add to this discussion. :slight_smile: Thank you for participating!



I hear you, it does not come naturally, because the old nature in us is resisting it.

I appreciate your honesty, what you said is true about me, too. My old nature with the pride in it doesn’t like to be told I goofed either, but we are called to obey the Spirit’s guidance, not our old nature. Exercising this habit of rejecting what the old nature demands and resolving to follow the Spirit’s lead will help us grow and mature. I really love Paul’s words here:

We must live like this daily, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

True, but easier is not better. Our culture loves the easy way out of difficult situations, but that is not what the Word teaches.

Thank you for your excellent remarks. God bless!


And not only out of difficult situations but just living in general. A simple look around at the number of people who seldom leave their home at times or only go to work and come home to delivered groceries, or Ubereats or some kind of prepared food delivery. I got a strong dose of just how much I did as a kid with my parents that took us out of the house to handle things. We did not have any delivery save the rare time Mom bought something from mail order.

Now both of my parents worked and yet we still had time to go the store, time to cook food from scratch, and a host of other things that people do very little of now for themselves. Not saying the whole world is that way but being a delivery person for so long and seeing it not just in the US but in other countries as well, there is a horrible loss of skills among a lot of people these days. Now I have to confess I use some labor saving devices at times such as heating a cup of coffee in the microwave or using an electric saw when doing wood work. But as I look around I do more of my own work around the house than most of my neighbors seem to do. I cut my grass, trim my trees, paint the house when needed, do basic plumbing, and most of the auto maintenance such as oil changes, tune ups, and simpler repairs myself. That was what my neighborhood looked like when I was a kid, Moms in the gardens, Dads doing work on the house or car what ever. Not anymore.

When I first started thinking about the dangers of where I am now living and what I needed to do to be prepared in case a significant disaster happened, I went through it all, cooking on an open fire outside, filtering water, food foraging, first aid, and so on. When I was done I stopped and thought how many others around me have thought this much through and what will happen to them if a disaster of large size hits. It dawned on me I gotta do some more because I may have to help them as they would not know what to do. I see it even now when guys call for AAA to come change their tire on the side of the road. Really, a guy that does not know how to change a tire? While this a a broad brush stroke especially among people from late middle age and later, there are way to many young adults who never learned the skills kids of my time were taught. Shoot my daughter’s high school had no HomeEc or Shop classes. Not that she need to worry about that as my wife and I taught her many things at home, but still some of her friends still remark of the skills she has and now my son tells me his boss wants to meet me because he can’t believe all that my son is capable of doing.

But the point is the more we advance technology and specialize the softer we make subsequent generations. We cheat them from learning not just skills but a lot of life lessons that come with those skills. So yeah easier is not better in many ways.


…and you don’t have to aim…,lol.


Yeah spray and pray works just fine. Here is why I am like that…

my problem


I’m gonna barrow that if you don’t mind :grin:


Mark Twain said it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled. I see it all the time.


Go for it. We probably all feel it at some time or other. Now I need to find one that says, " Jesus loves me but wants to slap me."


“Because Jesus loves me, sooner or later He will slap me”.
“I’d rather be slapped by Jesus than be caressed by the enemy.”

Let me know which one you find so I can borrow it. :grinning:


Bayou- I remember getting our milk delivered to the house until maybe about 1958 or 1959? We lived on a dirt road on the farm . Spent the summer putting up corn, black eyed peas, and other foods we grew in the freezer and canning - no freeze dryers back then :smile: - speak of hard - when I was in missionary work in small villages they had dirt floors and got water from a well out side - cooking and heat from wood stove - water had to be boiled cause the water was polluted from live stock - we have it good!!!
now I wait for our Blessed Hope to come for us as the time grows shorter - blessing to all in Christ Jesus who wait - MARANATHA


Wow, thanks for sharing that Ralph. Some precious times in life to be reminded of. Blessings.

I remember getting milk to the door till the early 60s as well. But once Dad retired we went to the store for it. My biggest memory as a child was that both parents worked and still we had everything of necessity because we either bought, made it, or repaired it when broken or going bad. We grew a garden every year and from spring to fall Dad and I would go fishing every so often. On the rare occasions of eating out it was usually for Mom’s birthday and we went to Orange, TX to get Mexican for her. I did not really hit burger joints till I was in high school and only because we had one close to the school where we snuck off to for lunch every so often.

Before I retired I started looking at restaurants and fast food joints on my route and they always seemed to be very busy for lunch and from around 4 in the afternoon on till early evening. I know a lot of people cook but it seems in later years a lot more go out to eat instead when the opportunity is there. What got to me mostly was when grocery stores started doing delivery to places on my route. The residential section of the route was less than a half mile away.

I have noticed the trend in some areas to have most everything delivered to the home instead of going out and getting it. One of the strangest things was to delivery and item and two days later have to pick it up as a return. I am thinking someone bought clothes or shoes and they did not fit or did not look like the picture and it was sent back. Not long after eCommerce kicked off in a major way, that we started seeing more and more request for pick ups at the home of returned items. I mean they would not even drop the item off at the PO or the local pick up UPS store.

As eCommerce grew and grew we got more and more complaints about late delivery times. People did not realize they were all ordering online more and more and the time it took to take packages to their doors added a lot more time to our routes. When I first started that job the worst two weeks of the year for packages were the two weeks before Christmas. By the time I retired what we got in the middle of the summer far out paced what we used to get in those two weeks. Daily volumes of packages per route was running in the neighborhood of 300 to 500 packages on top of mail. When I started that was the volume per week per route. So I have had a good view of how much people have become dependent on sitting at home on a computer or phone and ordering things that often times they can spend a half hour and go to the store and get locally. I still remember the first time one of my coworkers actually got a kitchen sink in her package hamper to deliver to a home. That home was a mile and a half from not one but two hardware stores that sell kitchen sinks. That is when the jokes at work started flying, we delivery everything including the kitchen sink.

So what that seems to tell me is people are not as self reliant or as responsible as they used to be. I still see it at times when two people with their heads buried in their phones bump into each other and both get angry with the other for not paying attention. It has become almost comical.

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If I see em I will let you know.


Been there done that more than once.



Very interesting fact about the six locations named Nineveh.

Did you know that Jonah warned the Ninevites that judgement would come in forty days?

This year, forty days following the Fourth of July is August 13, 2024 (the 9th of Av).
The anniversary of the destruction of the first Temple in Jerusalem.


God said he would wipe out Ninava but after the repented He left them alone for 100 years until they went back to their old ways and then the were wiped out - MARANATHA

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Typically, Jonah is dated to the period of Jeroboam, i.e 780 - 750s BC, whereas Nahum is dated to either shortly before (615BC) or after (612BC) the fall of Assyria (and its capital, Nineveh). Thus, Nahum is at least 150 years after Jonah.

The U.S. Civil War was 1861-1865. Just over 150 years ago.

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