Janaury 28, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- An Urgent Last Days Warning ⚠

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update – An Urgent Last Days Warning

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about an urgent warning concerning how false influencers deceiving many Christians is yet another sign pointing to the closeness of the rapture.

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Oh Pastor so profound are the 5 Truths you listed with Scripture supporting each.
We thank God for you bringing us solid, sound Bible based Doctrine with no without minimizing, rationalizing and justifying man’s way of distorting the Bible.
We love the Truth no matter how ugly it is.
There is absolutely no Truth but God’s Word and that is all we must adhere to these last few hours. It is a mustto keep Jesus front and center. He alone is our HOPE…ourONLY Hope

The enemies are all around uscoming or should I say “creeping” into our midst accusing us being alarmists and conspiry theorists. I like the word you have chosen for them “false influencers”. That fits them to a T.
Thank you again Pastor…I really can’t thank you enough. You must have enormous treasures stored up in heaven.
You and Kelly stay in my thoughts and prayers.


Here’s one of our big enemies at work. I didn’t know where to post this, so just picked Pastor JD’s most recent.

I’m have always been a very impatient person, always wanting things to happen now. I’m sorry as a Christian to be so and have ask my Lord’s hand in correcting this flaw, but I really want Jesus to deal with these evil lunatics NOW. I am sick and fed-up watching them deny and mock the one true and living God, showing their affection to pagan gods and their rituals. Oh, how they hate GOD and His creation! This action by them alone should create a curiosity and cause the question; why only HIM they deny and no other? It should then instill in the curious the answer; because Satan hates the only true God - Jesus Christ our Lord, and why he focuses on none of the other false gods and their religions.


Great update again! Wasn’t sure where to post this, but all this Trump idolatdy reminds me of all the Obama idolatry that was happening during his presidency as well. One painting had him wearing a halo, and another he was even riding a donkey so blasphemous, right?! That’s how this programming works, get the left wing of the phoenix riled up and longing for a political savior, then get the right wing going with Trump and that awful video. I even heard Greg Gutfield on fox say “we don’t deserve him”, Trump. Both deceiving, both being an example, ie an image of a man-made god who’ll be the one to set things straight. That’s why it’s blasphemous because Jesus is the only One who can and will set things straight and deserves our worship because Jesus is God! Thank you for letting me get that out y’all! Thankful for Pastor JD talking about these things!


30 Jan 2024

First thing first: The tables…

More Trump blasphemy, MAGA is a new religion!



This is what bothers me most about the upcoming national election. I lurked the Q-Anon stuff from start to end. I saw the change in people from being skeptical to going off the deep end followers of the Q and Trump crowd. Sadly many of them still exist. I know a couple personally that are just licking their chops to get closer to the election. Even now I see it in their postings more and more Q-esque and Trumpism material. As such I suspect we are going to see another round of major city riot events coming as we move into spring and summer. I am concerned only in the fact that I live near a very liberally based major city and at times I have to go into that city. Even so sometimes events spill out into the suburbs as well so I will be running my police scanner a lot more in the months to come.

But in the end I think Teren mentioned this it comes down to a left/right paradigm. But that is not new. The cold war was about the very same thing. Communism was the left and globalist by design, where nationalism was the right and resisting globalism. Nothing new under the sun.


I hear ya Jack. I watch An0maly on youtube to keep me sober…lol. He cuts Qanon down to a mere toothpick. I love his humor and honesty. The one thing i would say a little differently though brother is that although this is remineque of Obama, to me it seems quite a bit more because we have extremes on both sides. The mediia presence often off the charts with TDS and the alt right with Qanon and Trump worship. Obama did not have his social media ops like Q. So all things consider, what i tend to look at more so in this is not love or hate trump, but the simple notice of the magnitude. Would you not say it is quite a bit more though brother? The scale, to me, is a bit larger:

  • Jerusalem/Golan Heights/Abrahamic Accords
  • Greatest Economy
  • Brought Back Mfg
  • US as Number One Oil Producer
  • Massive Hightened Border/Wall Issue
  • Crossing the DMZ
  • First President to ever be Impeached Twice
  • First President to be Indipted
  • First Prsident to be Indipted Multiple Times in a Row
  • Highest Victory in Primary in American History
  • First President in Modern History to Shout Down the Fed and Rothchilds

I could go on, but just saying all of that is kind of new. Nothing new in nature (except a prophetic blend of Israel’s regions claimed, and TMZ crossed). But the level of volume on this is fever pitch. Looking away from Trump, the border. Record levels of invasion. Gov does nothing. People are slow to be up in arms. Nation asleep. Yet the border issue just gets louder and louder. So i think at dismissing this though brother as nothing new is understandable during a sensationalist American era. But i believe the measurable here is volume more than looking for something new…although like above…there are items of new i believe. 1st Pres to be kicked off of Twitter…and Start his own Social Media Network (not yet public but linked to publically traded SPAC). When Trump won Iowa and got DeSantis endorsement…SPAC shot up 239%. Indicating if Truth Social goes public and Trump record setting history trojectory upticks, Trump will not only be first Pres kicked off of social media, but may also set new records in social media history to come. So i would not say this is nothing new altogether though brother. Thanks for the mentions, much love in Him back :slight_smile: blessings.

DWAC, Digital World Acquisition SPAC Stock Price up 239% Since Trump Win (businessinsider.com)


The only thing I see of the southern invasion is two simple things. It is the left one playing to get extra illegal votes and two leave the door open for Obama’s love buddies the Muslims. He was overt in saying when push comes to shove he would side with Islam. That being said with his liberal siding he is all about globalism which is modern communism on steroid with a new face. Any kind of confrontation will likely play well into the liberal hands and the millions of illegals that can will vote and support the left as they promise to many freebees. Who doesn’t want free money?

My only concern still is danger of being out in public and stumbling on some riotous situation. I can just as easily be seen as a leftist to the right as I am to be seen as a rightist to the left. Either way I could find myself in a ticklish situation. I ain’t a young man so contending with 3 or 5 young bucks does not bode well for me unless I am armed and that will just get me in jail very fast. Not how I would like to end any day. So my concern is strictly personal safety. I don’t really care who wins the election as my view is regardless who does at some point there will be a one world government controlling every one and under the auspices of the a/c. That is in scripture. But until it actually happens there are possibilities where I might find myself in a bad situation. My wife would never forgive me if I did that. But most of all jails just don’t cook the kind of food I like.


I know this is not on topic but I can’t remember who asked for the info. So please who ever asked for info on going solar on a home please message me as I have talked to my neighbors and have stuff to share.


Then i suggest guns and “prayers.” Probably a good combo my friend. Stay safe :slight_smile:


For me guns are for food appropriation 99%. Only concern about protection a small amount as I choose to avoid dangerous areas as much as possible. Hence I keep up with local events as much as possible to know what areas are dangerous to go through or to. In that respect I tend to “The Art of War” philosophy the best way to win any battle is to not fight it in the first place. Then when forced to, do so as the third monkey getting on Noah’s ark and it is starting to rain.

Prayer has always been the best option of all. It has seen me through more situations than I can now remember and when I failed prior it has been my best response to unexpected blessings. So I am good to go no matter what happens. I can avoid first and that at answered prayer guidance request before hand.


31 Jan 2024

Today we will look at not our good friend Elon Musk, as predicted by the Economist magazine, here is the beginning of BCI:

Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a collaboration between a brain and a device that enables signals from the brain to direct some external activity, such as control of a [cursor] or a prosthetic limb. The interface enables a direct communications pathway between the brain and the object to be controlled. In the case of cursor control, for example, the signal is transmitted directly from the brain to the mechanism directing the cursor, rather than taking the normal route through the body’s neuromuscular system from the brain to the finger on a mouse.


It will get crazier the closer we get to election day, that’s true. I’m really hoping Jesus comes to get us soon! If not i’m not looking foward to those riots again, I think you’re right about that.That level of violence is so unnerving! I pray you’ll be safe!I don’t know a whole lot about Q, but i had a neighbor who was all into that at the time. Luckily i got a chance to witness to her, but i don’t know what came of it. Those charts Pastor JD did are great! He is a gifted teacher. I love how he put it into the Cain, Balaam and Korah contexts! Nothing new under the sun, right! Indeed. The pic of Trump on the cross is sickening! Very foreboding because that whole thing is going to cause us who are not in that group of Christians a lot of trouble and greif i think. It’s already being called a cult in a meme i’ve seen. Who knows how all this will play out, i don’t know. I’m just gonna keep trusting the Lord!


I followed Q as a long time lurker and then came across people at work and other places who were all in on that. So I played along talking of things that I saw on it like I was believing it. Bad mistake on my part because with each new bad revelation I got an ear full about how things were going to go and get better but never did. It was an eye opener but it also showed me how deeply many will get caught up in propaganda. The most amazing thing was after not just the second or third time the claims of so called swamp creatures going to Gitmo did not happen and the subsequent, just wait it is coming came and went but even after dozens of times they still hung on to that false hope. I was amaze that their minds glazed over as they did. These were people I knew or thought I did that otherwise were skeptical on other things. I saw the same thing with people that followed the likes of Art Bell do the same thing.

It took some years of watching people get sucked up into some of the craziest stuff you have ever seen even when the outlandish claims were never proven or proven wrong. People will just not let go of that bone if they are convinced it is real in their own minds. I don’t remember who said it, I think it might have been Mark Twain but it goes something like this, It is easier to tell a lie to someone than to convinced them they have been lied to.

I have thought about that a lot over the years and have come to the conclusion why some hold to the lie so strongly. Even if you convince them they have been lied to they don’t want to admit they fell for something so ridiculous because it is embarrassing. This is where I see so many hard core followers of what Pastor JD calls influencers these days. Rather than admit they are wrong followers will call those providing truth and fact that their idols are not what the claim or don’t know what they are talking about will turn to reasons why you should leave them alone or just out right turn against you. It is just easier to believe the lie and stick with it then to believe they have been lied to and face reality and truth.

Yeah that image of Trump on a cross almost made me lose my lunch. To you and I and others here it is an obvious blaspheme by way of image but to so many Trumpettes in the world it is their dead end hope at worldly salvation. But it is part of the world we now live in and sadly till Jesus appears it will not get any better only worse.


If you don’t have an AR sell your cloak and buy one?:rofl:


Well if I have to do that I will sell my cloak, dirty socks and worn out sandals and get a BAR instead. Works better in big riotous crowds. :crazy_face: :rofl:


What is a BAR? i take it not the same as a bar? No tequilla?

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will a transcript for this sermon become available? i dont remember how long it normally takes.


BAR stands for Browning Auotmatic Rifle. Basically a smaller caliber portable machine gun.


Yepa, they have brought in a lot of evil back up, I would not be surprised to see the rioters actually fighting one another as they are like iron and clay also. That would not be the 1st time things like that have happened in scripture so why not now.