January 21, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- Are We There Yet?

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update – Are We There Yet?

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: answers the often-asked childlike question of, “Are we there yet?” as it relates to our final destination, the pre-tribulation rapture of the church.

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The black ones with red eyes are really creepy.

2 large broods of cicadas to emerge across Southern, Midwest states this summer



Wonderful job, pastor JD. It is always a blessing to listen to your sermons. Preach on!


Thankyou Pastor JD! What an Information packed hour!! I will want to listen to it again.
You left me encouraged, we are almost there. :smile:


Wow, Pastor JD, it is so comforting to know we absolutely must
get out of the way for satan’s big plan to destroy human dna along with the world.
Come Lord, get us out of here!.

We are so close, Mike and I we had hot dogs tonight, Mike was delighted


Not replying to you directly @Susan . Great sermon and reminder how there (close) we are

21 Jan 2024


Susan, this last sentence caught me off guard. I laughed out loud. I don’t know if hot dogs are a preset early warning system in your home, or what Mike chose to be his last meal before the Rapture. I like how Mike is thinking.



Nancy, I am already feeling sorry for the folks living in those States.
So, the guy said they taste just like shrimp. WEF wants us to eat bugs. I can see TV’s Iron Chef doing a challenge using these, Ramsey, too. Is Iron Chef still a show?



Yes, this was such a great update! And i must say, very nice shirt Pastor J.D.! Love the little surfer on the waves! :heart::blush: This update is so oddly positive! That was the second time this week i heard “His delays are not denials”! I feel very hopeful and waiting to see what the Lord will do! :pray::raised_hands:


It is so funny you mentioned his shirt! I noticed it also. I wish I knew where he gets his shirts, I would order a few for my husband. It is odd we are so encouraged by such a barrage of bad news. But— we know it means we are so very close!!! We can literally look to the horizon and see the tribulation. That means our Lord is coming for us soon.


Yes, the hunger games will bring forth an entirely new entertainment experience. :joy: Saw these locusts in Nashville in the late 90s. Really creepy.


Thank you Lord Mike and I can eat fresh seafood anytime.
I will never put fake meat or seafood in my mouth.


Nancy, we have been inundated with movies like the Hunger Games and Gladiator. Gladiator 2 is coming out sometime this year, I think.
Is satan planning a little free time entertainment for himself (after our departure) and before it all goes serious? I don’t know.



Was so blessed by the Update.
It was Powerful, Enlightening, Energetic and Poignant!
God Bless you Pastor JD.
God bless all of us who are His forever in Jesus Christ, sealed safely by Holy Spirit.


JD read many of the Bible verses from Revelation describing the AC this week. Do you think people, perhaps even the elect, are going to be swayed by the sheer slickness of this guy, or do you think the AC will cause something horrible to happen so that people will have to take the mark to recover.

Saw this meme this week. Yikes.


The elect will be with the Lord in heaven at the first Resurrection / Rapture.
Those left behind will die by beheading if they refuse the mark.
Best to be born again and leave this world behind at the first Resurrection / Rapture.


This update blessed my socks off pastor JD. Such an encouragement to me personally and to all of us. You are my pastor. You are leading your flock with wisdom, prayer, searching the Word daily, keeping your eyes and ears open continually and I know you seek the Lord with all your heart.
I have stopped listening to many other pastors/teachers of prophecy as I find some are rather haughty. Your humility shines through.
I pray that the Lord Jesus gives you a freshness to go the whole way and strengthen your body , mind and Spirit minute by minute.

What a 4 years we have had. I thank God that I found your ministry beginning 2020. My eyes were opened and despite many trials we have all faced, we have our Saviour Jesus the Messiah to guide us and carry us and ultimately we will see Him face to face.
Maranatha dear Lord Jesus.


Indeed Peggy1357! :smile: So soon! Come Lord Jesus! :pray::heart::dove:




I know y’all are having hard times with the weather lately and I am sincerely sorry for your misery. I just wanted to let you know I have room if you want to come stay with me for a little while to thaw out. We are all getting anxious to be in constant Sonshine and pleasures forevermore, but for now we have to keep warm with encouragement and hot cocoa.

Here in Southern Cali we are suffering too, just so you know. We had quite the sprinkling of snow on our Mount Baldy today. But don’t worry, we will be back to the 70’s next week, so come on over and thaw out. And as our dear J.D. would say, “There ya go, have a nice day”!