July 11, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Here is a link to listen to the bible, here specifically, Psalm 91 online. PSALMS CHAPTER 91 KJV
and a meme to post on social media.
Psalm 91


When they knock on your door, tell them you know they’re scamming to get your vaccine information to sell it to someone who didn’t get the vaccine and you cannot risk someone using your vaccine information.


In response to the “Inoculation” push…

I’ll defer to my God given immune system, and just tell them
“I have been Enoch-ulated”.

I expect to be taken in such manner. :slight_smile:

  • More pondering of an old man, definitely not a theologian ( disclaimer)

When David wrote Ps. 91 while under the Old Covenant.

When all the names of God Almighty in Psalm 91 are true , powerful, and descriptive of YAH the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and they are.(and many more)

If I couple that with Jesus’s prayer to the Father in :

John :17: 21…that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.


Col 1:27 is a powerful verse: “God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

That would mean to me, under the New Covenant , when I ask YAHshua (Jesus) into my heart to save me, and the Holy Spirit comes in to seal the covenant, that the very same GOD in Psalm 91, is in us, because the three are ONE.

The moment you were saved, God sealed you with the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit also serves as the earnest (down payment) of your inheritance , which means He is the deposit or down-payment guaranteeing that God will fulfill His promises to you.

WOW !!! Doc
Jn.14:9 Jesus replied, “Philip, I have been with you all this time, and still you do not know Me? Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?


Yes! Praise God. :heart: He has not left us alone. He alone is faithful.


Years ago I went to see him live at the Sprint Center here in KC. I really could not wait to leave. This is very subjective, but I got some very bad, phony, vibes coming from him and his “set up”…very gimmicky, & pushing the selling of his books most of the time. He looked quite bored on the stage while his other staff workers went through all their spiel and sales pitches. It seemed more like a concert to sell the Jeremiah brand to me. I used to listen to him a lot, that is why I wanted to go see him.


Hi I am not sure how Graphene Oxide works in the body and with the 5 G. Can someone explain how this harms the body and if it does destroy every cell it touches, is the reality that anyone who took the vaccine or flu vaccine or Covid test doomed?


I will say that I definitely notice the amount of promotions for his stuff, so your personal experience at a live event is definitely appreciated.


Welcome, @Bsilva_2000!! I can’t answer, but just wanted to say hello. :hibiscus:


I can’t help with that but I have heard many of the doctors state that they believe a percentage of the vials are placebo… just saying because if that is true there is a chance you’d need to test more than one of them?


Hi Kris. I saw the video a few days ago. There are always concerns to watch out for. I am grateful for Pastor JD’s concern in general regarding the vax. But here is my initial reply response a few days ago regarding that video. Blessings.

My Initial Concerns With This Research …please click here

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Hi Beverly. I don’t get into the vax stuff much but there are plenty here in our forum that do quite a bit of research in that respect. :slight_smile: Welcome.


I love that Jack! Or how about:

“Right now I’m waiting, but I’m sure I’ll be Enoch-ulated soon.”


Hi Jewel. I hear ya. I actually like David Jeremiah because of a nostalgic time in my life. I understand things concerning. His support of TBN, his connections to mystic Catholicism, and of course the world famous stained glass eye in his cathedral with upside down cross in it.

I went through a few years period where if you do enough research there is likely NO pastor alive that does not have some connection to our world system that we would call suspect. By this time in our eschatological scale I don’t know of any denomination that has not had exposure to this worldly system. And i think we’d be shocked to realize how deeply our organic thoughts are already in many ways a part of that system. Its creepy, alarming, and no reason to give excuse for any. But God.

Today I pray for and try to see how God is using men and women today (His body). It gets very confusing and cloudy. And I have seen where for whatever reason God using churches I would deem as not being honest about Calvinism be a deep and sincere blessing in my life…calling my heart to serious examination. I am not sure how it all works, much less in an age quickly approaching the tribulation. But God. Blessings.


We need the Enoch-ulated T-shirt. Too good :slight_smile:


Please click on the link I provided. In the Video the woman is explaining it very good. No one knows how many will die but in the animal tries the animals died. The natural immune system gets destroyed. But there may be placebos in the charges, that not everyone will die. We dont know.


@1jewel and @TheLordIsYourShield

I read one of his books his one called “Escape the Night”, I believe, and he mentions “overpopulation” that was a red flag for me. I think he mentioned it twice–and it’s possible he was deceived by that idea (the world is absolutely NOT overpopulated). Or maybe he was pointing out certain “areas” are overpopulated, but that was not how it was written.

It was loaned to me, and the book was supposed to be about Revelation. I’m not 100% if that was the title, but I looked it up and the cover looks right.

Dr. David Jeremiah is an excellent speaker and a wonderful story teller. I think it only took me a couple days to read the book.

I remember a couple times reading his book feeling uneasy about what he was saying in his book, but I would have to read it again to be sure. The friend who loaned it to me–I told him about my concerns and to let me know what he thought when he read the book–he hadn’t read it yet. But I don’t think he has read the book since either.

It’s wise to question teachers. Jesus himself was questioned–and as we know since he was telling the truth he was able to stand up against the questions. So, I think a word of caution on this pastor is fair.

Also, he does sell lots of books and sometimes seems too smooth, but that doesn’t mean I’m condemning him. God can speak through anyone, but always be in the Word of God so when pastors or anyone says something that is not true–you will see it. Or definitely be a good Berean and look it up again for yourself too.

Test everything against the Bible, and all will be well.



John 10:30

I and the Father are One.