July 18, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

So its do as we say (and not say) and unsay…not as we do. Dr. Sues from hell :frowning:

a friend of mine worked for maurice strong, co author of agenda 21. years ago, a humble man name christian murtha was the director of the earth council. there was an event that sent murtha packing, supposedly threatened with his life.

the earth council was then moved from san jose into the interior jungle of costa rica and named “The University for Peace.” My friend left this place a long time ago, but Maurice strong took over. Strong was involved in the Nicaraguan blood baths.

I have not kept up on this for a while, but Strong was all in to reduce the global population to 500 million and it is not a theory but a published agenda by the UN, then high gloss it with concepts such as sustainable development.

i have been to alot of funerals this year, including my mom. as a follower of the Prince of Peace it is very difficult to keep my hands to my side.

plowshares for swords or praise while being sawed in half, book of hebrews. this is where the conversation needs to be…

are believers in Jesus ever justly warranted to use lethal force in self defense? when they door knock and enter your premises are we to stand down?

its good that the prophecies are unfolding, plain as day.

however the conversation needs to turn to:

Is prepping valid for a believer. proverbs says a little sleep a little slumber a little folding of the hands to rest and poverty will come upon you as a bandit as an armed man.


You are my fortress, my refuge, the God in whom I trust, ps91

Is lethal self defense valid?

What about when your spouse, how has professed, breaks and turns to the world due to fear and pressure?

those are just 3 questions, and the church leadership will say pray.
what about be of one mind and one accord or come let us reason.

it would be really appreciated if the leadership, bound to the high standards of the pastoral letters of 1, 2 timothy and titus would step up and answer the difficult questions.

as a believer i can provide scripture that seems contrary, clarifications on those issues would be most helpful, especially for new believers under the current circumstances.

jd addressed a few last update and i hope he continues to make Q&A a segment of the updates…above all most useful.

If we dont know what time it is by now then I would have to ask if you are truly spirit filled. All of the geopolitical socioeconomic events and how science is creeping towards are doors is futile without a plan of action that unifies the body

john 1335 says they will know you by your love for each other, where is this being visibly demonstrated by us to the world? the amish made prime time when the crazed shot up a school house, they assembled, prayed over the school house and burnt it down. made national news

where are we evidenced?

when will dogma and traditionalism be replaced with an unmoving love for the One who was ripped to shreds and hung from a cross? when will action not words rise?

If someone stepped up and said the battle belongs to the lord and we are to be sheep to the slaughter and it was prayed on and confirmed, i would walk that walk.

However, no one wants to go there…

we can narrow this down: housing, transportation and food its that basic

wait until the next wave of constructed or shed variants cause an impact like ebola would. houses would be incinerated.

the national guard has 22 man teams in all 54 states and territories, i worked on the program briefly. I knew original tiger team members.

these are next generation Armageddon types that only report to FEMA not even the governor, all 1st responders are direct reports. if there is a regional whatever, multi states they deploy and also deploy within a given state.

they are trained to encase buildings with the equivalent of shrink wrap, hit it with a flame thrower to encase it.

i would not put it past them to lock down contaminated buildings this way.

beyond all of this, i have no problem walking into the furnace, but i am married now and as her covering have to protect. what is that suppose to look like and to what degree?


for a very long time I was convinced to be “like Jesus,” in that I would never even in self-defense kill another person. in the past year I have changed my mind. the Bible describes protecting the innocent, sometimes through bloodshed.

I realized I would definitely do whatever it takes to protect my family and friends, for instance, if someone was a physical threat. especially my nephews or future children.

so in conclusion, my new stance is that I know I would defend the innocent, to any measure. and the Bible recognized my own life as something to defend as well. so I am not sure what id do exactly, but I don’t need to fear God’s wrath for protecting innocent people, including myself.

my grandpa was a grumpy man who never showed any real affection. his form of love was teasing, etc, never anything better than that, so it wasn’t funny to us. he only ever gave me one piece of advice, and since it’s the one thing ever, I get queasy over thinking about actually having to use it some time: He said that if I ever have to defend my life, use my pointer and middle finger to jab the person straight through their eyeballs in one hard thrust. horrible. I will remember this though. I would only do it if I really had to.

at the same time, there’s the romantic idea of being a simple martyr: If someone threatens my life over Jesus, it would be good to be that witness that gives my life to prove my loyalty.

it’s just hard to say what I will choose if I’m ever in that situation. but whatever I choose, I feel confident in His leading and redemption and healing.

only problem with my post here is that I do not know offhand where I found these things in the Bible. maybe someone else can cite. but it’s definitely what I studied through reading from the beginning, that over the course of what I read, I became convinced it’s moral to defend the innocent even if the threat must be killed- and that it’s also moral to do everything you can to NOT kill someone.

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You nailed it Jamie! What an uplifting and encouraging message to begin my day! Come on everyone, focus, focus, focus, on Jesus! We simply have to go through these things to get to where we are going. We don’t like it, of course we don’t but it is necessary in order to fulfill God’s prophetic plan. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake. God allowed Satan to try Job’s faith by stripping him of his wealth, his children and finally his health and Job never knew why he was suffering. Some things about human suffering God cannot possibly explain to us at the time without destroying the very purpose they are designed to fulfill. Well, guys, here we are. People we love are getting jabbed left, right and center and if they are Christians, which all in my family are, we cannot comprehend this. What were they thinking! We know they will suffer. We know it was a very bad choice. And we know there is nothing we can do but God…can and will bring about his purpose in everything in his perfect time. And they are still saved.
I have to remind myself throughout the day, not to despair, not to fear, and not to worry about the things I have no control over. As Pastor J.D. says, “things aren’t falling apart they are falling into place.”
Hang onto God’s promises everyone. Stay strong. Be vigil. Soon, very soon, the trumpet will sound. In an instant, we are out of here. We are homeward bound forever!
And oh that glorious day!


:notes:What a day, glorious day, that will be!


i think the reason he keeps saying “this vax” is to refer to covid vax in general, no matter the brand. they are all connected to abortion.

that being said, i do appreciate the close paying-attention to what farag says. its needed. i dont want to blindly follow someone and ignore the red flags along the way just because i agree with everything else they say. so thanks for raising this point. it doesnt deter me from farag, because i feel his words served proper purpose. but maybe youll find something else that DOES rub me wrong. ive let farag know when he offended me, and over the following months i noticed he stopped doing those things i warned about. i dont know if i had anything to do with that but since then he hasnt rubbed me wrong again at all. i appreciate your input.

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Hi Cameron. I have been staying up to date on everything going on in this world and all I can say is, “Wow.” We are seeing God’s very hands at work everywhere.
I am seeing our focus zeroing in on things more than ever before and we must be careful.
It was the election, or lack of, critical race theory, “climate change,” the vaccine, and about 100 other things, all at once.
Zoom out and see the big picture, all of us.
I don’t think the government has a right to force us to take a medicine if we don’t want to, but like Obama care, we’ve seen this before.
Knowing that this is not my home, I pay attention because I see prophecy unfolding, but beyond that, I need to pull back on my emotions on things that may not deserve so much attention.
God will reveal what he wants us to know and keep hidden what we are not to know, so I leave it to him.
My salvation doesn’t depend on anything happening these days and I have to remind myself of that quite often, and refocus.
I’m just ready to fly, that’s all I know.:grin:


Hi Bruce. Please correct me if mistaken, but your understanding of eschatology is more in line with the reformed view? What I understand is that the book of revelation in your view is not future (as futurists would see it)? Is that correct?

Personally I don’t see the vax all that related to the mark. Although perhaps in minor ways. When the Internet of things is up and running world knowledge would likely double at exponential rates. How things look in x number of years may be far different that how we view things today. So much so, it may be incomprehensibly different. Do you see a coming AC, or coming mark of the beast though Bruce at all in the future of the world?

You can guarantee, and I understand your concerns, but whatever happens happens. I would not think it unreasonable for a forum to have a ban in place should discussion become not edifying according to the reason for the forum. I have witnessed several that did engage with you and were trying to better understand you position, including myself. However, I am a cessationist. I don’t jump on “end time” bandwagons. I am here for fellowship and encouragement as are most. If your convictions lead you to aggravate a forum more than helpful discussion beyond expecting members of a forum to appease whatever bias you may bring here (we all have them Bruce) not tempered, or perhaps as considerate of the forum members and our purpose for being gathered here…it is not unreasonable to have banning in place.

Bruce what do you make of Ezekiel 38? How might you explain nations aligning in that direction? I am here because I do see indications of end times biblically. Would you be prepared to discuss Ezekiel 38 conversationally withholding necessarily including language outside of cordial discourse to do so? Because the way I see it (having been in the reformation movement for over 20 years) this is primarily a concern of denominational positions (at least to some reasonable degree conversationally at its core–to not permit that to be understood as a part of how we are reasoning or not through all of this would be to dismiss some fundamental ground rules of logic, i believe). Blessings.

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@BrucePeters Welcome back, hope your stay is fruitful for you. Doc

Galatians 5:22-23. " But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."


the other responses were good and i didnt feel the need to elaborate really because of that. but im going back through the replies ive rcvd, and will take a minute now to fill in a bit on this one.

as for the pastor/evangelicals etc issue, @Saved-by-Grace 's answer is a good one. i have more to say about that issue myself. i was attending a church for a bit that i thought was great. they were not enforcing social distancing or masks or anything. most people didnt take any special precautions. the pastor and his wife always spoke to us like family and we took this all to mean that they didnt fall for the agenda. they shocked us when one day the pastor said in front of the congregation (months ago), “and they have vaccines coming, thats great!..” and just continued talking, so casually, about other things. we were stunned. i did confront the pastors wife a couple months later, apologizing for our disappearance, and i explained how we were spooked out of there. she said they are trying their best to research and understand whats going on, and that also they do not feel they have the right to tell people what to do with their bodies. reading her entire message, it occurred to me that these people are very kind, and simply dont know the truth. they were deceived by mainstream media and did not feel comfortable leading their flock on this one. but to say its “great” that vaccines were coming, was in my opinion too far to say if you really are trying NOT to influence our health decisions. it showed that they dont really know whats going on. so there can be a myriad of reasons why people in these powerful positions would promote the vax, and in my personal life, i saw that it was due to simple ignorance. their words to the congregation were not out of spiritual discernment or really knowing whats in the shots, or how they came about… it was all about being PC and like @Saved-by-Grace said, preventing offending their crowd. i like to think that if they knew the truth, they would not be promoting the vax. she refused to talk to me about it further, saying we need to call her husband the pastor. my husband and i felt, after a few days had passed, that it was pretty shallow for her to refuse to discuss ANYTHING through text, when clearly we both have great reading comprehension. they are not good spiritual leaders when it comes to this situation. so we just wont go there anymore.

i still think this family is trying to do right by God, but they dont know enough to lead us through this. and were immature in handling our concerns. cant stay there.

as for WWJD i think he would never ever ever accept something into his body that required the killing of a quite-formed baby in order to produce. think about this: If they report that the vaccine is what saved us, theyd also be able to say, “ABORTION MADE THIS POSSIBLE.” a huge part of this war is about abortion, and thats a load of a conversation in itself. theres no way im going to give that industry a leg. and Jesus wouldnt either, in my opinion.

no you didnt offend me. thank you for raising your questions and i wont be offended if there is more.


Also notice “The state does not publicize the number of residents who tested positive after being fully vaccinated but did not die or require hospitalization in order to “help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance,” IDPH’s website reads.”
That reason to NOT publicize the numbers who test positive after full vaccinated, would then possibly show the public how ineffective the vaccines are, and we can’t have that info publicized because then people would know what’s really going on.


Are other news stories being covered up like the jab stories? Are people trying to get us to forget other topics like they want us to get off this one? It’s not going to work on me. When people lie and hide things, there’s always a reason.


I wonder what the take will be on this - or if it will be swept away “unnoticed.”


Nothing to see here…


That speaks volumes. Must be more than a few.

Is this one a member of the “most transparent administrations ever” club?


The comments on this article/video are most interesting:


Yes, but it’s the choir. If they dared put this on Huff Post there would be an all out attack on the Senator from every angle.

This information is exposing pure evil intent to do harm and kill. And evil seems to be winning right now. But God remains in control. Game on.


I feel what you’re saying. definitely, what sources to trust?

as for me I can’t say offhand what sources I used to believe that each vax is tied to abortion. but I can tell you why I believe that strongly. I am in close contact with Sydna Masse, who runs herchoicetoheal.com. she is the best source for abortion info. she understands the pain through and through, has helped hundreds and hundreds of women work through their abortion pain, has heard it all. she follows this stuff VERY closely.

I don’t want to blindly believe anyone, but when it comes to abortion, due to my own experiences, I’ve come to really trust her. when I looked up sources that seemed credible- not msm or simple hype- all the credible-seeming ones agreed that each vax comes from abortion… and Sydna agrees. so I could be wrong technically, I’m not up close and personal, but I do trust this woman who follows this stuff so closely, everything abortion-related. most of the time when I share abortion news with her, she already knew about it, and is able to spout off more info that I didn’t originally see.

so that’s the basis for my belief. at this point I “spout” it without being able to say which source said what. each person has to do their own investigation to form their beliefs. someone else might come to a diff conclusion, but as someone who is traumatized by abortion and is unpeeling its history continuously, this is where I’ve ended up, trying to understand why it’s happening, and Sydna says things that match up with my own common sense. she says this war is greatly tied in with abortion. she gained my trust well before she made this statement. to this day I believe her. but she’s been wrong on a couple unrelated things, so I know she’s not perfect. thanks for asking. I’ll be transparent in saying that while I don’t have perfect Works Cited to back up my beliefs, I HAVE read opinions from all sides of the debate, and this is where I’m at… always looking for more info. <3

oh yeah one more thing. I do feel I am wise when it comes to abortion truths… but as for most other topics, I’m fitting the category you describe, where it’s like, I know who not to trust, but who CAN i? most people end up disappointing me at some point and become untrustworthy in my eyes. so while I just spoke of being sure of myself, that’s just the topic of abortion I think. most other things I would not sound so sure. it really HELPS knowing who to never trust, but it’s hard when you don’t know who you CAN listen to. so it’s a matter of having the open-minded attitude you describe… not even being able to trust ourselves even, knowing we could rcv new info that changes everything. abortion is one exception in my mind I can think of, an area where I feel I can be sure of most of what I’m saying, because of having been through it and recalling the ways I was manipulated and abused in order for them to get my baby. who knows what they did with it. on my original abortion date, they told me theyd “made a mistake in scheduling” and the doctor in that day does not do abortions as late-gestation as mine was … my first thought was, wait, if it’s legal for me to do it, why would any abortionist have a moral qualm about this? I was desperate to have it done, frustrated that they could let me drive a half hour just to be sent home all of a sudden, so I gave them that extra week… years later I now realize that they knew they could get away with getting mine to develop more first, since I’d expressed from the beginning that I was definitely going to do this. I should have known things were fishy when the ultrasound tech didn’t want me to look at the ultrasound screen. but I was 18, scared of having this baby, and let it go. I just thought she was rude. now I understand each person there played a part in getting my eventually-14-week baby. because of knowing these things, and having sydna to lean on and give me yet more good info about how abortionists and their “clinics” work, has made me feel sure about a lot of things when it comes to abortion. just showing you where I’m at.

sorry hope this is the last addition: A concept comes to mind- I might not be right about everything as far as abortionists, and I sure don’t know half there even is to know, but I DO know what they are capable of… I can only imagine how deep it goes, when you are pulling a baby out until its neck, see it wriggling as a tiny human, and snip its neck off while its head is still inside the mom. partial-birth abortion is a real thing. imagine what people who feel okay about doing that, are capable of. for me it’s easy to believe the worst stories I hear, just knowing from personal experience what they are capable of. (I didn’t have partial birth abortion though, it was the typical suction type inside uterus. shudder!!!) (at least that’s what they told me. apparently they lie a lot. so if they wanted mine for special purpose , their chosen method might have been different than as advertised to me.)