July 4, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: delivers the unpopular message of warning that God has declared disaster upon the world.

Truly a Light message for these dark times.




Greetings from Canada,
Cannot watch the video, it cuts after ~3min in the JDFarag.org website… cannot download either

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At last my updates…come along…
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This topic addresses so many situations today.

On the one hand we see the fake ‘experts’ proclaiming tidings of good things ahead, all of which contradict God’s Word. I will list examples below.

  1. There is a great global revival coming. This is false. Anyone who knows we are in the end times can read what is prophesied for the end, it isn’t revival, it’s deception.
  2. Many in the church have abandoned the idea, or think that it can be sidestepped, about God’s impending judgment on the world and destruction via wrath. They think we can all come together and have a utopia and planetary ‘pentecost,’ but that is false. God’s wrath will fall because His Word declares it, and the world is ripe for it. There is no getting around it.
  3. Things in the church will get better. The world will enter and become more churchified. This too is false. The Bible says the church will fall more and more into apostasy and deception as we get closer to the end. The world will get worse, sin and sinners will wax worse and worse as the end draws near.
  4. The US will have a big turn around towards conservative government, maybe even a ‘Trump’ comeback. This also is false. Rather it is lead into captivity as we currently see more and more. It is too late for better news, time is up and the end is here. Just the other day was a report about facebook asking others to turn in conservatives for ‘extremism.’ The government agencies have all been indoctrinated with CRT. Marxism is making great strides all around. It won’t be long until they start coming after their target number one, Evangelical Christians. The time of testing is here, and we will be as well.
  5. Those who take the vaccines will be okay. Bzzzt! Those are exactly the ones who won’t be because they took it, we will be the ones left standing by not taking it.

Now we have church leaders trying to turn it all around in the opposite way, scorning those of us who proclaim impending judgment and apocalypse as imminent. We are labeled as the ‘bad guy.’ We are vilified relentlessly for not believing the false positive soothsayers claims of good times ahead, and for holding to the facts from the Bible that the worst time of human history lay ahead instead.

And all these slanderers forget this about the virus and the vaccine, even if their narrative were true and the vax really worked against the virus, then all they need to do is go out and get the jab and if it is any good, then they are inoculated and don’t have to worry about getting the virus, including from those unvaccinated! If anyone gets the virus, the unvaccinated are guilty of NOTHING, because either the other person had the vaccine and it didn’t work, or he did not get it and that is his own fault. If the vax does not work for him, it won’t work any better for us. And vice versa. So he is responsible for himself, and I for myself. If there are some out there who are not able to get the vaccine due to health reasons, then put ME on that list too, based on what I know about MYSELF. And that, even according to their false narrative! They fall into their own pit that they dug. I pity them not.

Timely message indeed!
God bless!


Could Biden and his party being in power be to lead to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38? Democrats have refused to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome. ‘Turned Their Backs On Israel’: McCarthy Blasts Dems After They Reject Request For Replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome | The Daily Wire
Also, here are Forms for Employees or Students Whose Employers or Schools Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections
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And they are already planning the next plandemic which I believe will occur after the Rapture.
The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 A Futuristic Scenario To Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication https://stars.library.ucf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1029&context=jicrcr
Also, I believe that if we put spiritual warfare and prophecy scriputures in memes that it can help reach people when posted on social media. They may help lead people to the Lord. If posted in the right order, they tell a story. Right click on a meme and select “save as” if you want to download it.

Last days
Everything we have been experiencing, it is all part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, that is the resetting of the entire world to prepare the people for the arrival of One World Government. "it [the beast] was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. " (Revelation 13:7) This is where current events are leading.
Luke 21
ABCs of Salvation


JD confirmed for me today what I was believing for a few weeks now. Not everyone is getting this jab. There are placebos in it. It makes sense, because it would be too obvious if everyone is having side effects. I just know with my heart, that this gene experiment (called jab) is evil and meant to change humans/behaviors/sterilize and kill those who are weak. Because in the New World Order they dont need weak humans. It makes me sad that so many brothers and sisters are deceived, believing the lie, if they take the vaxx they will be free and living their old life again.

I only get peace in knowing, when we are in heaven, everything is forgiven.


From bro Tyler: WEF will have cyber pandemic simulation in July

They are really pushing this jab here in Northern Ireland and some I know are caving so they can travel etc … Plus if you want to volunteer for charities etc you’ll need double jab , great devision now people with double jab calling others without murders etc :scream::scream:

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Thanks @hotchiwawa - fixed now.

For some reason the website team are putting up a ‘Temporary’ video first, then switching to an updated video at some point, which changes the URL.


Just remember the birth pangs are worsening, and if my calendar is correct, about to ramp up incredibly.

Would not doubt they use the July 4th celebrations to push a narrative of increases in the “Delta Variant” to push the vaccines more.

Just keep an eye on Israel as the activity there looks to also be picking back up.


Their lie is big to say that the delta is caused by unvax people. A lot will believe it :frowning:

It reminds me the lie of Nero who burned Rome and said the Christians did it, to kill them.


@mcberthelot I think you have a good point about memes for evangelizing (or at this point pulling the lost out of the fire). This short picture message is this generations’ preferred medium.


If you add the prefix order in the img name: 0, 1, 2… the files would be saved in the correct order.

Ex: 0abc.jpg, 1abc.jpg…

Hardly need to read between these lines…


The “funny” thing ist, we already reached Herd Immunity. Some brave Doctors told us.

But this is against the “vaxx them all” Agenda.


i agree with what you say about memes! and want to add to your fire note, there is a quote from a song I keep remembering, “all hands on deck to pull survivors from the landfill.”