June 18, 2023: Topical Study -- Depart From Evil (with Worship)

:bible2: Depart From Evil (with Worship)

Expositional teaching by Pastor Mac expounding on Psalm 34:11-16, examining an aspect of how King David would promote a godly response to evil, even while being on the receiving end of evil.

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Title says it all really:

Depart from Evil (with Worship).

34 I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
2 My soul shall make its boast in the Lord;
The humble shall hear of it and be glad.
3 Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

Psalm 34

6 But He gives more grace. Therefore He says:

“God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”

7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

James 4


Remember the Revelation 12 sign in 2017?
Take a look at these…
Signs in the sun and the moon and the stars…


These videos are amazing Julie, thank you and God bless you for posting them! It seems all pre-trib rapture believers may be wrong, according to this brothers findings. I am/was a pre-trib believer myself, so this find puts a wrench in the gears of that belief. God has been telling us all, for many centuries, what His plans are and based on His plans and will, these things He told us to look for ARE there and are undeniable. Praise The Lord!! Time is short and God Bless Us All!

In His Love,


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Thank you Pastor Mac.

So true, the Bible teaches morals that never changes- the world teaches ethics that change continously.

Pride is soooo deadly and dangerous,pride prevents us from seeking God. Prideful people don’t see the need or importance of seeking God & having a relationship with Him.

Years I spent in vanity and pride
Caring not my Lord was crucified
Knowing not it was for me He died
At Calvary


Hi Julia. Very interesting view of the star map. I’m a big believer in 8-21-17 /9-23-17 / 4-8-24 as mapping. I could be off…but yeah i think September 23 was the Rev 12 sign. Interesting take of star maps blended with our strange events on earth being of seeds that grow into more robust seals. I’ve been more of the school of thought that the seals will be mammoth. But, it is interesting to consider them perhaps in seed form. I actually think there is something to that. Perhaps in the sense i’d see it would be like 'revealings" or mirror metaphor like…“hint,” “hint,” kind of thing.

Also, i think that is pretty neat how this man sees similarities of the Rev 12 sign and the first seal in how they play out (in his estimation) theatrically in the celestials with Jupitor and the horse being covered in white. In my view, the Rev 12 sign and first seal seem to poetically be the only signs of their sets that seem to have a non-ominious hue to them. Woman/child (set among red dragon and 7 angels of judgment celestial signs) and champion rider (among all the other 21 tribulation pictographs–none with a tame exterior). To me it suggests a rapture bang zone…but nonethess…wow…the horse was draped in sunlight (covered with the sun) like the woman…now that’s a FIRST…lol. Blessings.


Yes i agree… the king planet, Jupiter born from virgo’s womb after 9 months, then travelling through to point out new revelations in other constellations… :thinking:
Daniel was told to close the book until intelligence increases… so new revelations should be expected…
The wise men knew about Jesus birth because of the stars… lost knowledge that was hijacked by satan for horoscopes…
Its interesting stuff…


Morning Julie,
I’ve heard Uval Noah Harari (Schwab’s guy) say that AI will give everyone what they’ve been wanting: a holy book written by a superior entity, a new correct Bible. Funny how he’s always against the One True God, never against any little g gods. Their “holy books” are okay, AI is gonna correct God’s Word. rofl

This guy is seriously deranged, and leading the unthinking masses straight to hell. It grieves me that so many who say they believe God, and say they follow Him, are enamored with this AI baloney. May God have mercy upon them.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea about the channel— don’t recall ever seeing it. Had heard about Harari’s newest delusion so when this came across my feed, I watched.


I struggle to watch that guy… he makes my gip rise… for someone who dosent believe in God he sure spends a lot of time and energy complaining about Him…
Hes doing all he can to make way for the antichrist…
Judgement is coming… and they will not escape…
Get ready… Jesus is coming.
Cant wait!!!
God bless you. :pray::heart::two_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Hi Julie. Yeah for sure. A not so commonly known term is Mazzaroth (ancient Jewish belief of the bible story being told in the celestials). This channel gets into it if interested:


One video i found of interest of theirs is a short one concering the Great American Eclypse part 1 and 2:

As to the Rev 12 sign, i find it interesting how it mirrors one theory too of the time of Christ’s birth:

Some may wonder if the seals are going off now. I am of the school of thought that the seals are part of the tribulation (not subsequent to it). But i also hold a unique perspective that seal 1 and 2 are not part of the tribulation proper, but rather the end point of the age of grace and the beginning point (door step–welcome matt to the tribulation era). I believe the tribulation starts on seal 3. So yeah its not a common view at all.

As for the red dragon sign associated with Rev 12:5, i believe what we see in Rev 12 is the story embracing those two signs…but that those two signs occur in different eras. 1 is prior to the trib (such as i believe would be during a time of the age of grace)…likely what we we saw in 2017. And the red dragon sign appear for Trumpet judgements when their time during the tribulation appear. The third (and only other sign found in the book of Revelation) sign being Rev 15:1, for bowl judgements. So in theory, it would seem possible that the sign for “seal” judgements is the woman/child presented 7 years ahead of schedule during the patience of God and age of grace.

Just a foot note: I don’t believe the eclypse making an X over America is necessarily a bad thing in as much as it might be a disclaimer X marketing the end (or nearing end) of the age of grace officially…if you will. Just my thoughts. :slight_smile: Blessings.


Exciting to see such statements made in our day. Quite the validator…although we don’t need one, that is for sure…amen.



Morning Jenn,

Getting locked out… AI says you can’t come in to your own house! Why my house will stay as dumb as possible. Unfortunately, the electric company replaced meter with a smart device a few years ago….

Tom from Watchman River told about a guy who had a “smart house.” Not sure if story is true, but it’s certainly possible. Amazon driver told his superiors about a racist comment he heard on the Ring doorbell and Amazon turned the house OFF (as in no smart device could be turned on— AC, TV, lights, garage, etc.). Turns out the driver didn’t hear what he thought he heard…. Still, the homeowner had problems getting his house back online.

One of the biggest reasons for the push to digital currency is the ability to manipulate accounts. I’ve read that there are even plans to incorporate expiration dates into digital dollars— can’t have anybody saving for a rainy day….

I want to go home! I pray God has mercy on those who are embracing their own destruction. I pray they wake up before He calls us home. Hard to conceive what this world will look like without the hand of God holding back evil.



Dr Peter McCullough testifies in Pennsylvania senate…
Vaccine injuries


AI is asked how it would fulfil the book of revelation…

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More confirmation of bible truth… not that we need it…
The Moabite stone.


@J.R.W, Julie, this man’s findings in the constellations blew my mind. His mathematical calculations of the chances of these things happening put them square into the hand of God. God is order. These are in order. I do not have the program nor the math skills to accomplish what he has found. Another body part of the church in practice.
He noted 30 moons, 3 moons, 9 moons, and I don’t recall if the moon cycle was given for the 4th sign, but I expect it to be divisible by 3, representing the Godhead. Could we expect anything less of our great Creator? In my human capacity, I am brought very low, humbled before my Lord.

This man’s thought concerning a pre-wrath rapture has been shaken. We are not told just how much we will experience or see before our rapture, but that to look up when these things BEGIN to happen - not BEFORE they happen - for our redemption is soon.

It has been 18 months since the last rider began. I’m curious as to how many moon cycles will have occured by the Feast of Trumpets this year.