June 5, 2022 - How Close is The Rapture?

I read an article by a lady who was in the metaverse doing research, it was her job. Her avatar was assaulted (sexually) by 2 male avatars passing a bottle of alchohol between them. Seriously unsafe, head messing stuff.


Sheep and cattle burps, that is so stupid!


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COVID-19 and THE GREAT RESET: What should be our Christian response? Part 6 (Who is the enemy?)

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Sorry folks! This was a really good video but I wasn’t able to copy and share as I typically do. Looks like there is no link for you to easily access it, but if you are interested, perhaps you could use the title in the search engine of your choice to find it???


Good question @LA the short answer to which is: the same way people were saved prior to the gift of the Holy Spirit; faith.

Hebrews 11






The issue is can Trump really save America??? Pastor JD warned us about this elephant in the room. Some are really upset right?

RNC can rigged the presidential candidate election right? Put in a dark horse in the race and voila beat Trump in votes 2 years later.



thank you JD needed this refresher, may God bless you and your church

I wish I had a pastor that talked about this, not many around me believe in the pretrib rapture.

I allow that things may get more dicey before we go, but it looks to me like we are either out of here soon, and before all the seals, or the sixth seal at the latest.

I trust God no matter what. But the more I study the more I see the rapture as soon, and very soon.

I hope its very soon.


I’m going to have to comment. I mean no disrespect. I sincerely am pointing out some major concerns out of love for you and truth.

The very first red flag was right off with the “ find your way home” comment. This is a common phrase in the ecumenical movement in which Catholics are trying to merge all religions together with the goal of returning everyone to Catholicism in some form or another. She also reinforces this saying it’ll be Christs ‘s for all the churches to come together as one. She also says this will occur “ before the warning “…. This is the end time One World Religion coming to fruition.

Second the phrase “ the coming illumination and conscience of all souls. I have heard this in what is called “ Christ consciousness “ . This is the ideology that eventually we will reach a god like level of consciousness but it is not synonymous with sanctification. It is extremely New Age based. She mentions getting guidance from a visionary… that is new age as well.

Third the comment about mystics and worldwide church. Any time a church uses the term mystics in a positive light, be on alert. Also the worldwide church goes back to my original red flag I first mentioned.

Fourth, this so called being interconnected in relation to “ the warning” she keeps referring to is concerning. This again is jargon reiterating what I’ve mentioned so far.
I am almost positive this the warning “ and what these 2 women are discussing is actually not the rapture and definitely not the biblical rapture.

She mentions the Fatima vision which was supposedly the Virgin Mary but in reality, this was not from God but a type of deceptive sign and wonder event that we are warned to not fall for.

My strongest, heartfelt advice would be to first research the deception of Catholicism, the terms these ladies keep mentioning and their New Age origins and meanings and lastly watch a man named Spencer Smith. He has some videos called Third Adam. They explain ecumenism, new age, Catholicism and it’s symbols and something on the rise called “ The Divine Feminine “.
I guarantee after watch those you will get a better understanding of the major unbiblical dialogue these two women are having.

Please understand, we are in such deceptive times. On the surface and a lack of understanding regarding New Age teachings and core Catholic doctrines, these women will sound very
“ Christian”. They are a perfect example, sincere as they may be, of how truth has been influenced so that it is not actually truth at all.

I tried with all sincerity to put my wording in a way that hopefully helps you understand my concern without judgment. :heart::heart:


Just watched this clip of the video game Bioshock. It was released in 2007 when the idea of it being real was still unfathomable. Not anymore! Thanks for the post FinalGen22! :blush:


These two women are just sadly deceived. Let’s pray for them to come to know Jesus and be saved! :heart::dove:


Beautifully said. Clear as crystal. Amen, and God Bless you forever @Stephmerm . :heart: :dove:


Thank you very much Dennis @dclv for sharing the information and updates that you do. It is helpful to see current prophetic events gathered into one place and to stay abreast of what is transpiring daily. In regard to the Terry James Prophecy blog, just a cogent quote:

“In God’s holy eyes, men and women have equal standing. Each has a divine purpose. Heaven is, and will be in the future, populated by men and women who are absolutely magnificent in every respect. (I have personally seen them, but won’t go into that again here.)

To be part of that glorious place Jesus has prepared for all who are prophetically destined to live there for eternity, in magnificent, new, perfect bodies, here is the only requirement:

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9–10)"


Another preprogramming



Thank you dicv!!! This is the video i’ve been trying to post for days now, lol! :smile::+1:


That is just beautiful!

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