March 31, 2024: Revelation 1:4-8 -- What Christ’s Resurrection Means To Me

:bible2: Revelation 1:4-8 – What Christ’s Resurrection Means To Me

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: continues a verse-by-verse study through the book of Revelation and focuses in on what the resurrection of Jesus Christ means to us and for us.

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Just wondering if this Tuesday’s prayer meeting will be archived (since it is a late start & would rather not stay up all night to watch live).


Hi the prayer meetings/teachings are usually stored under recent topicals and guests the brilliant ones on prayer ate stored there


Just confirming that it will be available on after the live stream and we’ll be posting a link to it under Topical Studies (although we might give these prayer meetings their own category soon).


That would be an excellent idea, provided people can stay on topic and not try and turn it into their own private chat room for catch up.


This Easter Sermon was truly SO unique.
Using: Revelation 1: 4-8 was nothing short of Holy Spirit Genius, and heartwarming.
It is still resonating with me deep in my soul.


Here it is. :+1:


Hi Ken. I’m responding to you but my
overall transparency is for all. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was upset with your statement. Having said that I will continue:

I’m glad you brought this up. My first stop here was in January of 21. There’s been an ebb and flow of fluctuations both of the structure of the forum as well as my attendance over the years. I’ve made a conclusion based on personal experience and personal interactions with others here and I’ve given this a great deal of thought and prayer. Although I’m well aware that there’s no typical member here (in many ways it couldn’t be a more eclectic bunch) I do believe that this place has been a lifeline of sorts for fellow believers. From the “unchurched” to the physically challenged due to age or other factors…to those ghosted by loved ones…to those who just need encouragement in this increasingly twisted world….believers had found a respite and a refuge. Why, there are people behind the avatar and the posts that are going through things that we are completely unaware of…things that perhaps we may not even understand. So, despite the spiritual attacks and even some abuses by ourselves, it’s very hard to believe that it was ever God’s will that the forum would be clipped back to such limited space to “catch up” with one another. And you’re right, we shouldn’t technically even be doing that according to the Code of Conduct. I so appreciate the leniency that the mods have extended. They’re family too and are very much cared for and prayed for. For the longest time I did not understand how fellowship and friendship in the example of genuine koinonia could be obtained in an online only place. But it has stood the test of time and people here have shared and seen one another through things like the loss of a parent or even the loss of a pet. It means so much to have access to that touch of The Church. It’s what it’s meant for and it’s for His glory and it’s to set the precedent for the world.

This fellowship is a result of Christ’s resurrection therefore it’s meaningful.

Sometimes a hello just evolves into something more and we must always remind ourselves that love>prophecy.

1 Cor 13:8


Well this is interesting. Most of the time emails from my sister end up in the inbox. On rare occasion they end up marked as spam. So was I surprised when I was cleaning up email folders when I found the email that had the below link in it? Nahhhhh Satan tried to hide it but I found it anyway.


I closed my eyes and just listened to the words. So powerful and full of hope renewed, hallelujah!


Sorry for the delayed response. Between cars going down and then losing our well I have not been around too much.

No I did not take offence at your post, you expressed many of my thoughts.

The solution as I see it is a prayer request category.
Where prayer requests are kept short and simple. If a person feels a need to explain their request then it could be done on the Koinonia thread. This will stop people from having to scroll through many discussions just to find the prayer requests. Some people when seeing general discussions between 2 or 3 people might feel like they are interrupting, and not post their prayer request.

Next a separate Koinonia category where people can share stories, catch up with others, love on one another, and chat on whatever they want and where anyone can join in.
But NO FOOD fights.
Maranatha and God Bless