May 14, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- ⌛ Oh Lord, How Much Longer?

Pastor Brandon Holthaus on the emerging AI Religion…clearly explained, a sobering reality.

We are in Armour of God territory brethren (Ephesians 6)

Blessings, R :sunflower:


@Reepicheep Carmen, welcome to our community, lots to do here and we hope that you find it a blessing!


Thank you for your welcome YosemiteMountainMan :blush: - ‘…Let us encourage each other all the more as we see the Day approaching’ (Hebrew 10:24), the Lord go with you and all the brethren here. R :sunflower:


Thank you for sharing (i think i will have nightmares though). Welcome to the forum
Look up our redemption draws near!


None of us want to invite the demonic realm into our lives, especially me at this time in my life. But as I see it time is short and for some at certain times we are called to expose it. I am not particularly a strong warrior but I do have faith the Holy Spirit to make up for my short comings.

The idea of going to the theater was based on faith he would be with me and I just felt it was important to follow through.

To me that is much more of a challenge than what I did for the Lord by a long ways. I have a hard time going out with sharing in mind anywhere and especially you choosing going into a Somali mall, amazing I am sure the Lord was well pleased to see your faith in action.

I would not go see the movie if the Lord had not led me and neither should anyone else for that matter.

I talked with a brother a moment ago that said we should never take of our Armor of God, while I never take it off by choice, I know I do not always wear it well and find myself readjusting it on a regular basis you might say.

Father Please Send your Son Quickly


I listen to BHolthause often. This video is very informative and I think central to our understanding to everything we are seeing/hearing. IMHO a must watch!
Thanks for posting!


Brandon really hit it out of the ballpark with his last two AI updates. I work in IT and had sorta been following Chat GPT, but had no idea how far along it now has gone.


There is not any throttling down and there is no going back its already in the system all over the world. Right now its just taking in all the data from everywhere its possible.

We are just see the tip of the iceberg in all of this technology.




Got this from Tyler’s channel so it’s ok to laugh… humor is healthy and God wants you to lighten up lol


What is happening in our world today is undoubtedly concerning. But despite it all - you can rest assured: For the people of God… the news is always good!

You need not be confused, intimidated, or frightened. God has a plan for this world - He has a purpose for each unfolding event… and for you!

Let Dr. Jeremiah’s book, Where Do We Go From Here? remind you that you have a hope that cannot be shaken… guide your next steps in a world hurtling toward the end… and fill yourself with confidence and courage to live boldly for the Lord, knowing that the victory has already been secured!

Dr. David Jeremaih

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Thank you Margaret for your warm welcome, yes it all reeks of dystopia- thank God our hope is not of this world, hold fast dear sister :sunflower:


Amen, in Christ alkne our hope is found…he is our rock pur fim foundation. Earlier i was thanking God for his faithfulness and unchanging nature…he is not a man that she shoukd lie nor the son of man that he shoukd change my mind. When we put our trust in man (or woman!) The wiseat most loving person may have to relocate, die become ill or demented…they may still care but be be incapable of helping or God never changes his covenant with Abraham still stands and his promise to us will never be revoked. The calling and primise of God is irrevocable
Shaloom sister

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I have a sad heart for this foolish fellow. I also don’t think he will get to enjoy the fruits of his labor very long if at all.

Not sure anyone will need to push him under the bus at this point, he may just walk out in front of it on his on.

This scripture surely fits a special group of folks destined for destruction and its very sad to see how most end.

Matthew 16:26
What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

Job 2:4
And Satan answered the LORD, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.

To me this says they will sellout any or everyone to save themselves.

Romans 6:21
What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now ashamed? for the end of those things is death.

The little Horn he is not but he maybe one the little Horn subdues and destroys is more than possible.



Yup that man is foolish! God will have the Final say. It’s possible he may be one of the 10 Kings that the bible speaks of.


Thank you for posting this warning dear brother. I don’t think just anyone should go see this movie. Be prayed up and prepared to do battle as the enemy is roaring and ready to rumble. Let’s not take his power lightly. Yes, God is on the throne, and we are his children, but the spiritual fight is real for sure!!


That pretty much tells the story for me they have a dark agenda most corporation charities have been taken over long ago.

I was warned by the Messianic Congregation I used to attend 15 years ago to not support this and others like it for the same reasons.