May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Hello and Shalom,

I’m new at Pastor JD’s Forum.

I have read the rules and hope I don’t do something wrong, I do see there is no posting to other teachings and such, so, I will remember that.

I have been watching Pastor JD for many years and his latest 05/02/2021 Prophecy Update was fantastic, I am so happy that there is a voice of reason and insight from a Biblical perspective like Pastor JD.


Last time I used to think its the antichrist ( first beast ) conquer and impose whole beast system on the whole world. After careful and slow reading, there is this False Prophet (second beast) which I missed out completely.

Yes the FP is the one will roll out AI? and MOTB to whole world.

Currently the speculation that Pope Francis is the FP. But he does not appear to do sign and wonders yet. He invited Big Techs for Alien Conferences, Post-Human, AI etc in Vatican City. I am not sure of that catholic prophecy on the linage of popes, how accurate it is.

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OK, now I’m confused…

I just read in the rules that posting others teachings is not allowed.
Andy Woods is one of my teachers also, but I thought by the rules, posting others teachings wasn’t allowed :man_shrugging:

I like Andy Woods due to his literal and contextual bible interpretation methods. I am currently learning how to interpret accurately. I only post teachings which are in line with Pastor JD’s teachings and Prophecy Updates from other ministries. The exception is news like that doctor refusing vaxxed customers, or medical expose on covid1984.

FYI YouTube banned and took down Spiro and Corbett Reports for good from what I heard online due to exposing these truths.

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It isn’t other teachings that is what it says in Rev13:11-18, see verses above. Vs 11-18 talks about the beast with horns like a lamb, speaks like a dragon. Rev 19:20 also says it is him who deceives those who took the mark.

I am only quoting Scripture

I have been talking to friends and family about the rapture and coming to Jesus, that time is running out and they need to accept Him as their savior and into their hearts. Of course some think I am crazy and some tell me it has “always been this way” that there has always been turmoil. I have a friend and sister who are addicted to gambling. My friend tries to stop but has not been successful. My sister does not acknowledge she has a problem. My friend asked me if she would go up in the rapture if she is still in gambling addiction and then went on to say that everyone sins and if you ask forgiveness, God will forgive you. She told me she is sorry in her heart and prays about it but has not been able to fight it. I had no idea how to answer her because she is correct. Everyone does sin but what about those who sin and ask forgiveness but continue in the sin (but hate that they do it)? There has to be many out there! Her question stumped me because the bible tells us to be watchful and be in good standing with God. I looked this up online because I know what the bible says and of course I find different answers. So, if God were making His decision on whether any of us were worthy, if we do not sin, none of us would go. I told my friend she needs to ask Him for forgiveness and ask Him to help her and she says she does. Can anyone help me in how to answer this for her? I know she is scared yet this addiction seems to have a very strong hold on her. She has lost hundreds of thousands! I do believe she hates it and wants to stop. Thank you.

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I really enjoy Pastor JDs prophecy updates, they are what I started listening to before I was listening to his regular sermons. There is so much information given every week some times it’s hard to remember what exactly was said in which service.

That brings me to the question or questions I wanted to ask. Something Pastor JD said in one of his messages regarding working or having jobs in heaven really got me thinking, I wish i could remember exactly which sermon/update it was from but anyway. The idea that the world paints of heaven as being a place where we sit on clouds and play harps all day has never appealed to me. If anything, if I was to believe that, then I would hate the Idea of heaven, perhaps that is the goal of the world to portray living in heaven as a boring existence.

Anyway, I wish I could remember exactly what he said or how he worded it and please someone correct me if I misunderstood. But he said something along the lines of using our talents hear on earth prepares us for using them in heaven or eternity. What exactly did he mean by that?

With the world going as crazy as it is and the reality of how close to the rapture we really are I find myself more then ever thinking about heaven, the kingdome age and eternity. I try to think about what it will be like, for one to give myself something to look forward to because honestly some times in life I feel like I got gipped haha. But then in all seriousness, like everyone else here, I know this world is not my home.

Through my own mistakes in life and well life in general. Things haven’t always worked out for me. That being said I feel like God gave me some talents and skills, but I have never been able to put them to use. This is one of many regrets I have. Now here at what seems to be the end of human history as we know it. I find myself wondering will I finally be able to use these talents in heaven/eternity? Will I be able to do the things I was never able to do here on earth? Granted it may be my flesh or carnal thinking coming into play. Maybe in heaven all memories of this existence will be permantly wiped away. When it comes to past sin, heart ache, pain I believe this is true. But what about the good things?

Granted I do believe what awaits us is far better then what we could ever imagine here on earth. But the goals, hopes and dreams I have here and now, simple things, will I be able to achieve those things in eternity, will I even care about those things? Maybe not… maybe even what can be called good in this life isn’t really all that good in comparison. Maybe this is me struggling to fully let go of this world, I don’t know.


Greetings dlcv,

I also love Andy Woods and agree with you in all that you said.

I am new to Pastor JD’s Forum and just trying to figure things out so I don’t err.


JFelts8031 I hope so, I like my job but doing it for eternity dosn’t sound like heaven to me.

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I am probably not understanding the rules properly, I will read them again.

May 6-8, 2021


Welcome here :smiley: I’m not a forum mod but I can quote one :grin::

I hope that @Twi’s wise words of instruction are helpful to you. If I’ve misquoted (or overstepped) in any way, I take full responsibility. :wink:


Greetings MD,

I find Revelation Chapters 21 and 22 to give us the most concise understanding of the Eternal Realm. There are other verses that give us hints also.

There is a lot we don’t know about the Eternal Realm with Jesus, as far as I know. I think Heaven is, likely, way beyond our earthly understanding in our current bodies which might be why Scripture didn’t give us more details about Heaven.

One thing is sure, Jesus will Create what is in our and His best interests, likely, way beyond what we can imagine now. I think this might be where faith in Him comes in also.

And, you are not alone in your earthly experiences, missed experiences, and wondering intently about the afterlife…I think about it daily, myself.


Thank You :grin:

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No, the job I once had certainly wouldn’t be “heavenly” either.
I worked 13-18 every single day, week after week, month after month…neglecting eating, sleeping, and other of life necessities…I’m pretty sure Heaven will not be a place to abuse us as it was for some of us on earth…Thankfully : )

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Yhvh4life I guess because scripture gives such few details of heaven it’s natural to try to fill in the gaps with things we understand and can comprehend.

Pentagon Develops Microchip Detecting COVID-19 By Tracking Your Blood << New chip developed by the Pentagon for monitoring your blood. Implanted under the skin.


Have you watched this video in its entirety? I never watch a video without going to the source and seeing their beliefs. My antenna went up as I read about this ministry.

But…being the curious person that I am, I went to YouTube and searched for it. (It won’t play from your post) . I have to say, the person speaking, his voice, gave me the creeps after 2 minutes, I shut it down.

So I’m interested in your opinion of this if you watched all of it. :blush:
Your take on the whole thing and a synopsis of the gist of it, if you will :blush: thanks!

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I give myself such skull cramp trying to envision heaven and eternal life :joy:

I think to how beautiful and ideal the Garden Of Eden was, I would imagine that Eternity with Jesus will far exceed that :grin: