Oct 25 2020 - Bible Prophecy Update: Top 10 Bible Prophecies

Pastor JD discusses the Top 10 Bible Prophecies in his latest weekly update. Tune in to the livestream on Sunday. Reply below with your thoughts and comments.

(This link will be updated after the livestream.)

Sounds like another great video! Unfortunately, due to time differences between UK and Hawaii, USA, I am unable to watch your two Sunday services live. However, as always, I will be watching them later in the week - probably tomorrow and Tuesday. I really enjoy ALL your services. They are a good mixture of sincerity, humour and truth of God’s Word that was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. Thank you for posting them Pastor JD.


Awesome website!!! Thank you for this ministry.


Just watched “Top 10 Bible Prophecies”…thank God for Pastor J.D.Farag for being faithful to the TRUTH of God’s Word as the “times of the Gentiles” comes to a close.


Thank you, Pastor Farag! I discovered you on the documentary “Before The Wrath” and then I found your videos on YouTube. I’ve been listening to your messages since this COVID crisis began. You’ve been an incredible blessing. Thank God for your ministry in these end times.


Hello Pastor,

I started watching your program in mid-March and am so happy that my friend shared your name with me before she went to be with the Lord last December. You have used the Word to teach and allay my fears about the end times and the rapture. Since covid started, my son moved in with me and started watching your videos with me on Sundays in lieu of church since our church closed its doors for months.

He has since re-dedicated his life to the Lord and is on fire. He shares what he learns with people at his job and speaks truth in our home. It is amazing to see the growth in his life. I too have been changed by your preaching and sharing of the Word.

Three years ago, I began asking the Lord to wake me up. I was in the depths of depression all my life. My Mom passed away three months later and three months after that, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and I heard the Lord say, “Awake, O sleeper.”

Since that time, I have been awakened spiritually like never before. I gave my life to Jesus in June of 1975 but I never felt joy or peace until March of 2018 when He woke me. He filled me with a joy I had never experienced before, my life was completely changed and my family and friends are amazed at how different I am today.

Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and preaching God’s Word faithfully. I have been praying for the return of Jesus for 45 years, especially in the last year and a half as I have felt the imminence of His return. I long for Him daily as He has become my Beloved, my Bridegroom and my Husband. I am so grateful for His presence, salvation and soon return.

God’s blessing be upon you, your family and your Church. Keep preaching the truth. I love to hear the stories of your life and how God has raised you up from drug dealer to Pastor of a global church (not to be mistaken for the one world church lol). Greetings and love to you all in Hawaii from Washington State.


Hi brother JD
Love your prophecy updates. I got saved around age 10 from a rapture message, I didn’t want to be left behind!, that was 44 years ago. I’ve stumbled and fell, BUT GOD has always remained True and Faithful. I’m eagerly waiting for the Bridegroom coming for his Bride.


Hello, i just wanted to stop by and say hi from Holland!.
Bless you JD!
The way God speaks to me thrue you is really helping me to keep my my head up.
Something that has become rather challenging these days :confused:.


Thank you For creating this website. I watch you from Ohio, my neighbor’s told me about you back in March of this year. I have watched every Sunday and Every Thursday well Friday here. Thank you again. God bless you and your family and church family too.


This video is going to be shared on my Facebook page! Excellent! :blush:


how do you get a picture next to your name. I have been looking for on how to do it . thank you God bless you


I loved reading your testimony @kitcat58!! So great to meet a fellow brother in Christ! I had a somewhat similar awakening when my mom passed away in 2013. I had been raised in the faith, but there was a point in my life where I fell away from the Lord. After my Mom passed, I came back to the Lord and have never looked back. :hugs:


Excellent again as you bring out His Truth on the day’s we are in. God Bless you Brother and all brothers and sisters on line and home church also. Prayers from Tucson Arizona in


Go to your profile, select Preferences , then select Account :blush:


Great update tonight once again , praise the Lord, thank you JD for your faithfulness and honesty. You are my online church and I am so grateful that the Lord has led me to you. I started learning about Bible prophecy some 30 years ago through Barry Smith, and to watch the end times come about is both exciting and yet surreal. May God continue to bless you and your team have a great week .With love in Christ Jesus xx


So excited to be Part of JD World Wide community church. JD is hands down the most Honest Pastor I have ever had the Pleasure to learn from. God bless all those that are here to gain wisdom from the Lord and this community. blessings.


I’m looking for The ABCs of Salvation, but can’t find them. I know they’ve got to be on here somewhere. :hot_face:


In the search bar type in ABC😊



Greetings from Scotland! Another vital Prophecy Update - thank you Pastor JD for your total dedication to sacrifice of self, so that you hear what the Lord would say to the hearts of His believing people. Wonderful that I now have the opportunity through this webpage to be amongst my true brothers and sisters!