Oct 25 2020 - Bible Prophecy Update: Top 10 Bible Prophecies

well said. the times of the gentiles are in their last moments, thank god.


@KnowGod2020 That is so wonderful to hear, Praise God!


It could well be, It’s certainly a type of, Perhaps a preparation for whats coming. Definitely something to create division. To turn neighbor against each other, family against each other as Matt 24:9 implies I feel :grimacing:


Thank you.

I see that. I just thought JD said it was the mark of the beast. If we do not have the vaccine we cannot travel buy from supermarkets. This could be very soon as soon as the vaccine has been tried and tested

This is causing division in fellowships and creating confusion and loads of fear.

I truly have to go to God regarding this, I do not want to make the wrong decision
I will not go against the government now, I wear masks, socially distance and sanitise I believe that is showing love and consideration for others plus vulnerable groups I believe with all my hear we are living in the
last hours

I am OAP and live with family who keep to these rules. I need peace and truth on this matter.


I am so grateful for this awesome ministry. You have been such a blessing to me. I do not miss a prophecy update for years. Thank you for standing for the truth with wisdom and boldness. I pray for the soon rapture of the church . I love my Lord Jesus and desire to proclaim the gospel message. Bible prophecy is an excellent way to get the message out to a lost world. Thank you!
Lisa, from Atlanta


Another great video Pastor Farag,

I also got rid of all the music I used to listen to many years ago as well. I didn’t have AC/DC, but I was no better as I listened to Metallica, Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Tool, Disturbed etc… I had even attended many of their concerts (rituals actually) when I was younger.

I felt lost for a bit, as I know you have to be careful even with some Christian music. I was finally led to Destiny Lab. A very talented group of Christian Rappers that by the Glory of God have put out 4 albums and a 30 song collaboration with some other Christians. They just released Shift your Paradigm. Every album is phenomenal. They rap about everything Pastor Farag discusses in his sermons; from the Bible, Jesus Christ, false evolution and big bang, Nephilim and Noah’s flood to all of the deceptions they present to us daily on MSM. They even have music videos and podcasts.

My wife and I began looking into all the “conspiracies” after the Sept. 11 2001 tragedy (false flag event). It has been our hobby, so to speak. We’ve done way too much research. The devil has many false paths he can lead people on, which is why it took me so long to realize it ALL revolves around God, Jesus Christ, Satan and the fallen angels.

We’ve looked into everything we could find from aliens, flat earth (which it is), NASA (not a space agency), MK ultra, SRA (satanic ritual abuse), the Elite, the Illuminate, Builderberg meetings, Bohemian Grove, All the false flag events (all wars and events leading to them), the Templars, the Rothschilds, Committee of 300, Q (Quantum Computer), MK Ultra, Patriot Act, Government patents, Symbolism, Gematria, Chemtrails, 5G, Haarp, Cern, The Gotthard Tunnel, Vaccines (all pharmaceutical companies are immune to litigation), TV movies/shows/cartoons (almost all have agendas and satanic symbolism) and on and on. There’s so much that’s right in front of our faces, that most just don’t see until you know the truth about the lies fed to all of us since birth.

I only gave myself to Jesus Christ 3 years ago after losing my Grandmother that was more like a mother to me from cancer. It was the surgeries that actually took her. Although I was baptized Catholic as a child, just a couple weeks ago I was baptized a Christian by a fellow construction craftsman, who is a pastor as well. Even though I had been saved and completely gave myself to Jesus years before, I just felt I had to be baptized too. Thank the Lord, one of our great Christian customers allowed us the use of their lakefront property here in South Carolina.

We don’t do any social media. I had a business Facebook page long ago, but once half my job pictures disappeared and they ignored my requests as to what happened, I just deleted it to never return. This is why we’re careful what personal information and pictures we post online (even though they already know everything about everyone).

So, I just wanted to let others know to be careful of who you follow on YouTube, as there is much deception that can lead down the wrong paths. Here’s just a couple of great Christians on YouTube reinforcing everything Pastor Farag discusses in his Bible Prophecy Updates:

Many Fish, Nicholson1968 and Shaking My Head Productions . There are many others as well, but these few in particular I’d recommend for now.

God bless you all.


If you’re looking to share a video of it, here is a resource from one of JD’s messages:


I understand, it’s the same here in Victoria Australia… I can’t tell you what to do but I’m not taking it, I know whats in it and where it comes from, I’d rather starve to death… But… Come quickly Lord :pray:t4:


Thanks You!


Thank you JD Farag for creating this website and for your ministry! I’m watching online, also from Germany, and based on all the challenges in this life, it has been such a blessing for me. It helps me stay close to Jesus right now, and I need this so much. I appreciate you ministry so much!


I signed up but I need some help navigating this, if you could help it would be much appreciated. I don’t how to post a comment; can’t find the “button” to write something. Also, I can’t find any of the links JD would be included in the prophecy updates. I can listen to the updates but can’t find the links to things like his quotes from the World Economic Forum, etc. If you can direct me to these things, I would be grateful.

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I must take this opportunity to say how EXTREMELY thankful I am for your ANNOINTED ministry. Thank you so much, for your courage and faithfulness to HIS CALL upon your life!

I personally don’t believe that the vaccine itself will necessarily become the MARK of the BEAST, but rather, for a person to PROVE that he/she is compliant with COVID-19 LEGISLATION, they will have to have an embedded PIN. I believe that the BILL GATES PATCH of 100 needles (very interesting conspiracy FACT that can be trace back several years) will be the PRECURSOR of the MARK of the BEAST. In my understanding, the PATCH will be composed of 100 soluble needles, but that make contact tracing feasible. What the PATCH will not have is a LITHIUM BATTERY that I believe will explode when the LORD’s wrath is poured out on all of those who have taken the MARK (cancerous sore that lasts 5 months).


Yes, Praise God! I pray a hedge of protection around you if the enemy tries to steal you back.


Thanks for getting back so quick! I’m Ok finding the videos each week. But J.D. mentioned in his latest video that there would be links to the quotes he makes from sources like the World Economic Forum, etc. I can’t find those links.

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Thanks again! Patience is a virtue; guess I need an increase in being virtuous:)


Thanks for asking this question. I had the same question and is now resolved. Hugs!


Thanks for doing these updates. I started watching years ago. You have been a real blessing in my life. I love Bible prophecy and you help me to keep all that is going on in this world straight.


So very pleased that you responded with your heart to our Lord , I am also in the UK down on the South Coast, just wanted to encourage you in your walk , and thank God for JD and his church for sound teaching.


I always watch these updates and JD does a fantastic job on getting the Word out! I had a very troubling experience at my job today concerning getting my temp checked-- ( I work at a hospital as a hospitality worker) as I usually get my temperature checked, as everyone is expected to, I have them take a reading on my wrist, not my forehead. This is what JD suggested in one of his past videos on this subject. But this morning turned very sour very fast but the security personnel administering the temp checks. She insisted on scanning my forehead and stated the wrist is no longer valid to read, I refused politely and said to use my ear instead. she threatened to email my superior and indeed did so as I was notified later on. There are many that are opposed to this procedure and most could care less. My Superior was gracious in recognizing my religious stand on this however, did state that the forehead procedure was to be adhered to and if I do not comply there’s the door. (I’m paraphrasing this) I then recanted with an alternative of perhaps I could take my own temp at the check point with a regular thermometer, by mouth, and my own equipment but was told they’d get back to me on that. It is interesting since the point of check point is for temps not the method of getting them… or is it? this has been an ongoing thing at my work place since they started doing this. I’m not sure if complying with their demands would displease the Lord since we can see this is conditioning of us for the Mark Of The Beast .


@Holmes @anon27008535 Here are the resources from that message. If there is a PDF, it should be attached to the video, although sometimes it takes a day or two for us to get it up there. Thanks for your patience, we will get faster at this.

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World Economic Forum Great Reset - The Great Reset | World Economic Forum

Patent WO2020060606 Cryptocurrency system using body activity data - WO2020060606A1 - Cryptocurrency system using body activity data - Google Patents

Event 201 - Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts

COVIDcheck - https://thecommonsproject.org/covidcheck

The Worker – Dominion and Form” by Ernst Junger - Use Of Face Masks To Enforce Conformity - https://finanz.dk/author-of-dystopian-classics-predicted-use-of-face-masks-to-enforce-conformity-70-years-ago/

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