Using the ABCs of Salvation with Spammers/ Scammers

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but for the past few months I’ve been getting a lot of random texts from people who seem like they just “texted the wrong number” but clearly try to fish you down a path to some kind of scam. They are pretty good at making it seem conversational but by now it’s clear it’s yet another scam.

So now, when I get one of those “hey isn’t this Shirley from Fargo?” texts I start sharing the Gospel right out of the gate, with a link to JD’s ABCs page.

  1. That’s a person who needs to hear the Gospel because they make a living spamming and scamming.

  2. It seems to shut down the scam pretty fast once they realize you only want to talk about Jesus no matter what angle they attempt.

  3. If it’s AI running the scam, I can think of nothing better to inject back into the devilish algorithms than the Gospel of Jesus Christ to confuse the system.

When you start to see every open door as a chance to share the Gospel–even if it was a door opened by a scammer–the world is your oyster. Who knows where the seed lands.


Probably they use bots now.

Try to speak of abc without abc, and without the same expressions they could find on internet with Alexa, Siri, google search…

There are some technics to be able to write a text with errors, a program will not be able to manage it but a human will be able to read it. I don’t remember if we have to twist some characters of each words.

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Yes I do this too with scam calls! many good conversations have started. I call it international missions because most are in Pakistan