ABC’s of Salvation T-Shirts

Thanks! I will check out the items on your page.
God Bless,

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Thanks, Mike! Let me know if you have any questions.

God bless,

Amela Chamberlain

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Hi Amela:

I have something else I feel compelled to share with you. Revelation 18:23 “by thy sorceries [Greek: “pharmakeia,” pharmacy, pharmaceuticals] were all nations deceived.”

Thanks for the contact info.

God bless,

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Hi Amela, such wonderful work you’re doing to proclaim the gospel! I think my design below would be a great one for a shirt back (or front). When I get a chance I’ll convert it into a simple design (without gradients) for you (and I’ll work on the bumper stickers as well!)

God Bless you all and keep up the great work!


Hi, Chris! I love the design - this is so cool! Can’t wait to get the file (no pressure :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) and will wait for the bumper stickers too…

Thanks so much for your partnership in our Lord’s work!

God bless,

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Hi Mike,

That is an excellent one! I’ll take a crack at that!

God bless,

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Hi maria,

Just wanted to give you an update that I’m working on loading a batch of very cool keychains into the store with verses and inspirational quotes. I’ll let you know when the work is complete.

Chris is finalizing the bumper sticker designs and I’ll update you on progress there too.

God bless,


Thanks Amela! God bless you, too.


Greetings everyone,

First of all, I’d like to greet everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Even as we all continue to face challenges in these end times, there is still a lot more to be grateful for! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted on this forum for 2 reasons: a) my eldest daughter and her family were battling COVID, and b) I’ve been busy working on new designs for our Black Friday Sale which starts today.

My praise report to share with you all is that my unvaccinated daughter who suffers from a very rare and complex Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with multiple overlapping diagnoses was able to successfully battle COVID brought home by her unvaccinated husband from work. She has been struggling with her auto-immune disorder since the birth of her 2nd daughter in 2000 (so for 2 decades now), and yet she was the one who took care of her husband who first contracted COVID. Praise Jesus that they successfully received treatment at home through the help of a solo practitioner physician referred by other family members, who prescribed Ivermectin and supplements. She did not report to the hospital because she knew that they would have their deadly protocols waiting for her and her family. Of course, she was chastised by her rheumatologist when he found out that she didn’t go to the ER.

BUT GOD was in full control as they stood strong on the promises of Jesus’ healing grace and mercies! It was amazing to see God’s intervention unfold through the help and prayer support of family and friends, even when we couldn’t enter their home to avoid contracting the virus ourselves. One of their daughters also contracted COVID but the other one was spared. HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU JESUS!!!

On the other note, our BLACK FRIDAY SALE starts today, with 25% OFF STOREWIDE. Please check out our new designs in cozy long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts that will not only help to keep you warm in the fall and winter months, but will also be your powerful tools for declaring the Good News of Salvation in Jesus, and to encourage others who may be suffering from problems going on in these carzy end times.

We also have some new Christmas designs. Please note that our Christian clothing designs are all original creations by @fluidicice who also designs billboards, flyers and other evangelistic tools for our online church, and myself. Our apparel products are not available on any other online or brick & mortar stores, and if you find anything similar they may be copies or creations by other individuals from other groups or churches.

We also have new bumper sticker and keychain collections. Shout out of thanks to @mapsalm119 mapsalsm who suggested we carry these products.

I’ve included a link to my store and photos of our new designs. For those who will join us in using these products as evangelistic tools to proclaim the Gospel, I hope you enjoy them as much as Chris and I loved designing them for you!

Greatest Gift Female

Lord At Thy Birth

Reason for Season (1)

Immanuel Female (1)

I was Blind Female (1)

Raptured Blue Font Male

I wish everyone a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones!

Blessings in Jesus,


Greetings to all,

Were you all as blessed today from Pastor JD’s Prophecy Update and Sermon as my husband and I were? We look forward to joning the Sunday services every week and hearing from the Lord through Pastor JD!

Omnicron variant - are you kidding me (as Pastor JD would say) ??? As we all know, this “plandemic” will be dragged out as it was created for the so called “COVID vaccine” (and not the vaccine for the pandemic).

To help get people to Jesus, and Jesus to people - consider proclaiming the Good News about salvation in Jesus through the clothes you wear and things you use! Some examples are below, and each photo has a link to the product page on our store.

Here is a link to our store: Amela’s Chamber

We’re offering a CYBER MONDAY discount of 30% on all products in our online store. Use discount code CYBER30 for 30% OFF storewide. This will be our biggest discount for the year, and the sale ends midnight on Monday the 29th.

Insane World Updated (1)


ABC's  Bumper Rectangle

ABC's  Bumper Rectangle (1)

As the evil in these prophetic end times ramp up, so must our efforts to get the word out about salvation in Jesus! We’re in the last hour and there is no time to waste!


God bless us all,

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Greetings Maria,

We have new arrivals in our keychain collection - and a 30% discount for our Cyber Monday sale that starts now! Use code CYBER30 and the discount will be applied during checkout. This is our biggest discount of the year and it will end on midnight Monday the 29th.

We also now have 3 choices on bumper stickers.

Take care and God bless!

In Jesus,

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Greetings in Christ,

Hello everyone! I pray you’re all having a blessed Christmas season, despite the dire state of the world in which we now live. BUT GOD is still sovereign over all the earth!!

In keeping with Pastor JD’s reminder to get Jesus to people and people to Jesus, I just wanted to share our latest shirts and hoodies that can become powerful tools for sharing the Good News of Salvation in Jesus with others around us, or simply give an encouraging word to those who need it.

Jesus is the Way Female (800 x 800 px)

Get Up Male

99 Sheep Female

Jesus is the Way Long Tee
jESUS is Lord Long Tee Male

Please order by the 10th to get in time for Christmas, and subscribe to our newsletters for a 15% discount. Take care always and God bless us all!

In Jesus’ service,


Greetings everyone,

I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas despite all the attempts of the enemy to ruin the celebration of the one day in the year that we get to talk about Jesus to the whole world, as Pastor JD described it in today’s sermon.

We may be ostracized, discrimnated aginst, persecuted, humiliated, bullied for our faith in Jesus and our stance on the experimental drug injections - but at the end of the day, as reminded by Pastor JD, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, and what the enemy intended for evil God will turn around and use for good!

I’m happy to share that after waiting for about 2 months for the review of his religious exemption letter, my husband finally got an approval - but only for three months. At the end of this timeframe, his request for exemption will have to be re-evaluated.

In the meantime, he is actively looking for other work opportunities and may even get out of the medical field if God directs (he is now in healthcare informatics and a licensed rad tech, and was an electrician in the navy during his younger days). Might be a blessing to get out of the corporate world altogether and get back to his electrician roots. The important message from the Lord is - DO NOT BE AFRAID! We would appreciate your prayer support in this area.

We continue to pursue our small business ministry to “Wear the Good News of Salvation in Jesus”. Making a bold statement to share the gospel with others or a word of encouragement on your shirts can be a way for us to get Jesus to people and people to Jesus!

The rapture is right around the corner so let’s keep our lamps trimmed with enough oil like the 5 virgins in Jesus’ parable who were prepared for the coming of their bridegroom, by being about the Lord’s assignment in our lives.

Here are some T-shirt images in line with Pastor’s messages today, with links to the product pages in our online store, Amela’s Chamber.

But God Long Sleeve (1)

unisex-long-sleeve-tee-black-back-6181d13f86c6d (2)

Jesus is the Way Long Female

No Fear Female  (1)

Take care and God bless us all!

In Jesus’ love,


I ordered 3 today. My oldest is still finding her way and showed such excitement in wanting one. I ordered her one and myself one too along with a long sleeve shirt.

Please pray for her. Her name is Hope :heart:


Hello Lya,

Praise Jesus for your order!

I’m so encouraged that your daughter, Hope (beautiful name!), is excited to have the hoodie. It shows that she is ready to boldly proclaim her faith in Jesus. It will be my pleasure to pray for her.

Take care and God bless you and your family!

In Jesus’ love and service,


Thank you!!! I will definitely pass it around to others - your site.


Thank you so much, Lya! I really appreciate your doing that! :heart:

Glory to God,


Greetings in the Lord to all,

What powerful preaching we had from Pastor JD once again today! Sunday services with Pastor’s messages are truly the highlight of the week for my husband and me, and we are grateful for the blessing of being able to participate online.

It amazes me, as I take in the lessons from Pastor JD’s message each week, to find that they oftentimes tie with precision accuracy to the designs I’ve created days before hearing the Word of the Lord through Pastor.

So here is a long-sleeve T-shirt I worked on last week in which the message is in lockstep with today’s prophecy update. My product description opens up with the very same verse Pastor expounded upon - John 14:1-3 - “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

Prince of Peace Black

Another new design exhorts us to be joyful in the blessed hope that we have, as we endure patiently in affliction and remain faithful in prayer.

Joyful in Hope (2)

The Raptured shirt designed by Chris is now available in long-sleeves as well. This is a favorite of many and puts a bit of humor in what takes place after the Rapture - the glorious hope that we patiently wait for that is right around the corner, as we watch prophecy unfold before our eyes.

Raptured Long Sleeve

And lastly, a new hoodie that reminds us to continue to stay in God’s Word - lest we become spiritually weak.

Weak without Word Black

I’m incredibly blessed to be in this small business ministry of sharing our faith in the GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION THROUGH JESUS, and encouraging others who are hurting, through the things we wear and use on a daily basis.

Let’s never tire of bringing Jesus to people and people to Jesus in whatever way the Lord guides us to do! We’re on a rescue mission to save souls in these last days as time is quickly running out!

A blessed week to all as we continue to put our trust in the One True and Living Triune God!

In Jesus’ service,


I see more orders coming in my future.


Praise God for that, Lya! Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry. :latin_cross::pray:

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