April 17, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: talks about how and why it is that the time has come for everyone to face reality, which can mean the difference between life and death and infinitely more importantly, heaven or hell.

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This is what Mr Balaam sees when he viewed the camp from the top: he should see the Cross





Cool images of the camps. Thanks.


yes…the vaccine needs “compliance.” IT is not about protection.

In this video this is Schwab’s advisor to the great reset. He is talking about how they plan to make humans hackable, being under your skin, changing what religion is, …transhumanism? The description doesn’t even touch how chilling this all is.

And Happy Easter…Let’s get the heck out of here very soon.


Well, maybe…those Christians who took the initial injections will be like lambs? Miracles do happen.


No…like lambs as described in today’s prophecy update. Maybe the anti-venom.

Their blood instead of being damaged by the shots, will produce the anti-venom. Like sheep when bitten by the rattlesnake? God works everything to good. Lots of souls come to the Lord during the tribulation…after we are raptured, so there has to either be pure-bloods or anti-venom.


It was the letter Pastor JD read near the end. Check it out once the video is posted.



I soooo loved that testimony about the blood of sheep being an antidote. What a wonderful picture of the protection of the blood of the Lamb over the enemy! And . . .Praise God, the first of the lambs born here on our farm, affectionately named “Shepherd’s Chapel Farm,” were born on Palm Sunday. There have been so many moments since which have brought the Gospel alive as we have cared for the first of these mothers and babies. It has been such an incredible blessing. Goodness and mercy. Psalm 23:6.


I pray we have discernment in these issues.

Sheep have diseases , if not isolated, can cause problems.

Remember " mad cow" disease?
It was cause by ground up sheep bones…

"Cause. BSE is an infectious disease believed to be due to a misfolded protein, known as a prion. Cattle are believed to have been infected from being fed meat and bone meal (MBM) that contained the remains of other cattle who spontaneously developed the disease or scrapie-infected sheep products .

Looking to the Lamb…the Lamb of God is the answer.


Very sound biblical advice to any practicing occultic rituals or readings, be it Harry Potter, CS Lewis, theosophy, New Age, Tolkien, etc. jmo. Throwing out these items forever and discussing it with the Lord as you suggest, brings tremendous blessing and peace. Often health restoration as well. It is putting the Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost out of reverence Him, the God of our salvation; life changing. Hos 4:6-9, …2 Tim 2:21


Let me first say that I love JD, I respect him greatly, and I watch his updates every week. That being said, I was surprised to see him so quickly jumping on the snake venom theory bandwagon, seeming to endorse it, and posting all the links. To me, this theory still needs further vetting.
I only watched the first episode of Watch the Water with Stew Peters, & maybe I missed some things. But it just did not sit well with me.
I do believe Remdesivir is being used to kill people in the hospitals. I am not ruling out that snake venom may be being used in the injections.
But I have a really hard time believing that Covid itself is actually snake venom being secretly distributed throughout our water systems.
I still have questions such as:
-why are pets, who drink the water, not affected?
-why are Ivermectin, Vit C, Vit D, Quercetin, etc., so effective as early intervention in treating covid, if covid is venom?

  • Natural immunity is well documented. How can you explain natural immunity if covid is snake venom? People don’t develop natural immunity to venom.
    -How exactly is snake venom being secretly added to the water systems, not just in the USA, but throughout the world? Yes, we know that fluoride is added to our water, and is detrimental to our health. But the addition of fluoride is no secret. Ardis said that our local water employees are not in on this, so somehow they are being bypassed. Hmmmm….
    -Also, wouldn’t the venom be highly diluted? How are they managing to maintain the correct concentrations?

I would like to see further medical doctors, scientists, and researchers weigh in on this. Dr. Zelenko has posted on telegram and appears to support the snake venom theory.
Dr. Robert Malone has posted on Telegram,
“I do not yet find much worth in the Ardis documentary, except the obvious incidentals.” He then posts a link, which I have attached.
Children’s Health Defense has published two articles which do not support the make venom theory. I posted one of them in last week’s forum.



@Dolly1, I felt as you did/do. While I think that JD isn’t hook/line/sinker about everything regarding this, I had personally hoped that he would stay off the subject, altogether. I was encouraged that he DID take the opportunity to point this right back to the saving blood of Lamb, though, and with that, I have hope that this will be a blessing for those who are in fear.

Adding: thank you for sharing Dr. Malone’s take on this.


I agree with you. I love J.D. but I was surprised he brought this forward. None of it sat well with me either. I was hoping he would stay off the subject. There are way too many unanswered questions - especially about the water part. He could have at least mentioned that but didn’t.
I saw no purpose in bringing it forward. In my opinion it just brings fear and confusion.
@Dolly1 brings forth a lot of good points. I do believe it needs more vetting and what about all those questions?
Again, all this is just my opinion.

This is from the link @Dolly1 shared. Hmmmm. Interesting…


@DallasT …interesting :thinking:!! Q….ugh…


They are deliberately setting us up to starve…

There’s POWER in the Blood of Jesus Christ!

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.
Colossians 1:13‭-‬14


The same feelings I had been having all day yesterday… but I hesitated to say and sound like a “scoffer” Glad others brought it up as was feeling as if it was just me.

Excellent quote. Off top of my head, I’d say he is right on the dangers of remdesivir… BUT in addition to the water confusion/doubts which I share with you guys, I have heard many negative things about the monoclonal antibodies and this video is now pulling them into favor.


That link is not going to a page for me. Anyone else?


Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly sent an angry letter to Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday demanding he hand over control of a church in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Alexander Nevsky Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, is a Russian Orthodox church, but not one presently under the Kremlin’s control.

In 2020, Russia arrested a young Israeli woman, Naama Issachar, for possession of cannabis. In exchange for her release, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahupromised to recognize the Russian government’s control of the Alexander Nevsky Church.

It made me think about coming to take a spoil


  1. prey, plunder, spoil, booty
  2. prey
  3. booty, spoil, plunder (of war)
  4. plunder (private)
  5. gain (meaning dubious)
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