April 25 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

You can translate with Google Translate… :blush:


I agree, they have more power to steal even more votes now than before the last election! Why would anybody think doing the same thing will give a different outcome?
I believe that’s called insanity, correct?

What’s GAFA?



Regardless what the question is…those are sources I would not exactly look to for answers.

But James, thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: Blessings.

thank you for the help, I am able to use translators but I was more trying to make a point about abortion. it is often left out of relevant stats, etc. so it’s highly likely that those numbers were not included, but if someone wants to check to see about that particular site, I admit that I did not. <3

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What is strange too, is that GAFA (7161) with H7161 (from Hebrew) means Horn!


I had 4 or 5 rapture dreams, all different. I didn’t see angels but it’s my “perception”. In another dream, I was shopping for food because i had to take a spaceship to another planet.

I had several dreams of wedding :slight_smile:


you’re the perfect person for me to ask a certain question then. as for rapture dreams, have they ever involved the element of yourself rising up? I have, and lately I’ve been considering, maybe those dreams of me rising up have to do with how the rapture will work. I haven’t had them in quite a while but there were a good handful over time. in each of these I was under threat of ghastly beings, and the rule I’ve figured out is that you are not able to rise up away from them if you are afraid. I’d start to rise, safe from harm as long as I’m rising up, but as soon as I’d start to doubt my safety or become afraid of those beings below me again, I’d start to float back down and they could touch me. but as soon as I’d tell myself not to be afraid, and just trusted that I’d be saved, I’d start rising again and they couldn’t touch me. I still remember the first time I dreamed like this, and since that one, I haven’t had trouble maintaining my faith in the moment of rising when I dreamed like that again. that first dream seemed to be teaching me how it works, as I didn’t choose to rise the first time, it just happened FOR me, but in dreams like that to follow, I remembered how it worked so it was easy to repeat the method with more trust.

so now that I’ve described how that has worked for me, I’m curious, have you experienced anything like that in a dream? I didn’t know about the rapture until a year ago and these dreams go much further back, I’m just putting pieces together now because the 2 seem relevant.

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How do you know what your dreams mean.? I’ve had some odd ones lately…

My rapture dreams are normal dreams, not lucid dreams. I don’t seek to have them. They come. For info: I had probably ~150 lucid dreams, so I now very well that domain but these kinds of dreams are not authentic as you change and provoke things. So it’s fun but you have to wrestle to stay lucid… I prefer real dreams, there are longer and not modified and persistent.

In all my rapture dreams I’m alone. No friends near me, no family members, no pets, no wicked people, no angels. It’s my “perception”, the real rapture should be different. To be honest, I don’t think at faith when it happens, not even at Jesus, not even to see the paradise. It happens! I don’t think to go in the sky or more up, I’m witness, not actor.

  1. in my first rapture dream, I leave the Earth and see it. I see the stones flying around my feet. I literally leave the earth like a rocket. I look down, not up.

  2. now I don’t know if it’s the second or third rapture dream.
    I look at the sky through the window. The sky is blue marine. All around me becomes that blue color and finally all is blue in my vision. I’m in the sky :slight_smile:

  3. I think I heard a sound or trumpet sound. I don’t remember. Maybe I’m making a mix of my dream and people’s dreams. Really not sure, I don’t note my dreams anymore.

  4. in the last: it’s the first time I see people.
    I’m on the ground and all a sudden, I see a lot of people in the air, more than 20 at different meters from the ground. I’m on the ground and them in the air. They don’t move, I just look. It’s WOW! Like a picture of Mary Poppins, Magritte or the X Men.

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If you put Jesus in the context of your dream (even you didn’t see him), you see it’s often related. It’s about your salvation and his kingdom or your past sins…

Rem: I don’t look at dream dictionary anymore and really don’t encourage to do it.

My dreams are often recurrent and basic.

I also learned in the dream and the meaning came from the dream itself: see the people in your dream like a “symbol” a representation of what they are. Ex: when I see my father it’s a father, my mother: a mother, when I see a friend called Anto… I know it’s related to his sin of luxury and sex, when I see Ch… I think it’s about intelligence because he is really intelligent, when I see my master of kung fu, I know he’s there as a teacher, a father because he’s my sifu (father) in Chinese.

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I had a recurring dream for years, I fall back softly into a reclined sitting position and float, people look but say nothing, they act like they cant see it, i float feet first, i always feel very calm and never fight it i have no control of the direction and then i land gently on my feet …
but this week I’ve dreamed about a bear with an orange marking I cant remember whether it was on its head or chest, a rabbit or hare leaps over my fence followed by the bear and run away, my father is there and we say, maybe they are running from a fire, I open the window to smell the air for smoke but there isn’t any, but we remark on the sky, that it dosent look real… really odd, it was nice to see my Dad though hes been dead since 97… I wish I’d thought to give him a hug…lol…

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Rev 6:8

1/4 of earth population is killed. With nearly 8 billion people on the planet now, 25% of that is 2 Billion.

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They are nearly the same moment because of verse 17.

I don’t think the resurrected in Christ will be hanging in the air for days or weeks or months or years until we join them there. :slight_smile:


Only with the fourth Seal. There will be many more killed with all of the judgement in the Revelation. At least what I understand. Not many will survive the Seven Year Tribulation that is coming soon.

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Hi Jack. Thanks for your post, brother. We likely will see differently on this, but I will post the preferred KJV rendering for hopeful effect:

Revelation 6:8 8And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Although it could be concluded, it does not use specific language as to how many people actually die here. But it is localized to 1/4 of earth, that is clear. If we contrast this with Rev 9:18:

A third of mankind was killed by these three plagues, by the fire, the smoke, and the [m]brimstone which came out of their mouths.

In the 6th Trumpet it uses specific language noting how much of the world was killed. The 6th Trumpet is a much more intense level of judgement (with 5 Trumpets and 1 Seal in its wake). It might suggest that 1/4 of the world was not killed in Rev 6:8 because of a) It’s lacking specificity as well as b) only being the 4th seal along the judgement cycle path.


You realize of course that the earth contains 8 billion people. 1/4 is 25% is one quarter which all come out to 2 billion at this seal.

Rev 9:8 's one third is what is left later on (that being 6 billion or less) which that 1/3 comes out of.

And the same further on… Each time a judgment comes, it is out of the remainder of the previous.

Thus, the scripture about “…if the days were not shortened, no flesh would survive”.


Yes Jack I do notice this. Trumpet 6 is specific that a 3rd of the earth is killed. Seal 4 is specific that “some people” are killed. Not a fourth of the earth. The 4th is the region given authority over to kill. Not that all in that region do get killed. I am not trying to be a stickler here. But the word of God does not say 1/4 of the world will be killed. The masons seem to though.

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