April 7, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Closer We Get The Crazier It Gets

Well nothing is crazier than having the forum go down for a couple of days. Hope the @moderators will give us a heads up on what happened. Had a lot of people freaked out.


Dearest forum family; I suppose one day it just won’t come back up and that’s okay if it’s because… Harpazo!!!
But if it’s not because of that, then I’ve realized (because this has happened prior to this most recent incident) that I shall not again behold your written text. Not your epic revelations, thoughtful posts to encourage and inspire or your spontaneous bouts of humor.

When the forum goes down for a spell as it just did, do you ever wish that you had taken the opportunity to connect with one another outside this ultra safe haven of anonymity? I often wonder why it has to be like this but I have accepted it over the years. I still appreciate you all. I just wish I knew you better. I feel as though there are some blessings being locked away.

I know this though; we are called to be “fishers of men.” I fish occasionally and am here to tell you that in order to catch fish you have to go where there’s fish. If we’re all redeemed here, then we’ve already been “caught.” We’re no longer fish. Church buildings aren’t necessarily the best places to fish (actually that’s debatable :thinking:). So we have to go to the places where the fish are and use The Light (and don’t forget His Love) as our bait.

:heart:Tony Clark


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiley:

Timing is everything. I had just posted when I got the notification from Microsoft that the software was down. I thought, What have I done NOW?!


I put this here because what I am about to say is insane to even think of. My sister’s pastor has a large family and that is good. But late last night I got an email from her. His daughter and granddaughter were in a very bad head on accident. It happened in the middle of nowhere so both were air lifted to the nearest city. His daughter suffered two broken legs which required surgery and is still at that hospital. His grand daughter suffered internal inguries and they had to remove part of her intestine. That would be bad enough but they had to opt to leave her open and air transport her to another specialty trauma hospital as she may have also some spinal injury in the area of her neck.

That is only part of the pastor’s problem. In his home is his mother and an aunt both well into their years and being cared for. So the Pastor has gone to be with his granddaughter and his wife has gone to be with their daughter. Fortunately though they have more family to help take care of the mother and aunt and many members of the church are chipping in to help at his home as well. So please keep that family in your prayers. They are dealing with a lot right now and that will quickly take its toll on them all.

I hope this does not sound snarky but it is not the government, not the people in entertainment, and not the news that is the problem. This like what Pastor JD and his wife are going through is from the pit of hell. Old soot foot is pulling out all the stops. I would not be surprised if over the course of this year we hear of other God fearing, Bible teaching pastors suffering similar attacks. It is getting very rough for Pastors at this time and that will not go well for the flocks which will break and scatter.

Anyway please pray for my sister’s Pastor and his family.


Update on this situation. The pastor’s daughter had only one broken leg that required a rod inserted and is doing well. Her daughter on the other hand has a lot more going on but not as bad as orginally assessed. While her intestines are a mess and some surgery has been done to deal with the immediate problem and that saved her life at the first hospital and some work has already been done she also had a broken collar bone and the C2 vertibrae in her neck. The good news is that she is not paralyzed and they have her in a generic halo for now while a form fitted one for her size is being made. The doctors at this point believe that if they just keep her immobile in the halo the C2 will heal without surgery and that is what they are hoping for. Through all this the pastor and his wife were running ragged first day out with an hour plus drive from home to the first hospital and then the pastor doing another 2 hour drive to the next hospital and all of that through some nasty weather on back roads. But God, one of the church deacons and his wife managed to get door-dash sent to each the pastor and his wife to make sure they had food to keep their strength up. This was done from their home town across the state.

While this is a long term situation and will require a lot from the pastor, his wife and his family and will be a distraction, we still praise the Lord. A day later another head on happened in the pastor’s town and one perished at the scene and two were transported but did not make it. So all in all as bad as it is, it is not as bad as it could have been. Thank you Father for your mercy.

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