August 29, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about how we can strengthen ourselves in the Lord as we face the perilous days ahead.

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Has anyone besides me felt like we are living in two different realities right now with both unbelievers and believers who are asleep right now??? I have been a watchman (woman:)) for all of my 53 years that I can recall. I immerse myself in my Bible first and foremost, and then follow JD, Tom Hughs, Jack Hibbs, Jan and Amir. I stay abreast with world events (now taking it all with a grain of salt and viewed through the lens of scripture), and I keep having conversations with people who are experiencing a completley different reality than what I see!! Jack H mentioned the cruiseline commericial and others I have seen that say “the world is opening back up, come on vacation!”, when I know things are locking back down! I know about the persecution going on in Canda, and just talked with people this week who said they are close to the border and go to Canda all the time and they love it. People are vacationing and traveling and living like there is NOTHING going on! It is so weird to me!!! It’s not like they are happy go lucky because they just choose not to be bothered by it - IT’S LIKE THEY TRULY CAN’T SEE!!! Like not just with spiritual eyes, but we can look at the exact same physical reality and they physically see something different. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was crazy and not them! I keep thinking about the introduction of virtual reality many years ago wondering if this isnt a slow fade of satan into the strong delusion - and hopefully, God’s separation of the wheat from the tares and the chaff. Anyone else experiencing this??? And one more thing - I am also wondering if us being able to really see what is going on might be part of the blessing we are promised in Revelation 1 when we read, hear and apply the book of Revelation!


Eric Clapton wrote this song after that jab ordeal:


What I see here is many are travelling the WIDE PATH that is The Great Reset to New Normal.


Dennis!! Hi, how are you? Hope your feeling better, how are your family? :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yeah better @J.R.W . Still need to be careful though of current infections due to increased vaccinations here. Thanks.


This comes to mind -
And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,
2 Thessalonians 2:11

Its like living in a parallel universe of sorts. I think we can all relate. You are not alone!
Btw: I am in Canada
My neighbours are traveling across the country by car as if it was “before times” but, that will end real soon. Our country will certainly LOCK tight very soon. The covid pass has now been excepted in two provinces and the rest will follow. Tyranny is everywhere in in once a great land - our PM is threatening those that choose not to jab. Federal Election in full swing. We just had one a few years ago.
We are strangers now here in this world.
Got my bags packed and cathing the 777 bound to glory through The Jesus Gate.
Hop on board Jackie!


Has anyone been following Dr. Chinda Brandolino on Transhumanism and Neurocontrol?
She claims that there is graphine oxide in the vaccines. It’s not a chip, but a nanoprocessor that through these nanoparticles, 5G antennas can modify our thoughts. It would change us from human to transhuman. If that were so, it would be the mark of the beast, maybe? Your thoughts?

Videos are in Spanish with English subtitles.


Yes! Same as you described, exactly. It’s so strange and has caused me to doubt myself quite a bit lately…but I know what the Lord is showing us is what is reality. I do think this is the start of the strong delusion…it would most likely not just show up in one day. I started a similar thread about doubting myself…if you want to read them, there are so many beautiful replies, that I feel only could’ve been directed by the Lord. They helped me so much. Hang in there, Jesus said there are few of us, and many that chose the road to destruction :frowning:


Let us all stand together in faith. Stand fast and stand strong. Stand up and stand long.

Please send this too any Californians you know.


The delusion is strong. My own family members are bamboozled beyond repair. It seems their conscience is seared with a hot iron. The Gospel is veiled to those who are perishing. Just like the temple, only God can tear the veil.

Lord we pray for mercy on all of these deceived souls. Please cause them to humble their hearts that you will grant them repentance. Let them taste and see Your goodness and mercy. Oh God help them delight their souls in the eternal abundance of Your living waters.


This video really says it all…I think if I get let go at work for not taking these vaccines, I will first request ( after 6+ faithful years of service to them and excellent reviews) that they would at least watch this video with me…just a few minutes of their time. What do I have to lose?


It is so funny you mention separating the wheat from the chaffe as I have been reading Matthew. I too was thinking the same exact thing, that God is now doing so and yes I do believe we have the blessing of seeing the truth and not being deceived. It is quite scary to see so many so oblivious to everything that is happening. God is trying to wake people up, give them more time before he shuts that door.


Just a few notes that may appear as a discouragement but are actually an encouragement, and will help folks endure till the end, whenever their end may be.

Yes, I also have literally ‘cried my eyes out,’ been so exhausted and out of water that all I could do was lay there and wait for God to move. I know that block well!

Now that verse about ‘keeping them from the hour of temptation coming upon the whole world,’ yes, there are those. But… the Lord was not talking to the whole church, it was to that particular church. There are 7 letters to the churches, if they were not His, He would not be addressing them. Some received much admonition. In this case, it was ‘because you,’ so ‘therefore you will be kept from.’ It is a sub category and it is conditional. Now on that note, there has been an exodus of such believers over the last five years. I have been in the discernment ministry for a long time now and many of these who have kept His Word and contended for the truth of His Word have been taken home early. There is a list. It also does not say ‘how’ they will be kept. A peaceful death is one way. An Ark is another way. Noah was on the planet while God’s wrath poured out over the entire world, he was ‘kept from God’s wrath,’ but was not removed from the planet in order to do that. In fact, every single verse that is used in defense of the pre trib rapture can be dismantled in a similar way. All the verses that point to a late in the tribulation rapture, commentaries try to explain away by falsely attributing them to ‘Israel’ and things like that which they don’t apply to.

I often hear about ‘the blessed hope’ as referring to the rapture. When we take the verse:
" looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, " (Titus 2; 13) it appears to be referring to the return of Christ. Now on my end I do feel these occur at the same time, but only once. Matthew 24 gets into that. But many have used this verse to refer to ‘the rapture,’ and specifically as if it’s an escape from all trouble. Again, I believe in the rapture. It’s in the Bible. But later rather than sooner.

The problem is that, and particularly in the Western church, people have come to rely on the ‘pre trib’ rapture as a justification (with the help of heresies like the health and wealth, no suffering false gospel), that they will suffer no harm, no persecution, no martyrdom. That… is just for the church in other parts of the world, in other times of church history. Somehow they have received their religious exemption letter and get an early exit, without any persecution, they are entitled after all to forfeit all suffering for Christ (despite what the Bible says, see Philippians to start) because they are US citizens or something along those lines. They have special Christian privileges that other churches in the middle east do not. So for them the rapture is more like ‘the great escape.’ Once the Lord allows the real persecution to hit, they won’t stand a chance. They have no wood in them, only mush.

In Philippians it says that it has been appointed unto us to suffer for Christ, to partake in the fellowship of His sufferings. Where, oh where, do you hear that preached on today? I am currently reading through a series of books. Earlier, many years back the Lord lead me to read about the rise of the holocaust. Well wow! I saw the same things happening in our society as back then! It’s like parallel worlds, and now more than ever before! On so many levels too. So now I’m reading the three volumes (600 pages each on average) of the Gulag Archipelago. What is that you ask? Oh! I’m so glad you asked! : D
It is about the secret prison system on a chain of islands that they had under communism in Russia back a few decades. And you know what? I see more similarities. I should list them below. But first, it talked about Christians who were put there for their beliefs, how they suffered and died there, and left behind a marvelous witness! I’m preparing myself. If I die tonight from a burst appendix, if I live till the rapture, whenever it may be, fine. But if I am to go out this way, then that is fine with me too. Are we more special than these precious Russian believers? They witnessed to others in prison and suffered gladly for their faith!
THAT is the perspective that we need!
I cry for the church night and day because I feel that they are not ready.

Now the list.
The author of that series listed what society was like back then, and here is his list:

  1. Constant fear. FEAR.
  2. Servitude. I will include this quote: “And the PASSPORT REGULATIONS also fastened everyone to particular places.” He goes on to explain that when you were locked down to the same location and job it was hard to protest because you could not just pick up and move on.
  3. Secrecy and mistrust. This was due to snitches who would sell you out.
  4. Universal Ignorance. Through propaganda.
  5. Squealing. Informants and snitches to turn you in.
  6. Betrayal. They survived by turning others in, turning on their own families, etc.
  7. Corruption. This form of society corrupted people, they sold others out in order to keep themselves safe or gain some benefit.
  8. The lie as a form of existence. Just as in nazi Germany, they deluded themselves and went along with the genocide.
  9. Cruelty. They became desensitized to the cries for help from the victims of this system.

It explains much more and this is just a quick outline.
See anything familiar?

The encouragement here is in knowing that God allows these things, for a reason, which we don’t usually know. We will not be the first to ‘enter the camps of persecution,’ and that gives me strength. We are following in the footsteps of great Christian company. I don’t know about you, but wherever He leads me, I WILL FOLLOW, and that all the way because I am following Him!

May the Lord give you all the backbone at the time it is needed most.
Hugs, love, smiley faces, and blessings to you!
Till next time…


This resonates so much with me as well. Your comments could have been my own, and from my own heart. The deception… I wonder if Noah had some of the same thoughts? Was his heart saddened as he gathered the last of the feed, hammered the last board, watched the sky fill with clouds, as people went about doing what they have always done?
Even with believers, and people I have known to be sound in their faith… are carrying on as if they cannot see. Lord, you tell us not to fear. So many times. Is it for times like this, too? Please keep us alert, ready to share you, and looking expectantly for you in the clouds. In your Precious and Holy Name- the Name above Every Name- Jesus. :pray:t2: Amen


Is this something we get to vote on??

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Look up the assembly bill 455


You give much food for thought. Very sobering.
Thank you, RoseLilly.
We must be prepared for anything.


I have been experiencing this phenomena that I call cognitive dissonance, for several months now. Most people seem absolutely oblivious to the fascism that is forming. If you point it out, by making comparisons to Nazi Germany, they act like you are crazy.

About two years ago, I got a word from the Holy Spirit warning me about upcoming division, particularly the sheep from the goats. I had no idea that we would be divided in so many ways: political affiliations, race, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, basically Christians against the globalists and the people who are fooled by the globalists.

I’m also in Canada. I believe that when the September 13th mandates start in B.C, our rights and freedoms will go downhill rapidly.

Yes, Lord Jesus, I understand that you waiting so that more souls can be saved, but please come soon. Thank you Jesus for the strength and conviction that I have today, after spending most of 2020 afraid to leave my house due to covid.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for the fellow believers in this forum, who provide so much information, encouragement, comfort and companionship. Thank you Lord Jesus for Pastor J.D’s sermons.


Great song by Eric Clapton. The visuals are spot on!