Dec 13 2020: Bible Prophecy Update

English has a lot of synonyms for the same concepts and objects, so yes you can change the words without changing the meanings.

a lot of different versions, all carry the same meaning

:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

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May your zeal for a particular translation of the Bible be exceeded by your love of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Galatians 5:12 - I wish that those who are troubling you would even emasculate themselves.

(Is this how you properly use the Word of God towards other Christians, brother?)

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Dude, bless your heart. This forum allows women to participate. If you don’t wish to interact with us ladies, you are welcome not to. That’s OK. Just talk to the guys then. But we are here, we love the Lord, and we are just as in need of connecting and sharing with other believers here on JD’s forum as anyone else. I get you don’t like it. Please stop flagging every woman’s comment if they’ve butted heads with you, OK? We’re not in a war with each other at all. Signing off, even though I know you really gotta tell me that you don’t permit a woman to teach you. That’s fine. I think you don’t permit anyone to teach you. If you’re OK with that, so it is.


Thank you!

What the ******?


Are we being serious in this Forum?

Are you talking about all the flagging?

Thank you, @Romans-4-14 :hugs:


No My Lady.

The obvious problem here is that a member is abusing the predetermined actions pre-programmed here. This is ABUSE. and it needs to be reported


Thank you :hugs: @julie Appreciate you. I would leave as well if it was for the good of the forum. Blessings to you, and I will definitely check out that video.

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May be I should…

You dont have an idea what should I be doing right now…

You stop abusing females. Do not dare to write to me while you are showing such an abusive behaviour.

Soon we are going to see who is the intolerant and what this Forum does regarding abusers.

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Absolutely agree.

I can certainly leave. It’s not my intention to sow discord. I’m not sure what to do when I comment to another user to have yet another one go in and flag everything we say into oblivion. Part of it was I needed to see if that was, indeed, what was happening or if something had been a one-off bad comment of mine. A pattern was quickly established, and I think the admins can see it, which is important. That’s an abuse of the system, and should be dealt with. I’m not sure sending a private message to a man who thinks women should be silent, asking him to please stop flagging all of my comments, would result in much. But I’ll go ahead and ask, since that fellow agreed with you.


No, it’s a fair statement. I should pay attention too! No worries.


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jay, thankyou for explaining it all so clearly. I was confused as to how the vaccine could possibly change DNA… glad to hear that it doesn’t. I probably still will not take the vaccine. I want to see how it all pans out, plus I have had bad reactions vaccines in the past (i.e. flu shots etc). I’d rather be cautious at this point in time. But thankyou, once again, for explaining this so clearly. There is so much misinformation around.