December 12, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Hiya. Chrissy!
While I am no scholar, I do have a knack at times for diving into search engines and trying to find the information I seek. I agree taking one source and that being a documentary only, isn’t exactly wise. Having someone who is familiar with the culture explain it, is better. Then having to find a trusted source is extremely hard, but the leg work is the worst part. I used DuckDuckGo for this search. I would say use whichever engine you desire. But I typed in

And there are a number of links that pop up talking about this. Which ones to trust is entirely up to the researcher, I would say. So far, however, they seem to jive with what was explained in the documentary and thus by Farag.


Thanks for the response. I had done a google search before I posted this, and it looks like we came up with the same info. I did read into a few of the ones that came up on yours, and it looks to me like everyone’s rehashing the same thing from Jay McCarl, from whom Before the Wrath got their info, as well. All of this goes back to him, it seems.

I watched a Youtube video of his, which was very entertaining and encouraging (if it’s true!), but he does the same thing, where he tells it like it’s truth without giving any evidence for how he came to that conclusion. He gives a ton of sources in a short PDF that I found, but doesn’t specifically link any of the sources to any of the information that he presents. So I guess I’m left to buy his book and hope he explains himself more thoroughly or to read through his long list of sources myself and do all the research over again, myself.

It just seems like it should be more straightforward than this. :confused: If anyone has anymore information, I’d love to hear/read/watch it! :+1:


Sorry the results were the same. I noticed on the right hand side of my search results, they had a number of alternatives to search as well. Pretty much the same thing. But I will say this about searching for a source; and this is hard for anyone depending on the topic, but from a biblical standpoint, sometimes we just gotta go on blind faith. In a child-like response, it would be pretty cool to be able to go back in time and document for ourselves the absolute truth of what we seek to know.

I wish I could have led you straight to what you were after. I listen to different pastors, not many, and they are in agreement on the topic at-hand. I’m one of those “if it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck…” kinda people though. In the event I stumble in any information though, I’ll be sure to post it here for ya. Granted, the probability you already found it will be extremely high lol. But I’ll try. It is interesting how even using different search engines, we got the same results. Usually I try different engines and get different results with the same parameters. I wish you extreme fortune in your quest for your answer!

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Please, don’t trust Reuters! They are using lies to cover the truth.

This man is now a Chairman (and ex-CEO) of Reuters and Pfizer Director since 2014:

Reuters and Pfizer are working together to accomplish the evil plan.
For example, they claim, that there is no graphene oxide in the vaccines, but the fact is that there is already a massive amount of confirmations for the opposite.

Here is the full text of above mentioned Rothschild Patent:

And you can check what exactly “Provisional application” means from here:

And finally (and VERY IMPORTANT), please note the date of the last update of the dutch site with the patents!

Can we say, that everything is pre-planned!?


Dont take the bait. I am very sure that you are talking to someone who is trying to deceive people here with mainstream propaganda. Just read what he wrote his first three postings here.


No conflict of interest here… nope, not at all…





Coronavirus has a Patent from 2017:

The Applicant: THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE is sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

Very important patent!

Very moving compilations from around the world. Two words came to mind as I watched this. I won’t say them, but will be curious if they come to your mind too. All these people…May God Bless them in these difficult times.

The Revolution Won’t Be Televised


Forum provides daily proof why the shots are bad - then you still get people coming on taking the Jab. :expressionless:


That is kind of how I was leaning. At first in history they were separate entities but in the last days they come together as in an alliance.


I see that you’re new here. I think everyone knows that I don’t have much tolerance for infighting. In fact, I’ve had many stones thrown at me for trying to extinguish abrasive clamoring over issues that aren’t tightly connected to salvation. But I’ve been here long enough to recognize the storm that ensues when someone drops in and begins boldly pushing views that are primarily in opposition to this ministry.

I’ve listened to JD’s ministry for 10 years. I don’t agree with everything. However, I do find him amazingly on the mark with most things in the prophecy updates. You apparently do not. Your posts contain some legitimate truths, but are seemingly mixed with what sounds like the mainstream narrative. I’d be surprised if you find any regular member here who follows those often very misleading talking points. You know this…right? Still, as we all know, you’re entitled to voice your views and opinions. If you’ve come looking for a fight, unfortunately, you’ll probably find it. There are a few here who fortify their vocabulary with an arsenal of verbiage, often sadly used against one another. Perhaps God will intervene in all hearts involved so that the lies will shrink back and the truth will shine through. Those with the gift of knowledge and enhanced writing skills will use them for His glory and maintain the unity of The Church. Let us apply wisdom, not just knowledge and wordcraft. These are perilous times for The Church and the enemy is full of distractions to weaken our faith, our trust and our ability to function as The Church because he has read that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Is a forum a place to debate? Yes and no. I’ve always told my children that just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Although the “forums” may have been initially set up to share ideas; meaning that…yes, you must be able to tolerate people who don’t agree with you at full capacity; with regard to our current circumstances, what should our priorities be? I’m afraid it will be too late before we realize that our time here would have been better spent sharing those very special things that we have in common and loving one another because our time is short.


Well said!


Sssssounds ssssssuspiciously like insider knowledge of the forthcoming plandemic to me, carefully orchestrated for maximum financial gain. Such are the rewards of those that sell their souls to the devil. Looking forward to a ringside seat close to JD when those that are truly evil and beyond redemption are cast into the lake of fire.

Edit: just my thoughts!

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It is a statement like this that is part of the problem why people are defensive against what you write. When you say that the virus and vaccines were not pre planned that parrots much of what the MSM also says. In so doing it appears to many that you are a plant here to cause division. Suddenly showing up as you did and seemingly jumping on that one subject sets people’s antenna’s buzzing, set the hairs on the backs of their necks to standing up.

Now anyone of us can say that and some in the past have but in every case they have all picked on one subject and held on to it like a dog with a bone and it did cause serious division to the point the forum was severely reduced to barely a place to say anything at all. People fear that will happen yet again and rightly so.

So while there are a number of discussions where people disagree happening even now none of them come in with such an authoritative sense when read like yours did.

To put it into other terms people are having a discussion and some one walks by and hears only one part of it and they jump in and start telling others they are wrong. For one it is impolite and for two it will almost always draw a reaction of defensiveness to the intruder. We are human after all and it is human nature to defend ourselves and our positions right or wrong.

Lastly there is this which again comes across to a large number of people as arrogant and by the sound of question what people believe they will think you do not believe that time is short. As such you will almost always be looked at with extreme suspicion.

Whether you stay or go is up to you or possibly the mods if they decide you are here to cause division but, in the mean time if you intend to stay, try looking around some and get a feel for the people who are here. If you are not aware of it there are people here from all over the world, Australia, Canada, Europe, even Africa. Not all are familiar with nuances of the English language especially as American’s speak it so they don’t always know what you might be intending to say or why you might say it. In short know your audience. In the area of amateur radio we tell new people to listen first. This way they don’t just jump in while someone else is talking and do what we call walking over their transmission.

In conclusion it might be to your advantage to get to know some of the folks here, get a feeling for what they believe and why the believe it then share your thoughts and hopefully not in a way that comes off as arrogant. I get it some people are like that. We are not robots here and we all have our ways of speaking and thinking. But in so doing we need to be mindful of who we are speaking to when we do. Just some friendly advice.


Thank you for acquiescing to my thoughts. While we’re here, I wonder what your thoughts are on Bill and Melinda Gates’ “philanthropic” activity and patent applications? I’d be interested to hear.

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Berean - thank you for being here - we are all called to be Berean’s and search the scriptures fans “rightly devise the WORD”. - thank you Lord Jesus for JD and teachings that teach YOUR doctrine
A lot of us are old and tired and dreary for the LOrds return - like you -my prayer is that we get people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ so we can be raptured too be with our Saviour!!!. Lord thankless you for BBerean’s analytical mind and love of Jesus - MARANATHA


And ready for the Lords return - “quit changing my words spell checker dudetee thingy “


Maybe some people get defensive because they are frightened. But you are right Jesus summoned up the law and the prophets in the golden rule.

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