December 3, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Expect The Unexpected

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains why we should expect the unexpected concerning a prophetic event that started on Thursday, November 30th, and ends on Tuesday, December 12th that nobody seems to be paying attention to.

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Please, what is the name and author of the book that Aiyumi (sp?) held up, that she was asked by Pastor Leytu to translate into Japanese? It sounded like “As Long As I Live.” Is this the story of Aharon Margalit? Thank you!


Hello Tamara and welcome back to the forum.

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God Bless you!


I may have misheard /misinderstood
Jd mentioned about the levitical calender being different from the jewish calender, and trumpets being heard in December? The jewish feast in December is Hanukkah /feast of lights are their trumpets involvrd in it.


Once the rapture occurs, deception will be in all corners of the earth as Satan will now control the earth from the time of disappearance of the Christians, to the end of the seven year peace treaty, which Israel will sign with many nations negotiated by the Antichrist.

This same man, The Antichrist, (Daniel 7 vs 24-26, 8 vs 23-25, 9 vs 27 and 11 vs 36-45), will be energized by Satan and then take control of the European Community which will become the last empire on this earth. The True Christians have to be removed before this man can be revealed and although he will come bringing peace at first, a wave of pure evil will follow him in everything he pursues during his 7 years of controlling the EC.


Hello Jenny @Enlightened

Welcome to pastor JD’s Forum. Many of us call this forum our home church and treat it as such. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help, there is always someone around.

Thanks so much for your post, yea you have it right except I would be of the opinion that he (Satan) will be controlling the entire world and not just the European Community.
The 7-Year tribulation will be the wrath of God being poured out on this planet, such as the world has never seen, or ever will see again.
God Bless you. Lots of sermons to see, take a look around.


Yea you heard right, AND IT WILL BE ON DECEMBER 12TH !


Thank you, thats promising!


Thank You Pastor JD

Another dynamic and inspiring sermon on the things to come upon this world. Now you have us sitting on the edge of our seats for next week’s sermon!

That’s if we are still here.

When Covid hit everyone was saying, this is starting to get real.

Now that COP28 is about to hit home, people should be getting the feeling all over again….Only


Time to go home.


I heard that. December 12. I guess that means I won’t get my holiday to Mexico on December 20. I haven’t gone anywhere since January 2020. No vaccine passport. If Jesus makes his appearance on December 12, I will happily go with him. Sadly, the family members that I pray for every day won’t join me unless there is a miracle before December 12. But, I’m so weary at this point that I just don’t want to be here anymore anyway.



Pope’s COP 28 Speech


Catherine…and what a vacation that will be if we go up on Dec 12th!!! :grin:


Best vacation ever!


Can someone, anyone, please elaborate on the December 12th Trumpets? Is this an Israel/Jewish happening? Is there a link or information on this? Or is this perhaps a hopeful date as the COP 28 wraps up, or the signing of the 7 year fake peace thingy? I may have missed the meaning or origion during the update. Thanks Pastor JD and Church for all you do.


Woo hoo! and thank you Pastor JD. It appears it’s going down (world) and we(bride)will be going up
Bro Ken, yes, eally, really REAL

Oh please Father, may it be so.!


Way to go Catherine.

Our ‘inner man’ is being renewed day by day.
We our becoming more like Jesus.
“my spirit will not abide with man forever…”
“how long must I bear with this perverse generation?”
p.s*. I enjoyed your profile; I was very impressed by your achievements, and your continual quest for health through physical activity!*

  • I lived in Port Moody as a lad from '78-'81. Went to Mission one day to play a soccer game.*
    p.s.2 (not PlayStation2)- I, too, am unvaxxed; am as wary as ever about our medical system; I usually do the opposite of what they recommend.

Hi Jenny,
Welcome aboard!
Plenty of diverse souls to ‘sharpen your iron’ with here.
Grace and peace,


I would also like to welcome you Jenny…it is wonderful to have you join our little family as we wait and watch for our Savior to come for us!


Hi Jenny welcome to the forum. For the most part the members of this forum share very similar views with minor distinctions. I have some views that are a bit more than minor differences. One of them would be that i believe the Antichrist (AC) only rules during the last half (3.5 years) of the tribulation. Not the first 7 years. It is my understanding according to scripture that the AC does gain steam and influence during the first half, but not an overarching control.

In Rev 13:5 it states he is given 42 months (not 7 years). Yet the predominant view in Christianity seems to be that the AC rules the entire 7 years. I don’t see that view in scripture. Someone had posted a video recently. It is interesting to consider. The man being interviewed states that Rev 13:5 should read that the AC was given (an additional or extenuated) 42 months. Making it sound like the bible is saying that the AC does rule for 7 years. The term that is confusing is “He contnues for…” makes it sound like an additional 42 months were added. However, commentators agree on this, that “continues” means (given authority for those 42 months only…not 7 years).

Look forward to interacting with you in our forum. Blessings. :slight_smile:

The video can be found on youtube. Here is the name of the video minus one word this forum won’t accept (it is the persons last name): Interview With Craig ____ Cop28 UAE 7 Year Covenant