Feb 14 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

There’s a moon out right now. I’m going to go back out and make sure there is only one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Crystal clear night out. Only one moon. :wink:

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Ok Bro you stay I’ll go and let the Lord know you wanted to be here.

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@TCC What no aliens to go with the weather balloons?
You could hear the war in the background and they are playing with cranes and balloons?

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Yeah I realize not a very popular take. In some ways I believe Rev 4 John called up before any seal is pretty dang strong. Consider Esther. Josephus believed that was the last OT book written. The book was canonized primarily because it was “nationalistic.” Esther married the king that Daniel’s 70 weeks indicated start from. There are many other interesting features about it, but does look increasingly like an indicator (possibly) hot link mirror end time book at or related to the 70th week. If true…it would be amazing to see that connection before the rapture. Blessings.

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Teren! Sounds like you kind of, sort of, possibly have, found the connection already. Or maybe not, or maybe you did!
I think so.

I like to think of the day when the Lord will give us full knowledge of the entire Bible, but more importantly what was left out.
Then during the 1000 year reign of our Lord on Earth, during our down time, we will have something to talk about that will be better than anything else we could do, except worship the Lord.
We will see our mistakes in great Joy.
We will see where we had it correct with great Joy.
We will no longer wonder with great Joy.

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lol. I don’t think Dubai is in a war right now. I think that was the road…lol. But very funny.

Amen…but hardly figured out. I am not so curious as to what happens as much as the heart of God behind it. A quick note on Rev 6:2, for centuries I believe, at least many of the commentary online have it, the belief is that the 1st seal is Christ. Now that one…lol…i never went there…just saying. Blessings.


Nom nom nom!

thank you for sharing!! if you have the whole strip, which my husband does too lol, then it sounds like you might have read his book where he tells how the comic industry morphed over the years (the Tenth Anniversary book)? great tale that mirrors the same types of changes we’ve seen in every other industry, as evil increases and small guys are pushed down & out, more and more.

with that being said I realize that ongoing comic talk might be perceived to not be on topic with the title of this thread… but I will say also that in light of prophetic signs in today’s industries, it was relevant enough lol.


Pastor J.D.
Thank you for being a watchman on the wall. Your prophecy updates are informative and encouraging. We are in spiritual warfare like never before, and the demonic activity in the world is on overdrive. You and your family, and the ministry are in my prayers. Our strength is in the Lord. Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world.
God bless.


Hi Ken. I want to watch the prophecy updates. I don’t want to post. I want to hear February 14 prophecy update. Thanks

Hi Everyone,
I feel like a sponge every time I get to read the forum here and listen to JD each Sunday. The information about our Lord and Savior and the context of the prophecy feeds my soul. Thanks to all for sharing your experience and wisdom with others.

God Bless!


Ken, thank you so much, and forgive me for being such a pest. I was just able hear February 14. I enjoyed it so much. I plan to watch tomorrow. Thanks again. You are so patient. Helen


Use the yellow scroll bar to the right and go back up to #1 at the top of this page. You will see the photo a chain being broken by two hands. Click on that picture. That is the February 14 prophecy update.


Ken is a fantastic and loving brother. Amen! And welcome to our forum Helen :slight_smile:

Vaccination passports en route: No vaxx, no travel ,no hoildays


Just in time for Pastor JD update: