February 11, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – How Judgment Day Is Coming

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update


Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: explains how God’s day of judgment is coming after explaining why it’s coming both of which point to it being sooner than anyone can possibly imagine.

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[Verse 1]
Soon and very soon
My King is coming
Robed in righteousness and crowned with love
When I see Him
I shall be made like Him
Soon and very soon

[Verse 2]
Soon and very soon
I’ll be going
To the place He has prepared for me
There my sin erased
My shame forgotten
Soon and very soon

I will be with the One I love
With unveiled face I’ll see Him
There my soul will be satisfied
Soon and very soon

[Verse 3]
Soon and very soon
See the procession
The angels and the elders 'round the throne
At His feet I’ll lay my crowns My worship
Soon and very soon


FYI, Andy Woods taught on 2 Thess 023 study – The Beast’s Number & Name today, for those who want to add on to what JD talked about χάραγμα ( charagma)

a stamp, an imprinted mark

    of the mark stamped on the forehead or the right hand as the badge of the followers of the Antichrist

    the mark branded upon horses

thing carved, sculpture, graven work

    of idolatrous images

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Thank you AI is so scary, especially when it will command the peopleinstead of taking commands.
I definitely won’t ne here. I’m in the ‘we’
group! Hallelujah!


me too i’m in the “WE” group
Come quickly Jesus


Blessed by Pastor JD’s highlighted 666 relating to Daniel not entering the furnace (7 times/years hot) for not bowing to the Nebi’s statue. :+1: Never heard that one before. Blessings.


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


I think this Prophecy Update by our Pastor JD was very strong and certainly points out the coming realities for this world moving forward, in accordance with Bible Prophecy.

Artificial Intelligence is already out of control while still in its present infancy stage, according to those working with A.I.

A.I. at some point, as I understand it, will far exceed human thought and understanding which would eventually lead to the total annihilation of all of humanity upon the earth with weapons and matter manipulations that no human could possibly conceive of.

Anyone who has followed CERN and CRISPR can see what humanity has been pursuing within past human progression…A.I. will eventually go way beyond that, and perhaps already has, if the news on matter manipulations is to be believed.

Scripture tells us that at The Time Of The End Of The Age, that if Almighty YHVH GOD did not intervene, no flesh would survive. I have always thought that this was because of the Judgments during the Tribulation, and that could be…but also, humanity cannot survive in its current direction, regardless. This is just my opinion.

Thank You Pastor JD and ALL At Calvary Chapel, Kaneohe…and All in this forum : )


Britt Gillette explains in depth some of what I described (above comment)


13 Feb 2024

Sometimes you wonder which side is Tucker Carlson on; did you notice he wore Kabbalah red string in his work?

Wearing a thin scarlet or a crimson string (Hebrew: חוט השני, khutt hashani) as a type of talisman is a Jewish folk custom which is practiced as a way to ward off misfortune which is brought about by the “evil eye”.

Why in the world is he in World Govrn Summit this week? Hmmm…

The usual suspects are there:

World Governments Summit 2024

12-14 February 2024

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Why Elon Musk is not our good friend summary video:


With possible origins from Joshua chapter 2 with Rahab and the red scarlet chord. A type of Passover, which was, of course, a type of Christ.
Interesting take from PU: Pastor hinted that he suspects Elon is no longer human.
Reminds me of Zuckerburg, who said “I used to be human” then retracted.
Great Update; will need to watch again.
Grace and peace.


I’ve voted for Trump. But then this happens…

Biden wants to enforce the RFID tracking chip which is likely to be the Mark of the beast…

Not just Biden wants to enforce that, but so also Trump…

You don’t think these two are puppets for Satan. Think again. Also Trump’s Son in Law bought a tower
one time and it has the address 666 on the tower.


Thanks Robbie for that guess. I think its good that we look at stuff like people’s hands signals, what they wear, who they keep company with, their affiliations, venues they attend and/or speak in etc. I believe this belongs to the use of God’s general revelation that gives evaluative substance to both believer and unbeliever (like new age) alike.

I’m actually curiousy and always trying to find a sense of balance myself on this sort of thing, but are believers aware of how many things watchers align with new age? And where do we draw the line? For example I tried to find that Mark Z. video and although you can get a few seconds prior to his statement for context, you cannot get the whole classroom Zuckerberg talk from anywhere I have seen. The most naturally common sense thing for us though I would think is to find that whole video for context and then see why Zuck might have said that and why the class laughed at it. I have heard no person say that ever. But that is like grade school or Jr. High logic. But we tend to go with “he is AI or a lizard person.” Which to me borrows from New Agers. So yeah like in some ways we are kind of like new Agers lite…but do we know where to draw the line? Are there any lines?

Like to joke about Zuck and Musk as non-human has been around for a while. And the thought of them as lizard people or AI or something is in the deep trenches of new age. Yet a famous YouTube pastor shares the similar decoy views (or artificial replacement views)? Not all Qanons believe the same things. But a lot of theme think humans are from alien race, or there are lizard people among us, or replacements and the real ones are in gitmo…or replicas or AI. So in a similar way even popular YouTube pastors can have similar Qanon like views (same as new Agers) and be under that radar as not new age…while warning against new age? How exactly might that work? How do we share in axact views of new age and yet are exempt from them? And have we come to our conclusion having done due diligence in context. And might there be like a sense where we kind of wink at our “insight” as though it is God allowing us to see something (which might be also a mirror version of new age 3rd eye insight?)? I’m asking a serious question though. Because to me its like, to me, we can tend to jump to wild conclusions just like new Agers. I bring this up because we are not for dividing them against us (tribal) like. But I just think it is healthy to be open to how we might be doing that same kind of things too though…maybe? Are we open to consider? Thanks Robbie. Blessings.

1:44+ minute mark


Thanks Brandon for the details. They are helpful. Especially to me. Because I don’t subscribe to 90% of watcher views and see what happens in the age of grace is hugely different than the trbulation age. Whereas I would see the watcher community tends to blend the two into one at times. So this sort of thing helps to keep me sober minded about how to think upon these things. Blessings.


Hey Teren!
Yes, it is good to remain teachable.
The fool says, “No, God.”
But Holy Spirit teaches us all things.
One thing all of this deception, bizarroworld and fake news is doing, I believe, is making us humble!
I certainly do not have the answers to this geo-political puzzle; but it does us well to use Scripture as our “decoder.”
I think there are many like myself who were especially humbled to realize that the previous president is not who we thought he was.
I was interested in Pastor JD’s quip on Elon Musk, since I believe there was something to the Zuckerberg quote: I viewed & posted the clip recently, and do not think that quote of him letting slip “I used to be human” was “not what we think because it was taken out of context.”
Like when “they” say, “don’t believe what you see”, “don’t believe what you hear.”
I just think there is something “off” about MZ, EM & the current Prez.

I am not at a conclusion on the matter. I am still gathering information, still listening; but I am not ready to discard these evidences, or clues, just because it may resonate with the way “New Agers” may look at the geopolitical world and coming events.
[Incidentally, the New Agers are aware of “The Rapture”; but I see them as falling for “the lie” when we are snatched away; not because they are stupid or gullible; but because they reject the Spirit of truth.
For my part, Teren, I do stay away from videos regarding “reptilians among us” or " Is so-and-so a clone/man/woman/AI et all" or even “could THIS be the antichrist?”
So much click bait out there; so much mire to wade through to find the odd nugget of truth.
We want to be centered and focused on Scripture; and at the same time be properly informed with the world we live in which has become BizarroWorld. Little surprises me anymore. I have friends and co-workers who are triple “vaxxed” and more; who still wear a mask all day at work. And who recently asked, “Should I get another vaccine?”
So when Pastor says he believes Elon is no longer human, I am not shocked.

This is interesting because Jesus was scandalized for hanging out with the “wrong crowd” regularily.

I am very interested in hearing more from you on this matter. Again, other than the Gospel of Salvation, and the Blessed Hope,my ideas are not in stone.
Grace and peace :slight_smile:


That seems like alot!
Which watchers have you been watching?


part 1

Thanks Robbie. If we look at just some very simple differences like the post i did a bit ago about Jude and Gotquestions.com interpretation of strange flesh, you can see their are divergent scholarly differences of opinion than the fallen angel/enochian/DNA version that is popular today. So when we use scripture as a decoder…a lot of that might differ depending on what heuristic we use. I used to hold the enochian view. I no longer do. And both views i got from scripture. That is why when it is all said and done I believe it is (which is why I orginally liked JD because he was the only non-reformed guy doing it at the time):

a) Ez 38 (most detailed prophesy) As Master Event and Master Focus
b) Master focus = Look toward what effects Israel, not the scenic route the church is on
c) Socio political movements traceable leading to tighter timing of that event

C includes ALL politcal theater. Because as we see it serve a funnel into the beast sytem (and therefor theater and no need to believe any of it). I see it ALL funnel into Ez 38 with our eyes off of ourselves (not fearing how deceived we are or not) and have our eyes on what scripture told us to. Ez 38/Israel/Socio-political events. I see no warning in scripture about theater pretending to be Ez 38, Isreal etc. Just like the word showed us Israel will return and we saw it. So keep more an eye on political social events gravitating toward EZ 38. Because if we think it can happen tomorrow morning…i believe we have not looked with diligence closely enough at it. And we don’t because there are a lot of other shiny objects perhaps to focus on. The one we should all have double doctorites in (including me…i am guilty here as well) is Ez 38. But it seems like it is often used as wallpaper fodder for attention and sense of relevance. That is why i am glad Uturn is watching so closely. That i believe is what the truest watcher heart looks like because its where there is a “watch” or “clock” you can actually see as a master timepiece.

Outside of that (including my 1st seal view) we are all pretty much winging it by the seat of pants regardless how informed we might feel i believe. What would help me here Robbie is how do these two items blend? You might have answered this before brother but my eyes are kind of glazed over:

  1. Ez 38 can only be valid help if we watch carefully sociopolitical movments leading toward this event – tightening us into its exact match
  2. Two wings of the same bird…it does not matter…its all theater.

How can those two exist together? And if they do please provide me a supernatural paranormal detailed blueprint in just how the spirit has taught the church how to do that. Cuz i’ve never seen that. To me its like all of us…opinion about scripture uses verses that catch…and we luck out for a while the way something looks.

Meanwhile please keep in mine although i open to change my view…and i have ALMOST dropped my first seal view a few times…i’ve held the same view since 2018 (2.5 years before the two wingged bird thing). On that note too brother, how might Russia factor in? Is it just the USA? Or is BRICS the other wing? You know Russia uses two headed eagle symbol. So isn’t America just the other head of Russia? And China, North Korea, Iran, India, Pakastan etc…all the same bird? I like to kind of drive this point home because i think the one thing we should be sensitive to is politics. Not the low hanging fruit slop given in social media. But using our brains and just being interested to discover how to view things.

I can appreicate that brother. What i notice in the zietguist of our age is a need of certainty. It is thick in the world. It is my belief that the watcher church is too ready to have a sense of “certainty.” That plays right into filling in the prophetic blank and lets serve it up. Its ok to not know i believe and be a lot more about learning how to look at things rather than run it too quickly up a “certainty” flag pole. Would you agree though brother there is an abnormal and likely unhealthy hunger for certainty? Of course we all want it. But do we want it at the expense of what might really be going on? Those are the kinds of things i question. For example, i see trump different too…before he was president i thought he was the AC. Then i saw him for a short jont as some mythical creature like a unicorn. Now i just thinks he is the first seal which is not subject to the church’s criteria…necessarily.

part 2

Amen. And thanks for this Robbie. You realize the sword cuts both ways there though right? Not saying i am correct, but the primary way i would see that is that Q and Qanon have something of value i don’t throw out. We are not allowed to hold that view lest we are deceived. One is imtimidation from left, the other is from the church. I believe there is something humane in restoring America that resonates with people of common understanding. That is where i would apply i guess not throwing out the general revelation with new ager bath water. This would have to be something noticeable in 2025 likely. I think we’ll still be here…either way we will see i reckon.

And although i am not here to convince people who absolute abhor massive tenants of my view, i think it is helpful (i would hope…saying this humbly and respectfully) that if there were anything there besides taboo…you have a forum member here who is open to it without blindly following. I may not be right. But one thing i am right about…Trump is running again…bigger than ever…and has unprecidented pile on. All markers to demonstrate massive attention and incredible odds. THAT is something we all have to deal with. I have no doubts he will win. I’m no prophet. I thought that in 2020. I don’t think i was actually wrong (for reasons besides "he is secretly still president…i don’t favor that view). Just that there is too much contrast for there not to be (where i think “theater” belongs) CONTRAST. Biden to me looks to be front loaded. I look at it more like trump lost by purppose. Because i actually do believe in an NWO takedown. For that to work there would have to be contrast. It would be impossible to be a man like trump with TDS after him and do everything in one term. No way. Not even 2. But 3, rightly divided? Yeah…i’d say the offer would certaintly be on the table. We can think everything is theater…but not that?

Thanks for sharing that. I love your humble yet spunky heart brother. My 1st seal view is in stone. But i willing to have a different reserve currency stamp on it to transfer its negiation power far more over to the watcher NWO takeover side if it comes to that. For example if trump gets assissinated…i do not believe he is still president…nor do i think he will be in the race or even come back as JFK. It that happens i would need to trade my stone in for real currency. Thanks for you kind and freindly replies Robbie. I try to serve up some meat when i can…knowing the hour is short.

You know brother…other than some church mad dash to win Israel more over to Christ, i am not so sure even if my view is accurate if it really matters we know. Or how that would change things if we did. Outside of witnessing to Israel (only IF it seem apocolyptic by that time) i don’t see why i would even care to know. Its not like a quiz…lol. No matter how it goes most believers will be wrong all over the place on escatology on several points as i am sure i will be too. So does someone get the YOU NAILED IT prize? lol. I guess if there is any reality to it…we’d know when it happens? In the meantime i guess the one thing i can think of is our varying views can tend to bring divisive spirits. That is why i think it is worth it no matter what our differences are to be maturing in His spirit where supernatural love transcends how we might differ. I know JD sees that. He’s said as much i believe. Blessings.

This was posted back in 2018!?

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part 1

I know that sounds like a different religion…lol. What i mean is this…Most watchers see the following:

a) everything that happens in the tirbulation starts in the age of grace and is traceable as it overlaps
b) we will see the beast system migrating at its most fierce point up to the edge of the beginning of the tribulation
c) we will see plenty of evidence and all pipelines leading to what occurs in the tribulation during our age of grace
d)_ this is an age of deception “above all do not be decieved”
d) we experiecne the strong delusion
e) we might see the 10 nation confederacy
f) we might see the whore church babylon the great
g) we might see AC

Not all watchers believe the same things or to the same intensities. But all the above a-g, none of it do i believe is true. I am willing and open to be wrong on any of it. But most watchers hold those views or some to most of them and how they govern everything watchers are looking at. I believe none of the above are true and we are fixed on the wrong thing. Here is a bonus one:

x)_the church understands how prophecy unfolds

I don’t believe that either. So why i am here? I believe the church gets “some idea” but rather limited. We are not prophets and won’t have the fitting relationship with prophecy office to cue in enough. But we will have some ideas. So i’m here for the crumbs we get off the table.

If you take a-x would that not at least be governing rubrics of how watchers see end times? That is why I say 90%. The reason why is i see this instead:

  1. It is the age of revealing more than deception
  2. it is by providence approach Ez 38 we will know
  3. It is as totally a different age as the age of tribulation is different than the age of grace is. That would seem to be self explanitory but we are constatnly pulling the age of tribulation into our age. It is not just a different time but a different dispensation (and radically different). But we don’t really act like that all that much in how we view things is the sense i get.
  4. of course there will be some carry over from age of grace to age of tribulation (but minor compared to how we sensationalize i believe)
  5. I say number 4 because i believe WHAT things mean in the age of grace are not WHAT they mean in the age of tirbulation. It is the age it is under that determines its utility.

Number 5 i believe is where watchers are mistaken the greatest. For example lets use easy low hanging fruit, Elon Musk.

DISCLAIMER: This view is coming from the following assumption – no one is good but God. The church is not the standard of righteousness today…only Christ is. If God should use fallen men of means to grace His age of grace with…it is more about God’s utility of them rather than what manner of men they are. The unliked truth in the word of God I could point to is Cyrus. Or Alexander the Great. Its what God does with them not how holy they are. I see the church is looking through the wrong filter. We don’t elect a US president because he is Christ like. There is no such man. We elect a US pres for what they can do for the country its citizens and protection. That might be a quagmire in how to see that today…i understand. But its not about, in my view, if that person is a white hat or black hat. The church frowns upon New Agers for thinking there are white hats to the rescue and are decieved. In part i would agree. Its actually that black hats that recue…lol…there are no white hats. Think about this for a second. This wont wear well. But it is a applicable philosphisical element: The church is not a white hat either. Yet we must believe we are if we are seeing correctly enough to know white hat/black hat thing is false. So under that, the false light is…drum role…us. lol. But we know we have the spirit. Him teaching us all things i don’t believe means the closer we are to Him the more we will understand happens and what it means. The reason i believe what i believe and see as accurate is because i am picking up broken glass from the ground. Nothing profound. Very simple observsations that anyone could come to. No magic, mystery, or secret insight from God. Just boring looking at what is going on and go like, “Wow, uh…really?” lol. Very unprestigious way to do prophecy. I just don’t believe the church is cut out for prophecy. But hey we have what we have and there are crumbs to be had so here i am at that beach party.

Elon Musk – In the tribulation i believe Elon is instrumental potentially for beast system entrerprise. We can see shadows of it of course now. But we tend, in my view, to have a need to see how accurate we feel that the word of God is true by the evil we see. I do the opposite. I believe what God wants to do is reveal His majesty and good character in the age of grace. So even though Elon may be evil doctor Hyde during the tribulation…during the age of grace…he might be used for God’s good purpose. It really does not matter in God’s age of grace who wears a white or black hat. They are all white hats if God want’s good to be done to His creation. Not that we deserve it. Not that He has to. But based on His reveal character in His word, He might. :butgod:

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part 2

So this is the best way to demonstrate that brother. If you go down the list with people and stuff, yeah i guess on that note we could say i disagree with 100% because the lens i use is God’s character not deception. But where i do agree is that we are close to the tribulation, and things will get more evil as we do. Theres the 10% :slight_smile:

ONE HELPFUL ADDAGE: We might see COVID and VAX and go: How on earth does Teren see this as God doing good to His creation? The aswer is…i’m sorry i am late for an appointment and just go with it. Only unholy people asked such questions. What’s wrong with you peopel? lol. That was a famous line from RC Sproul.

Ok for the real though…my answer…

a) We are in an age where the NWO wants to enslave the world – this is not good this is eivl
b) We are in an age where the governments of the world want to unite under WEC to force a global financial reset, have us eat bugs, live in 15 minute cities, and see our leaders as gods and lords. Never thinking we could be like our great masters.
c) even though that is the climax evil of the age, the good i believe is God wanting to demonstrated in His good character a sample of what He showed the Jews in Babylon through Daniel…that out of the mountian a rock is hewned and thrown at the worldy cities. This Rock is Christ. This Rock is Christ’s city…His thousand year reign. To subject all governance under His thousand year reign. So i believe that He wants to end the end of age of grace with that wink toward Israel in apocolpytic triumph (1st seal) through the best men of this age could do against evil enslavement. I believe the great awakening as new agers look at it is for Israel. I don’t see what new agers see. I see Daniel’s prophecy wink at Israel in providing PEACE AND SAFETY. A chance for them to remember. And then seal 2. Ez 38. So its a real chance for unbelieving Israel to repent and be raptured with the church (i see the rapture at the eve of seal 2 but still prior to the tribulation…I see trib start on seal 3).

So COVID and the VAX in my view is NWO overreach. I see trump as a useful idiot in their ploy…but a man with a heart that would prefer good to america. But who cares what he wants. It all comes down to what God wants. And i could be wrong and i might be but i think what that is is a mirror of Daniels prophecy as Isreal reactivates. That’s why i think trump will win…America is powerful…and yet ALSO the tribulation near. We tend to think anyone who sees Trump as succeeding is Qanon and anyone that sees America as triumphant as Christian Nationalists. Nope. That’s where i would see the deception. Only i would not call it that. I would just call it a clever Rabbi trick for silly rabbits. And tricks are for kids (those with child like hearts)…not grown adults with empire blueprints of end time prophecy–perhaps. Sooo…with this just trying to help you get a sense of this: I am no different than you brother…i’m just your reflection in the mirror…muahahahaha. Sorry couldn’t resist. Thanks for letting me get away with all that. Love you brother. And hope that makes sense. Blessings.

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